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  • carol
    http://wn.rsarchive.org/Religion/ExoEso_index.html RS: ...His (Ahriman) purpose was thwarted because he
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      RS: "...His (Ahriman) purpose was thwarted because he knew nothing of the divine plan whereby a being — the Christ — was to be sent to the Earth, a being who underwent death. Thus the intervention of Ahriman was possible, but the sharp edge was taken off his rule. "





      Rudolf Steiner: ...When we speak of the great truths of the past connected with man's earthly evolution, a modern man finds it very difficult to understand that the first men who lived on the earth did not possess a knowledge of the kind termed "knowledge" by us. The first men who lived on the earth were able to receive the wisdom of gods through atavistic, clairvoyant capacities.

      ...They did not receive these communications in a state of mind resembling today's dreaming state, but in a living intercourse with divine beings which took place spiritually, and where they received what these beings considered to be their own particular wisdom. This wisdom at first consisted of communications (if I may call them thus) of the gods concerning the abode of human souls in the divine world

      before descending into an earthly body.

      ...During that state of consciousness which I have just described,

      the gods taught human beings what the souls experienced before their descent into an earthly body through conception. Then men felt as if they were being reminded of something, and they found that the communications of the gods reminded them of their experiences in the world of the spirit and soul, before birth, i.e. before conception.

      ...This wisdom was of a special kind: namely, of such a kind, that people — strange as it may seem today — knew

      nothing of death. It may seem strange to you today, yet it is so: the oldest inhabitants of the earth knew nothing of death, just as the child knows nothing of death. The people who were instructed in the way indicated by me and passed on this instruction to others who still possessed an atavistic clairvoyance, became conscious at once of the fact that their soul-being had come down from divine-spiritual worlds into a body, and that it would leave this body. They considered this an advance in the life of the spirit and of the soul. Birth and death appeared to them as a metamorphosis, as something which is the beginning and end of something. Were we to draw this schematically we might say that people saw the human soul in its progressive evolution and considered life on earth as an interlude. But they did not see in the points "a" and "b" a beginning and an end, they only saw the uninterrupted stream of the life of spirit and soul.

      ...They did see, of course, that the people around them died. You will not think that I am comparing these ancient men with animals; for, although their outer aspect resembled that of animals, these oldest of men had a higher soul-spiritual nature. I have already explained this before. But just as an animal knows nothing of death when it sees another animal which is dead, so did these ancient men know nothing of death, for they received only the idea of an uninterrupted stream in the life of soul and spirit.

      Death was something pertaining to Maya, the great illusion, and it made no great impression on men, for they knew life, only.

      ...Men gradually came out of this frame of spirit.... Their souls became entangled in death, and out of man's feelings arose the question: what happens to the soul when man goes through death?

      ...in far distant ages people never contemplated death as an end. Their problem was at the most one dealing with the special nature of metamorphosis involved....they had some other conception of the way in which the life of spirit and soul continues. They thought about the nature of this continuation, but they did not think of death as an end.

      Only with the approach of the Mystery of Golgotha people really felt that death has a meaning and that life on earth is something that ends.This, of course, did not assume the form of a problem formulated in a philosophical or scientific way, but it entered the soul as a feeling. Men on earth had to come to this feeling, for it was necessary for the evolution of mankind that the understanding, or the intellect, should enter life on earth. But the intellect depends on the fact that we are able to die. I have often mentioned this. Man had therefore to become entangled in death. He had to become acquainted with death.The old ages in which man knew nothing of death were all non-intellectualistic. Men received their ideas through inspirations from the spiritual world and did not think about them. There was no intellect. But the intellect had to come. If we express it in a soul-spiritual way, the understanding could come only because man is able to die and carries within him all the time the forces of death. In a physical way, we might say that death can enter because man deposits salts, i.e. solid mineral substances, dead substances, not only in the body, but also in his brain. The brain has the constant tendency to deposit salt — I might say, toward an incomplete ossification. So that the brain contains a constant tendency toward death. This inoculation of death had to enter in mankind. And I might say, that the result of this necessary development — that death began to have a real influence in man's life — was the outward acquaintance with death. If men had remained the same as in the past, where they did not really know death, they would never have been able to develop an intellect, for the intellect is only possible in a world where death holds sway.

      ...This is how matters stand, seen from a human aspect

      . But they can also be contemplated from the aspect of the higher hierarchies, and then they will appear as follows: The higher hierarchies contain in their being the forces that have formed Saturn, the Sun, the Moon and finally the Earth. If the higher hierarchies had expressed their teachings amongst themselves, as it were, up to the Mystery of Golgotha, they would have said: We can form the Earth out of Saturn, Sun and Moon. But if the Earth were to contain only what we have placed into Saturn, Sun and Moon it would never have been able to develop beings who know something about death, and can therefore develop the intellect within them. We, the higher hierarchies, are able to let an Earth proceed out of the Moon, on which there are men who know nothing of death, and on which they cannot develop the intellect. It is not possible for us, higher hierarchies, to form the Earth in such a way that it is able to supply the forces which lead man towards the intellect. We must rely, for this, on an entirely different being, on a being who comes from another direction than our own — The Ahrimanic Being. Ahriman is a being who does not belong to our hierarchy. Ahriman comes into the stream of evolution from another direction. If we tolerate Ahriman in the evolution of the Earth, if we allow him a share in it, he brings us death, and with it, the intellect, and we can take up in the human being death and intellect. Ahriman knows death, because he is at one with the Earth and has trodden paths which have brought him into connection with the evolution of the Earth. He is an initiate, a sage of death, and for this reason he is the ruler of the intellect. The gods had to reckon with Ahriman — if I may express it in this way. They had to say: the evolution cannot proceed without Ahriman. It is only a question of admitting Ahriman into the evolution. But if Ahriman is admitted and becomes the lord of death and, consequently, of the intellect too, we forfeit the Earth, and Ahriman, whose sole interest lies in permeating the Earth with intellect, will claim the Earth for himself. The gods faced the great problem of losing to a certain extent their rule over the Earth in favour of Ahriman. There was only one possibility — that the gods themselves should learn to know something which they could not learn in their godly abodes which were not permeated by Ahriman — namely, that the gods should learn to know death itself, on the Earth, through one of their emissaries — the Christ. A god had to die on earth, and he had to die in such a way that this was not grounded in the wisdom of the gods, but in the human error which would hold sway if Ahriman alone were to rule. A god had to pass through death and he had to overcome death.

      Thus the Mystery of Golgotha meant this for the gods: a greater wealth of knowledge through the wisdom of death. If a god had not passed through death,

      the whole Earth would have become entirely intellectual, without ever reaching the evolution which the gods had planned for it from the very beginning.

      ...We might express approximately in this way the content of the esoteric teachings given by the Christ to his initiated disciples:

      it was the teaching of death, as seen from the scene of the divine world....If one wishes to penetrate into the real depths of this esoteric teaching, one must realize that he who understands the entire evolution of mankind knows that the gods have overcome Ahriman by using his forces for the benefit of the Earth, but his power has been broken because the gods themselves learnt to know death in the being of Christ. Indeed, the gods have placed Ahriman into the evolution of the earth, but, in making use of him, they have forced him to come down into the evolution of the earth without completing his own rulership. He who learns to know Ahriman since the Mystery of Golgotha and he who knew him before, knows that Ahriman has waited for the world-historic moment in which he will not only invade the unconscious and subconscious in man, as in the case since the days of Atlantis (you know this through my "Occult Science"), but will invade also man's consciousness. If we apply human expressions to the willing of gods, we might say that Ahriman has waited with longing for the moment in which to invade human consciousness with his power. His purpose was thwarted because he knew nothing of the divine plan whereby a being — the Christ — was to be sent to the Earth, a being who underwent death. Thus the intervention of Ahriman was possible, but the sharp edge was taken off his rule."




      --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "holderlin66" <holderlin66@...> wrote:
      > "By faith Abraham, when God tested him, offered Isaac as a
      > sacrifice."
      > Hebrews 11:17
      > Stephen Hale brought:
      > "....is akin to the diminution of consciousness experienced by human
      > beings throughout the same time frame, as thinking effectively begins to
      > replace the last vestiges of the "old-moon clairvoyance" had by all
      > until Jahve's decree to sacrifice the "two-horned" ram instead, gave
      > Issac back to Abraham and allowed the Hebrew cultural stream to
      > propagate through Issac's son Jacob and his twelve sons. This act would
      > progressively see the diminishment of the old form of clairvoyance in
      > which Moses once beheld Jahve-Christ in the burning bush on Mount Sinai.
      > The Christ Event signaled the second sacrifice, in which a human being
      > *who was* a god actually died the death that Issac was saved from. This
      > act served to effectively terminate the old-moon clairvoyance, leaving
      > only a dwindling trace through the eighteen centuries in which the
      > Christ Angel saw the progressively forming spirit-loss perception grow
      > in mankind."
      > Bradford comments;
      > Alright let us look at this hanging chad of clinging, clinging onto
      > old-moon atavistic perception and having never been taught, having
      > refused to let go, having refused to move forward from the old form of
      > clairvoyance, the old-moon clairvoyance that has long been traded for
      > cognitive consciousness soul and intellectual soul pathways towards
      > Spiritual Science and thinking which contains both science and spiritual
      > vision in tied together. How do we find solid cognitive examples in the
      > current 21st century still clinging to these old forms and failing to
      > let go of them? Plus finding whole groups clinging and enabling those
      > who have failed to grasp any of the potent issues that Steiner wrestled
      > with for humanities sake with example after example and detail after
      > detail?
      > Now I am rarely interested in the sentient goobly gook of the subjective
      > futility of the immense ignorant idiots who attempt to claim some sort
      > of ability to live in this 21st century. Mostly the sentient soul can be
      > laughed at in Country Western music and trailer park double wides....
      > Naturaly international readers hardly know what i am referencing. Too
      > bad! But when the sentient soul actually comes right up to the fore of
      > what Steve brought and we find ourselves looking, not at the whole issue
      > that Steve brought, but a highly charged specific example... I have to
      > bring it up.
      > I have to because Anthro stupidity and inability to understand even the
      > easiest examples... I mean Issac and brain bound thinking that has
      > followed us all the way to Einstein and the usual idiots out of
      > Israel...could fill whole chapters of insight in just one area of how
      > Steiner followed the dawning of the Spring Sun rising in Aries and
      > before that rising in Egypt in Taurus and now currently in the Fishes...
      > In the friggin Fishes. Head and brain bound perception of Aries; Taurus
      > and the throat and Egyptian speech forces and initiation forces captured
      > in detail in Steiner's Mystery dramas; Destiny, Karma and the fishes,
      > where our feet take us, NOW! It isn't the water bearer now, it isn't
      > the age of Aquarius.
      > Steiner spent time understanding the Abraham and Isaac sacrifice and of
      > course if we were at all intelligent and of course very few newbies have
      > the kind of education offered by Spiritual Science, we would understand
      > as well the age of the Golden Fleece and the event in the Ram. Thus
      > idols tossed out of the Hebrews and Saul's well oiled brain and sense
      > perception and shrunken dried out horns... horns that might even arise
      > in the heads of human beasts clairvoyantly again, as the Main Lesson
      > Plan out of Revelation reveals... that the two horned ram and the human
      > brain and Moses painted with rams horns actually means the pituitary and
      > pineal.... Well chapters and chapters could be brought to the
      > observations and naturally most Anthro students would merely mumbe and
      > change channels and reach out for more giggles instead of enjoying and
      > enriching themselves in the Michael feast that could be shared with the
      > accuracy and interest of the Consciousness Soul.
      > Instead, I take below the most sentient soul and awful clinging to still
      > the old-moon atavistic clairvoyance that has been utterly forsaken and
      > lost as an example to show newbies and students just what is at stake.
      > What type of observations you can make with Spiritual Science if you
      > remain vaguely awake and aware. That discounts most of our fellow
      > Anthros who have hang on lists so that they can splash each other back
      > and forth...They apparently won't or refuse to bring connections
      > together to fart let alone see how Spiritual Science is solidly correct
      > and even in the following example what a tragedy, a tragedy that Michael
      > Intel hasn't yet dripped down to this dumb basin of human idiots...
      > Michael Intel hasn't elaborated and worked through things in order to
      > serve even these utter misguided morons who stubbornly cling, cling to a
      > past perception of reality and cannot budge.
      > http://www.smirkingchimp.com/thread/13776
      > <http://www.smirkingchimp.com/thread/13776>
      > "By faith Abraham, when God tested him, offered Isaac as a
      > sacrifice."
      > Hebrews 11:17
      > "This Easter Sunday, 11-year-old Kara Neumann of Weston, Wisconsin, died
      > of diabetic ketoacidosis, a curable condition. While Kara was bedridden
      > suffering waves of nausea and vomiting and excessive thirst and could
      > not talk, her parents, Dale and Leilani Neumann, knelt in prayer and
      > refused to seek medical treatment.
      > Kara's aunt called 911from California and told the dispatcher that
      > her niece was severely ill and that, "We've been trying to get
      > [Leilani] to take Kara to the hospital for a week, a few days now . . .
      > but she is very religious and is refusing."
      > When Kara stopped breathing, her father's faith weakened and he
      > dialed 911. Following the ambulance to the hospital, Leilani called the
      > prayer elders of the Unleavened Bread Ministry, an online church that
      > shuns medical intervention, and asked them to pray that the Lord would
      > raise her daughter up. Kara was pronounced dead at the hospital.
      > Predictably, there was no resurrection in Weston, Wisconsin this Easter
      > Sunday.
      > Everest Metro Police Chief Dan Vergin, who is investigating the death,
      > told reporters that the Neumanns are "not crazy." He went on to
      > explain, "They believed up to the time she stopped breathing that
      > she was going to get better. They just thought it was a spiritual
      > attack. They believed that if they prayed enough she would get better .
      > . . they said it was the course of action they would take again."
      > Kara's three siblings are staying with relatives until the
      > investigation is completed, but Chief Vergin assured reporters,
      > "There is no abuse or signs of abuse that we can see." Vergin is
      > correct . . . sort of. Refusing life-saving medical care to their
      > remaining children as "the course of action they would take
      > again" is not child abuse, it is premeditated negligent homicide.
      > Unfortunately, the death of a child at the praying hands of religious
      > parents is not uncommon and is sanctioned by state and federal religious
      > exemption laws. Under Wisconsin law, parents cannot be accused of child
      > abuse or negligent homicide if they fervently believed prayer was the
      > best treatment for a disease or life-threatening condition.
      > In 1986, 7-year-old Amy Hermanson of Sarasota, Florida, died of diabetes
      > because her mother and father's religious beliefs forbade medical
      > treatment. The parents were convicted of child abuse and third-degree
      > murder. Florida's Supreme Court overturned the conviction in 1992.
      > In1989, 11-year-old Ian Lundman of Independence, Minnesota, died of
      > diabetes because his mother and stepfather relied on prayer to cure him.
      > Ian's death was ruled a homicide and his parents were indicted. A
      > district court dismissed the case because Minnesota's religious
      > exemption rule recognized prayer as medical treatment. Minnesota's
      > Appeals Court and Supreme Court upheld the ruling.
      > In 2003, federal legislation "sanctioned" the killing of
      > children by religious parents in the "Child Abuse Prevention and
      > Treatment Act." The act requires that states receiving federal grant
      > dollars must include "failure to provide medical treatment" in
      > their definition of child neglect. However, to placate the powerful
      > Christian Science lobby and other fundamentalist groups, legislators
      > included the following caveat: "Nothing in this Act shall be
      > construed as establishing a Federal requirement that a parent or legal
      > guardian provide a child any medical service or treatment against the
      > religious beliefs of the parent or legal guardian."
      > Only by a twisted, fundamentalist logic—pandered to by
      > politicians—in the overly religious United States, which is one
      > Supreme Court vote away from overturning Roe v. Wade in order to protect
      > the rights of an undifferentiated bundle of cells in a woman's womb,
      > can thinking, feeling, trusting, loving children be allowed to suffer
      > and die because of the fanatical religious beliefs of their parents . .
      > .whether the child holds those beliefs or not.
      > It is unfortunate that parents, who obviously love their children,
      > regard their faith in a god with a lousy track record for healing as
      > unassailable, neither by the love nor by the trust of their children.
      > Between 1975 and 1995, 172 children died in the United States because
      > their parents refused medical treatment on religious grounds. One
      > hundred and forty of those children died from conditions which medical
      > science had a 90 percent track record of curing.
      > The National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect concluded, "There are
      > more children actually being abused in the name of God than in the name
      > of Satan." As Gerald Witt, mayor of Lake City, Florida, said about
      > local faith-based deaths, "It may be necessary for some babies to
      > die to maintain our religious freedoms. It may be the price we have to
      > pay; everything has a price."
      > But religious zealots need not pay the ultimate price of sacrificing
      > their children on the altar of faith. It says so in the first book of
      > their bible. "Abraham built an altar . . . and laid the wood . . .
      > and bound Isaac his son, and laid him on the altar. And the angel of the
      > Lord called unto him out of heaven, and said, Abraham . . . lay not
      > thine hand upon the lad . . . for now I know that thou fearest God . .
      > ." (Gen. 22:9-12).
      > Should parents decide to disregard both their god's admonition
      > against sacrificing children to prove a fanatical faith and
      > society's laws against homicide, they should be held accountable to
      > a secular "higher power" in a court of law that does not accept
      > the strength of a person's religious belief as evidence of their
      > guilt or innocence."

    • carol
      Bradford: But Steiner described to the Priests that the St. John Revelation, Time document out of Oriphiel s Time Schooling reveals a mighty Main Lesson Plan
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        Bradford: ""But Steiner described to the Priests that the St. John Revelation, Time document out of Oriphiel's Time Schooling reveals a mighty Main Lesson Plan that reveals the unfolding of Time within the cosmic planetary mysteries. That humanity is now faced with the task of meeting the very Beasts that arise up from humanity...."

        Yes oh yes, and the Beast even has begun a new 'lesson' for us all, for every new waking day to come. <What will  the weather be today?>

        Last weekend, I worked at a evening party in which at one point I spoke with a couple who lived in the country 1  1/2hrs away, just as they were heading out to leave around 1:30 am. I asked them why they weren't simply staying the night (the woman's neice's house is quite large) and received the answer that they had to be back to be able to check the 'sugar' first thing in the morning. That is, the sap from the maple trees. I told them that I'd seen a weather forecast calling for temperatures approaching 15 ' C within a few days. The husband seemed unimpressed, this seemed inconceivable to him, that is, that 'Nature' would skip an important and basic step (cold nights, slightly mild days) on it's journey into Spring. (I admired his idealization of his past Nature experience, it's about the only thing that's left...)

        I think the guy is right to stick with the truths  'Nature' impressed upon his soul for some 60 Springs he's greeting thus fa. However, the poor guy appears  tragically oblivious a great  'new' FACT which has snuck upon US over the past few years.

        This morning I remembered the manner in which Nature brings in weather systems- somewhat in the likeness of a wave  advancing towards a shore, one wave with it's own individuality arrives from here, another distinct one, from over there, in 5 days from now;  and where  most take days to develop the variants which make up their  particular 'caracter' as they move in and out through geographic settings.

        And then, I recognized how in everyday living, aspects of distinct 'etheric streams' approach our souls for defined periods, one here another in a few days from now, in order to feed our substrata souls with impressions and forces which correspond to our individual karmic needs. 

        In the likeness of a wave, temporary and expancive,  with others to follow, similar to the life force behind  'freeflowing' Nature.

        THIS REALLY is no longer the case,  crazy as it may seem.  Freeflowing Nature is perhaps given a few hours if that perhaps once or twice a week. Ahriman stands to 'instruct' on the particulars of the given days weather system. THIS IS NEW!!

        Also, those distinct shadings belonging to specific etheric streams which appear to 'freely' approach our souls at given times, and at the substrata level also risk being 'trampled on and  corrupted' by overly densified Ahrimanic spiritual forces. THIS IS ALSO NEW!!

        Since year 2000, but more specifically since the end of 2004, our lives have, with amazing intensity, become subject to a refreshed great Ahrimanic presence- and from what I can tell, one which bears a vital force defined by confinement and the darkness of chaos,  deception with a looming promise of bodily injury be it  physical abuse (torture) or man made disease.

        Among the various trials I personally naviguated this week,  came about as a result of my 'daring' to view an old interview hosted by Ernst Zundel which had been freshly posted on Rense.com. Coincidence or what? For the very first time in all the years that I've had internet service, my signal was CUT at the source!! It came back a little later following a phone call to Bell, in which a recorded message stated that Montreal service was experiencing technical problems. OK??  Regardless, I swear, I really don't want 'problems' with anyone, certainly not 'authority' so I've resolved to definetely NOT chance trying to view the rest of the 3 part interview.....

        Gee,  it's Friday,  April 11, 2008 and I've had it reinforced more than ever that IN THIS LIFE I have choices,  and then again,  I CHOOSE.





        --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "holderlin66" <holderlin66@...> wrote:
        > Briefly, based on just a quick glance at Anthro Intel, how Steiner
        > pre-outlined most of the dramatic visual imagery of the film novels of
        > our Age. When we look back upon the novel Frankenstein, we see just how
        > a formulation and image was made of how to create a patchwork crass
        > imitation of what is contained in the immortal human blueprint.
        > Frankenstein obviously appears long before Spiritual Science thunders
        > onto Earth.
        > DEEP IMPACT
        > But now let us take some brief examples from the second wave of Michael
        > Intel. Firstly Deep Impact. The film Deep Impact draws upon an
        > intersecting event that was slated, by all natural events and scientific
        > data, a comet was to slam into the Earth just about 1933. So Steiner
        > placed this insight, of the sciences, the hard science of the day and
        > places the time slated event, buried in the lectures to the Priests.
        > Recovering the insight and comparing it to the reflected event that we
        > can see today in the second wave of Michael's 300 some odd years and
        > understanding the type of imagery in the film Deep Impact, makes a
        > powerful impression. But Steiner described to the Priests that the St.
        > John Revelation, Time document out of Oriphiel's Time Schooling reveals
        > a mighty Main Lesson Plan that reveals the unfolding of Time within the
        > cosmic planetary mysteries. That humanity is now faced with the task of
        > meeting the very Beasts that arise up from humanity.
        > That means that certain natural catastrophes were to be re-routed and
        > directed with cosmic intention into the cognitive forces of maturation
        > and ripening the I AM of humanity. Instead of the type of Destruction
        > of Atlantis, the volcanic destruction of Atlantis as a kind of nature
        > catastrophe, the actual moral and cosmic would be re-directed into the
        > cognitive ripening of human spiritual development. We would be forced
        > to confront how the Beast rises up in the instincts of humanity and
        > shape our human intuition with a mighty framework of the moral workings
        > of our planetary world.
        > Since Oriphiel Saturn Time Body and St. John's Revelation had in it
        > powerful lessons that would shake humanity to the core, it was
        > understood that these most potent Saturn Time Body lessons would come
        > down the road. Now the words phials, bowls, vials and the word VILE are
        > curious words and by Steiner's reckoning when the Saturn Bill and
        > accounting office comes to collect and intends to awaken humanity...
        > humanity had through the Fifth Epoch so disturbed and mixed the brew of
        > nature and moral forces into something toxic that an immense corrective
        > force had to be taken and correcting the toxic effects could be done by
        > humanity in Freedom in the Sun Drenched Michael sphere of choice or
        > refused. By refusing to correct it while in the Sun Drenched Michael
        > ZietGeist Time frame, humanity chose to and St. John and Oriphiel knew
        > just what humanity would do... They would choose Hitler, they would
        > choose the NEOCON war mongering of the U.S. and vote for tyrants and
        > liars and they would choose to worship the Ahrimanic nuclear Sun against
        > the wise Christ Sun.
        > << <http://browse2.biblebrowser.com/revelation/15.htm> Revelation 16 >>
        > <http://browse2.biblebrowser.com/revelation/17.htm>
        > New American Standard Bible © <http://www.lockman.org/> Six Bowls
        > of Wrath
        > 1 Then I heard a loud voice from the temple, saying to the seven angels,
        > "Go and pour out on the earth the seven bowls of the wrath of
        > God." <http://bible.cc/revelation/16-1.htm>
        > 2 So the first angel went and poured out his bowl on the earth; and it
        > became a loathsome and malignant sore on the people who had the mark of
        > the beast and who worshiped his image.
        > <http://bible.cc/revelation/16-2.htm>
        > 3 The second angel poured out his bowl into the sea, and it became blood
        > like that of a dead man; and every living thing in the sea died.
        > <http://bible.cc/revelation/16-3.htm>
        > 4 Then the third angel poured out his bowl into the rivers and the
        > springs of waters; and they became blood.
        > <http://bible.cc/revelation/16-4.htm> 5 And I heard the angel of the
        > waters saying, "Righteous are You, who are and who were, O Holy One,
        > because You judged these things; <http://bible.cc/revelation/16-5.htm>
        > 6 for they poured out the blood of saints and prophets, and You have
        > given them blood to drink. They deserve it."
        > <http://bible.cc/revelation/16-6.htm> 7 And I heard the altar saying,
        > "Yes, O Lord God, the Almighty, true and righteous are Your
        > judgments." <http://bible.cc/revelation/16-7.htm>
        > 8 The fourth angel poured out his bowl upon the sun, and it was given to
        > it to scorch men with fire. <http://bible.cc/revelation/16-8.htm> 9 Men
        > were scorched with fierce heat; and they blasphemed the name of God who
        > has the power over these plagues, and they did not repent so as to give
        > Him glory. <http://bible.cc/revelation/16-9.htm>
        > 10 Then the fifth angel poured out his bowl on the throne of the beast,
        > and his kingdom became darkened; and they gnawed their tongues because
        > of pain, <http://bible.cc/revelation/16-10.htm> 11 and they blasphemed
        > the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores; and they did
        > not repent of their deeds. <http://bible.cc/revelation/16-11.htm>
        > 12 The sixth angel poured out his bowl on the great river, the
        > Euphrates; and its water was dried up, so that the way would be prepared
        > for the kings from the east. <http://bible.cc/revelation/16-12.htm>
        > Armageddon
        > 13 And I saw coming out of the mouth of the dragon and out of the mouth
        > of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet, three unclean
        > spirits like frogs; <http://bible.cc/revelation/16-13.htm> 14 for they
        > are spirits of demons, performing signs, which go out to the kings of
        > the whole world, to gather them together for the war of the great day of
        > God, the Almighty. <http://bible.cc/revelation/16-14.htm> 15
        > ("Behold, I am coming like a thief. Blessed is the one who stays
        > awake and keeps his clothes, so that he will not walk about naked and
        > men will not see his shame.") <http://bible.cc/revelation/16-15.htm>
        > 16 And they gathered them together to the place which in Hebrew is
        > called Har-Magedon. <http://bible.cc/revelation/16-16.htm>
        > Seventh Bowl of Wrath
        > 17 Then the seventh angel poured out his bowl upon the air, and a loud
        > voice came out of the temple from the throne, saying, "It is
        > done." <http://bible.cc/revelation/16-17.htm> 18 And there were
        > flashes of lightning and sounds and peals of thunder; and there was a
        > great earthquake, such as there had not been since man came to be upon
        > the earth, so great an earthquake was it, and so mighty.
        > <http://bible.cc/revelation/16-18.htm> 19 The great city was split into
        > three parts, and the cities of the nations fell. Babylon the great was
        > remembered before God, to give her the cup of the wine of His fierce
        > wrath. <http://bible.cc/revelation/16-19.htm> 20 And every island fled
        > away, and the mountains were not found.
        > <http://bible.cc/revelation/16-20.htm> 21 And huge hailstones, about
        > one hundred pounds each, came down from heaven upon men; and men
        > blasphemed God because of the plague of the hail, because its plague was
        > extremely severe. <http://bible.cc/revelation/16-21.htm>
        > All these lessons and gems were hidden in the lectures Steiner gave to
        > the Priests and the lesson that by 1933 a whole new way of learning what
        > a human being is before us, would have to start to shake humanity to the
        > core. And so in the later period the film Deep Impact recaptures a kind
        > of memory of what humanity needs to learn about the Cosmos and about
        > it's own courage.
        > THE GREEN MILE
        > In the film the Green Mile we suddenly encounter the advanced Life
        > Spirit preliminary view of what it would look like if from the inner
        > being of humanity, the Buddhi or Etheric Body mysteries, the etheric
        > body sciences would suddenly appear before us in a human being.
        > Naturally Steiner sketched out the stunning unfolding of Christ's
        > penetration ever deeper and deeper into the physical, etheric, astral,
        > karmic systems of humanity when Christ was in a physical body on Earth.
        > With Christ all of a sudden these mighty Etheric Body mysteries are
        > manifest in a healthy human form. Not a distorted but interesting form
        > in THE GREEN MILE.
        > Plus we have the interesting reflections of the middle ages when
        > supposed drops of blood fell on certain people, like Simon who lifted up
        > and put the Cross in the Ground and carried the Cross for a short
        > time... We find this giant and having experienced a drop of the blood of
        > Christ penetrating the human etheric and physical system... a super
        > human etheric force touched into the human being. Myth, story, fable or
        > 20th century film novel, what matters is that a film essay on the
        > potency and living forces of the stage of higher development known as
        > Buddhi or Life Spirit suddenly breaks in upon humanity in some obscure
        > location. The dynamic healing body of the etheric Life Spirit phase
        > suddenly appears before dull and stupid humans. THE GREEN MILE is an
        > interesting film essay. But it was Spiritual Science that led the way
        > so that humanity could appreciate such a rich tale, such a rich peek
        > into a mystery that Anthros tend to mention, when they mention, Spirit
        > Self; Life Spirit; and Spirit Man - but celebrating how human
        > intuition shaped such an experience in a story is revealing. Yet hardly
        > if ever and mostly not at all do we hear from the Anthro community the
        > connections between such things human strivings such as THE GREEN MILE
        > and DEEP IMPACT in relation to the powerful insights that Rudolf Steiner
        > connected for us.
        > CONTACT
        > Well the film CONTACT - Here the curious attempt to understand the
        > Dodecahedron that is the basis of THE FOUNDATION STONE and from our
        > perspective the basis of the TWELVE CRANIAL NERVES and the whole
        > building in each human being of the New Jerusalem from the text of the
        > TWELVE GATES that appears in the St. John Revelation text. The science
        > of the individual thought system that comes as a seed form from the
        > stars into the individual incarnation and is grown from the child
        > upwards until the individual star thinking and orientated thought spirit
        > stands before us, and is tracking, experiencing and within the lawful
        > framework of their own karmic quest and their own karmic mapping. A
        > Dodecahedron that is the Earth itself as a structure. A Dodecahedron
        > that is used by Salvidore Dali in his painting of the last supper. A
        > Dodecahedron that is the active cosmic thinking system, willing system
        > and feeling system of the TWELVE DISCIPLES themselves, twelve human
        > beings spread out in space in order that Christ may move freely through
        > the cosmic TWELVE thinking forces.
        > Well CONTACT arises with the usual obscurity and complex plot and
        > imagery, but like DEEP IMPACT we are led to grasp that the cosmos out
        > there is really the cosmos in us. That what we are searching for out
        > there in the cosmos in abstract materialism and science is really in us.
        > But no one will connect or see the connections that the Science is in us
        > and we are the Science, even if we make a vehicle that expresses a
        > Dodecahedron and add all our science insights, we still enter the
        > mysteries of the cosmos via US.
        > Now the fact that Spiritual Science places such an emphasis and intimacy
        > on the Dodecahedron that the very urns and the ashes in the urns of
        > hundreds of Anthros are kept in individual Dodecahedrons made of
        > crystal... must be curious and interesting to Anthros. Well not a peep
        > is raised to examine and look into the film novel of CONTACT or THE
        > GREEN MILE or DEEP IMPACT and no relationship is drawn to the clear,
        > clean and precise research into the systems of the human being that
        > stands shining in the Sun Bright Michael school. Hardly any, hardly at
        > all, and Anthros seem to go out of there way to avoid seeing what is
        > right in front of their eyes and what has been brought down to them and
        > for them and for humanity to contemplate that affirms everything that
        > Spiritual Science IS.
        > The final battle scene between Neo and Mr. Smith tells us of the entire
        > black suffocation of the Angelic world and the second crucifixion of the
        > Christ. This Second Crucifixion of the Christ as a Black Sphere of
        > materialism eclipses the Angelic world and the results of the Sage of
        > Death's teachings is brought to the Angelic Kingdom, was roughly and in
        > a complex epic manner brought in images before the humanity community in
        > the Matrix. Every unique human intuition and thought process is shrunk
        > to become an Ahrimanic double of parrotted materialistic Darwinian maya.
        > That from the Angelic perspective when we strip away the maya of actual
        > living biographies of living human beings, when we look behind the maya,
        > we encounter that the Angels of human beings were sucked down into an
        > Ahrimanic educational sameness and imprisoning ideas of full fledged
        > materialism. To break free from the utter suffocation of this
        > materialism, Steiner describes the Manichean Principle and lo and behold
        > the Manichean Principle that the Christ used to break free from the
        > materiaism that literally choked the Angels... is viewed in the final
        > batle scene of MATRIX REVOLUTION. Who was it that brought these
        > insights and reported these events that later appeared before our dumb
        > pea brained eye balls. It was Spiritual Science and the School of
        > Spiritual Science and Dr. Rudolf Steiner who showed what was and IS
        > still happening in thousands of human souls today.
        > Bradford previously brought;
        > "But low and behold to the cowardly Anthro what should appear behind
        > Neo's and Mr. Smith's eyes? What should appear is what the cowardly
        > Anthro couldn't see or understand about the Matrix and brands those
        > Anthros that disturb Tom with cowardly surrender. The sleepy
        > complacency of Anthros constantly fail to see the examples that humanity
        > brings of just such concepts that Steiner offered, wrestled with and
        > literally formed in the thought world long before the final product came
        > out in DVD. But after absorbing all the Michael Courage it took to
        > confront the bottomless nano copies of fallen humans, billions of Mr.
        > Smiths, Neo lets himself be suffocated and absorbed by the Ahrimanic
        > darkened black sphere of nano materialism and becomes himself another
        > Mr. Smith."

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