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Re: The Outer Planets : The Seventh Ray

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  • holderlin66
    bradford brought; Now aside from Spiritual Science and the densification of creating an Etheric body that seems to emerge as Swedenborg s layered exploration
    Message 1 of 143 , Mar 7, 2008
      bradford brought;

      Now aside from Spiritual Science and the densification of creating an Etheric body that seems to emerge as Swedenborg's layered exploration of the planets, try to enter into the connection of the the statements Swedenborg makes below, with Church and Celestial mechanics vs, Spiritual Science.  Steiner has wonderful meditations on the Etheric body and the planets that I had studied and taught as a Speech student. It is important in our comparison, to say, the Compressed Power of memory that Aristotle used, the compressed force of thinking which Aristotle formed for himself and the compressed meditations that Loyola launched and the Jesuits pursued...Allowed Swedenborg and more importantly Rudolf Steiner to lift up clearly the workings of the Etheric Body in humanity, while Swedenborg undertook a training and discipline of his inner faculties and compressing them... Swedenborg arises with rough, hazy sketches of something going on as perception of his etheric body and the whole planetary system.  All of this was raised to clarity by Dr. Steiner.

      So we constantly say we want to learn about the planets, the whirling math of the stars and constelllations, but we have such a map inside our own etheric bodies.  To explore that map, as we have seen, requires a perception of qualities.  Now from the aspect of Speech, I was able to explore and understand, mercurially, understand various aspects of etheric expression just as in Eurythmy we study various aspects of human expression, we begin to see human beings dominated by certain etheric gestures.  Reading those gestures in real time, in real life and organizing how the qualities of mercury and understanding every human being we encounter and understand tone of voice, gesture and sound... These in depth perceptions are deeply linked to the clear science of the etheric Steiner delivered and can be compared to the Scientist Swedenborg and the hazy devachan experiences of the planets that he experienced. 


      "We pass into concrete cosmic speech if we say: Man consists of the echo of the Zodiac, of the echo of the planetary movements, of the experience of the impression of the planetary movements in thinking, feeling and willing, and in the perception of the echo of the Zodiac".?

      "If a man could look through himself inwardly he would have to admit: I am an etheric body, in other words, I am the echo of cosmic vowels; I am a physical body, in other words, the echo of cosmic consonants. Because I stand here on the earth, there sounds through my being an echo of all that is said by the signs of the Zodiac; and the life of this echo is my physical body. An echo is formed of all that is said by the planetary spheres and this echo is my etheric body.

      1. Physical body = Echo of the Zodiac
      2. Etheric body = Echo of the planetary movements
      3. Astral body = Experience of the planetary movements
      4. Ego = perception of the echo of the Zodiac.

      Man is constituted out of the echo of the heavens, of the fixed stars, of the echo of the planetary movements, of what is experienced of the echo of the planetary movements, and of what knowingly experiences the echo of the fixed star heavens. "

      Rudolf Steiner

      Steiner too related the course of a person's life to the planets in the same sequence as Ptolemy but with seven year segments. He talked about this topic in his lectures on karma Karmic Relationships Vol. Vll, Lecture two.

      Birth-7 Moon—after inheriting the physical body from the parents, it is now time to work on transforming it and to make it your own. The change of teeth is an indication that this period has been completed.

      7-14 Mercury—birth of one's own etheric body which should be completed after seven years, life develops outside the home, schooling begins.

      14-21 Venus—birth and unfolding of the astral body, puberty, first love, developing esthetic life.

      21-42 Sun—birth of the ego in three segments of seven years, sentient soul, intellectual soul and consciousness soul. It is interesting to note that the first Saturn return, the time to align oneself with pre-birth intentions occurs during this period at age 29+.

      42-49 Mars—This is the time to exert the full force of the personality on career and on the world. There is the possibility now for the ego to work on the astral body to begin unfolding a yet higher member called Spirit Self.

      49-56 Jupiter —a certain amount of wisdom should have been acquired by this time. The ego needs to work at the transformation of the etheric body to unfold Life Spirit.

      56-63 Saturn—the second Saturn return occurs in this period at age 59+. There is an opportunity once more to align with one's karma. Now is the time to unfold a yet higher member called Spirit Man.

      Arcana Coelestia


      The heavenly arcana contained in the Holy Scripture or Word of the Lord unfolded, beginning with the book of Genesis
      together with wonderful things seen in the World of Spirits and in the heaven of angels.

      by Emanuel Swedenborg
      (First published, in Latin, 1749-1756)

      On the spirits of the planet Mercury (n. 6807-6817.)

      On the Inhabitants and spirits of the planet Venus (n. 7246-7254).

      On the Inhabitants and spirits of the planet Mars (n. 7358-7365).

      On the spirits and inhabitants of the planet Jupiter (n. 7799-7813).

      On the spirits of the Moon (n. 9232-9238).

      Continuation concerning the Sixth Earth in the Starry Heaven (n. 10833-10837).

      6809. They once came to me and searched the things in my memory. (Spirits can do this with the utmost skill; for when they come to a man, they see in his memory everything he knows.) When therefore the spirits of Mercury searched out various things, and among others the cities and places where I had been, I observed that they did not wish to know about the churches, palaces, houses, and streets; but only what I knew to have been done in these places, and also matters relating to the government there, and to the genius and manners of the inhabitants, with other things like these; for such things cling to the places that are in man's memory, and therefore when the places are excited, these other things also come up. I wondered at this character of the spirits of Mercury, and I therefore asked why they passed by the magnificent features of the places, and only searched out the facts and doings there? They said they have no delight in looking at material, bodily, and earthly things, but only at real ones. From this it at once appeared that the spirits of that earth relate in the Grand Man to the memory of real things when abstracted from things material and earthly.

      In the planet Venus there are two kinds of men, of contrary disposition, one kind savage and almost like wild beasts, and the other gentle and humane. They who are savage and almost like wild beasts appear on the side of the planet looking our way; but they who are gentle and humane, on the opposite side. Be it known, however, that they so appear according to the states of their life, for the state of life makes all the appearance of place and space.

      9237. That there are inhabitants in the Moon also, is known to spirits and angels, for they often speak with them; and in like manner that there are inhabitants in the moons or satellites which revolve about the planet Jupiter and the planet Saturn. Those who have not seen and spoken with them nevertheless have no doubt that there are men in them, for they too are earths; and where there is an earth, there is man; for man is the end for the sake of which every earth was created; and nothing has been made by the Supreme Creator without a purpose. That the end of creation is the human race, that there may be a heaven from it, can be seen by everyone one who thinks from reason. The angels also say that an earth cannot subsist apart from the human race, because the Divine provides all things on an earth for the sake of man.

      Social interaction with the spirits and angels of the planet Jupiter has been granted me a longer time than with the spirits of the other planets, and therefore more particulars are to be related concerning their state, and that of the inhabitants of this planet.

      7800. The planet Jupiter does not indeed appear to those who are in the other life; but the spirits who are from it. These appear in front, to the left, at some distance, and this constantly; there also the planet is in the idea of spirits and angels. The spirits of each planet are separate from those of other planets, and are near their own world. The reason why they are separated is that they are of a different disposition, and are in a different province in the Grand Man; and they who are of a different disposition appear remote from others according to the diversity. All separation and distinction of spirits and angels in respect to places and distances in the other life, appear in accordance with the diversities of dispositions and genius, for place corresponds to state (see n. 2625, 2837, 3356, 3387, 4321, 4882, 5605, 7381).

      7801. There are many kinds of spirits from the planet Jupiter, but there are three with which I have been in company, and with which I have often spoken. One kind, which is also the lowest, appear dark, almost black. They are contemned by others, and are called "chastisers," because they chastise the inhabitants of their earth who live evilly; they are continually desirous to come to heaven. Another kind have shining faces, as from the reflected light of a candle. These appear to sit like idols, for they suffer themselves to be adored by others, especially by the servants whom they had in the world; for there they persuaded them that they were mediators with the Lord; they are called by them "saints," and also "lords." The third kind, which is the best, excel the rest in intelligence and wisdom. They appear in blue clothing, or clothing of the color of the sky, with interwoven little grains of gold. But the angels themselves who are from that earth, are together with the angels of the rest of the earths; for all who are truly angels constitute one general heaven.

      7802. It is a common thing on that earth for spirits to speak with the inhabitants and instruct them, and also chastise them if they have done evil; on which subject, as many things have been related to me by their angels, I would speak in order. The reason why the spirits of that planet speak with the men, is that these think much about heaven, and about the life after death; and are comparatively but little solicitous about life in the world; for they know that they will live after their decease, and in a state of happiness according to the state of their internal man as formed in the world. It was also a common thing on our earth in ancient times to speak with spirits and angels, from a like cause, namely, that those men thought about heaven, and little about the world. But this living communication with heaven was in time closed, as man from internal became external, that is, as he began to think about the world and little about heaven, and especially when he no longer believed that there is a heaven or a hell, nor that there is in himself a spirit man who lives after death. For at this day it is believed that the body lives from itself, and not from its spirit; and therefore unless man could now have faith that he is to rise again with the body, he would have no belief in a resurrection.

      7803. As regards the speech of spirits with the inhabitants of the planet Jupiter, there are spirits who chastise; there are those who instruct; and there are those who rule them. The spirits who chastise apply themselves to the left side, and incline themselves toward the back; and when they are there, they draw forth from the man's memory all his deeds and thoughts; for this is easy to spirits, because, when they come to a man, they come instantly into all his memory (n. 6199, 6193, 6198, 6199, 6214). If they find that he has done evil or thought evil, they reprove him, and also chastise him with a pain in the joints of the feet or of the hands, or with pain about the epigastric region; this moreover, spirits can do dexterously, when it is permitted. When such chastisers come to a man, they excite horror together with fear; whereby he is aware of their approach. Evil spirits can excite fear when they approach anyone, especially those who when they lived in the world had been robbers. That I might know in what manner these spirits act when they come to a man of their earth, it was permitted that such a spirit should come also to me. When he was near, horror attended with fear palpably seized me; but I was not terrified and in horror inwardly, but outwardly, because I knew that he was such a spirit. He was also seen, and appeared like a dark cloud with little moving stars in the cloud; moving stars signify falsities; but fixed stars truths. He applied himself to my left side, toward the back; and he also began to reprove me on account of the things I had done and thought, which he drew forth from my memory and gave a wrong interpretation to; but he was hindered by the angels who also were present. When he noticed that he was with another than a man of his own earth, he began to speak to me, and to say that when he comes to a man, he knows all and everything which the man has done and thought; also that he severely reproves him, and likewise chastises him with various pains. "

    • Stephen Hale
      ... by ... Carol, this is Karen s final communication to me, and I find it perplexing. It seems to have more to do with Bruce than me, but Karen was always
      Message 143 of 143 , Mar 31, 2008

        --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "carol" <organicethics@...> wrote:
        > Ok, sorry Bruce, I evidently wasn't aware of what you described.
        > Perhaps Karen now faces a necessary life lesson of refining her use of
        > 'tact'. When I consider this from an Anthroposophic perspective, I see
        > it as becoming able to spread oneself out over larger 'soul terrain' by
        > engaging a more controlled Will force which takes into itself highly
        > creative soul forces.
        > Again, consciousness soul stuff, what can I say. I guess it really is
        > tough stuff in the end...
        > Good day, carol.

        Carol, this is Karen's final communication to me, and I find it perplexing.  It seems to have more to do with Bruce than me, but Karen was always confusing us.  Here it is:

        So my dear, unable at any time to deal with the unpleasant karma
        between us because of course Bruce has been manipulating my post for
        the past year, and deliberatly placing things out of context and we've
        never been able to honestly deal with the karmic situation. I suppose
        at least bruce is posting from his archives now instead of everthing
        he was holing up and holding back so that he could write up on it in
        spiritualscience. Not to worry i dont.

        I dont like having bad feeling s towards people and for the most part
        I certainly don't.

        So from my part I wish you bliss, love, happiness and joy but I guess
        its not what you want.. whatever it is.. if its good and from God I
        hope you get it :)

        I will be logging in from time to time I hope to clear the archives. I
        like doing it, deleting everything I've written -

        God bless
        Steve: Of course, I can't express anything from Bruce.  I can only express from a loving influence which you seem now to give to me in part.  I like it because I hate the stress that you impose on my soul.  It hurts very much.  So, thanks for these weak, tenuous words, and I hope that you know that your place is better than mine.
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