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Re: Rudolf Steiner's spoken words

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  • Stephen Hale
    ... If I were to speak pictorially, I would put it thus: the community of the cultus seeks to draw the angels of heaven down to the place where the cultus is
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      > Great collection of Rudolf Steiner's spoken words. Thanks Robert.
      > These words are stunning-

      "If I were to speak pictorially, I would put it thus: the community
      of the cultus seeks to draw the angels of heaven down to the place
      where the cultus is being celebrated, so that they may be present in the
      congregation, whereas the anthroposophical community seeks to lift
      human souls into supersensible realms so that they may enter the
      company of angels. In both cases that is what creates community."
      ---excerpt from "Awakening to Community" lectures.

      It is certainly imperative that our present age seek to achieve this
      upward striving of the soul to meet spiritual beings as a perceptive
      fact. In fact, it represents the idea behind why the teachers of
      Chartres were held back in the higher worlds for so long before
      reincarnating. It is so that the reverse cultus could be effectively
      established in schools for spiritual science. And this is meant to
      take place at some point before we get too far into the Fifth Epoch.

      It is the veritable task of the Fifth Epoch to effectively prepare for
      the Sixth Epoch, wherein the first real evidence of conscious
      transformation stands to occur as a result of revealing the
      remaining "hidden manas" that leads to Spirit-Self recognition. And
      this is the present task of the Russian Folk Soul. This is the seed of
      spiritual evolution that is slowly germinating within this culture.
      And this is why an event of apocalyptic proportions took place in 1917
      that concerned the importance of protecting and consecrating the
      Russian people and its province for this future destiny; the destiny of
      the spirit-self age.

      But it is out of our present level of consciousness here in the Fifth
      Epoch that we must see that very powerful and very adversarial occult
      powers are working most forcefully to prevent this occurrence of Spirit-
      Self at all cost; for it means lifting ourselves once and for all out
      of the domain of their influence. Their domain represents the sub-
      earthly, or Antichontic World, which Pythagoras first perceived as the
      initiate of Zarathos some 2500 years ago. In fact, if you picture the
      old man in the School of Athens painting by Raphael, with finger
      pointing upward, you can also picture an unpainted painting of
      Pythagoras that would show him pointing downward with an equal amount
      of dramatic significance. It was to be the destiny of Pythagoras to
      see all the way down into the sub-earthly levels, where the counter-
      beings dwelled. This came from his initiation, and made him an early
      seer into the whole downward trend of the Greek Age. He had to endure
      a harrowing trip into this so-called "antichontic world" as his price
      for becoming an initiate at the hands of Zarathos. And, of course, he
      is the only initiate with an historical legacy coming out of
      Zarathustra's incarnation in the Sixth century BC, at the time of the
      realization of Gautama Buddha as well.

      But this is where something else can be discerned about the incarnation
      of Zarathos in the 6th century BC. In addition to initiating
      Pythagoras for his great task as an early philosopher of the Greek era
      of deducing (subtracting) the spiritual elements down into their
      earthly forms needed for beholding a sense world, it is said that
      Zarathos also had the three who would reincarnate later in order to
      seek their Master by following a certain star to a house where the
      Master would then be a two year old boy. Also, it is said that Zarathos
      had a student who would reincarnate as the teacher of the teacher of
      the writer of the Gospel of Matthew. And spiritual research reveals
      that this could be none other than Jeshu ben Pandira, who was the
      Bodhisattva of the last century before Christ came. As the Gospel of
      Matthew tells of the 42 generations from Abraham to Joseph, father of
      the Solomon Jesus child, so in fact did Jeshu ben Pandira teach one
      hundred years before this gospel was written, about the 42 generations
      in reverse. Thus, he taught a 'reverse cultus' for the first time as a
      preparation of his students in the Essene colony of Palestine for the
      coming Christ. And they were able to behold the coming Christ by this
      reverse process. They saw Him descending to earth by this means as a
      real and concrete fact of the incarnation of the Logos. And they also
      saw the truth of the Prophets in this seeing.

      All of this was enabled by Jeshu ben Pandira, former initiate of
      Zarathos in order to commence the lineage of incarnations of the
      bodhisattvas that will eventually lead to the Maitreya Buddha in 2500
      more years. Thus, at the time that Pythagoras was initiated 2500 years
      ago, there also came the first bodhisattva of the new era. And we are
      2500 years into this new era. It is called the Fifth Epoch. It could
      also be called a mid-point. And mid-points are very important for
      their recognition.

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