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RE: Fercher von Steinwand and Mani

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  • Robert Mason
    To All: I still haven t found any information that directly connects Fercher with Mani, but I have found some statements that RS made about Fercher. For
    Message 1 of 8 , Mar 1, 2008
      To All:

      I still haven't found any information that
      directly connects Fercher with Mani, but I have
      found some statements that RS made about
      Fercher. For instance:

      (*Riddle of Man*: "Pictures from the Thought-
      Life of Austria") "I learned to know him
      [Fercher] at the end of the 1880's in Vienna
      and for a short time associated with him

      (*The Story of My Life*: "Chapter: VII") "I
      consider the fact that I came to know Fercher
      von Steinwand as one of the most important
      events of my youth; for his personality acted
      like that of a sage who reveals his wisdom in
      genuine poetry. . . . in the play of
      countenance, in every gesture of Fercher, I saw
      the essence of a soul which could only have
      been formed in the time from the beginning of
      the Christian evolution, while Greek paganism
      was still influencing this evolution."

      It is evident that Steiner considered Fercher
      to be a very significant spirit: meeting him
      was "one of the most important events of my
      youth"; I would assume that RS did not make
      that statement lightly. And what RS says about
      Fercher's previous incarnation is consistent
      with the place and time of Mani's life.
      Probably Steiner knew more than he was saying
      explicitly here -- only hinting at something
      very important?

      Elsewhere Steiner said something solemn and
      momentous in connection with Fercher:
      (*Mysteries of Light*: "Lecture III") ”I once
      read aloud here from this same platform a
      thesis of Fercher von Steinwand, that German-
      Austrian poet, who in the sixth decade of the
      19th century expressed his opinion about the
      future of the German people. The lecture is
      noteworthy because it was given before the
      ruling King of Saxony and his ministers. In
      this sixth decade — those who were there at the
      time heard it — Fercher von Steinwand said that
      his German people is predestined some time in
      the future to play a role somewhat like that
      which the Gypsies were playing then. It was a
      deep glimpse into the evolution of humanity
      which Fercher van Steinwand had."

      Apparently RS was endorsing Fercher's prophecy.
      And Steiner was really "hitting on all
      cylinders" at the time; he had a clear view of
      the future. In the same lecture he made this
      grave prophecy: "Let the kind of teaching that
      prevails in our universities continue for
      another three decades, let social questions be
      treated as they are now for thirty years more,
      and you will have a devastated Europe." He
      said this in December, 1919; of course the
      prophecy was fulfilled in less than thirty

      And Fercher was not the only one to make this
      prophecy. Bondarev wrote (in *The Crisis of
      Civilisation*): "Rudolf Steiner warned that
      the situation might come where the Germans are
      driven out of their native land and scattered
      over the entire earth. If we understand the
      dark spirit that rules in our time, we can say
      that the realization of this plan is already
      conceivable. It is enough to activate the
      radical Right-wing parties in Germany a little
      and unleash a corresponding campaign in the
      world-press - and under general expressions of
      approval the Morgenthau-Plan will be realized,
      or the Germans will be scattered over the other
      lands and continents.* {*There is a statement
      by Goethe to Wilhelm Riemer, the teacher of his
      son August, containing the following: "Who
      knows - destiny will beat them (the Germans)
      because they betrayed themselves and did not
      want to be what they are. It will scatter them
      over the earth like the Jews. - And rightly so!
      For the best of them live in exile and only in
      exile, in dispersion, will they develop the
      wealth of good that lies within them, for the
      benefit of the nation, and be the salt of the
      earth!" And Trithemius of Sponheim writes in
      *De septum mundum regnatibus Archangelis*: "The
      descendants of Lohengrin ... will be numbed and
      destroyed ... The Germans, scattered throughout
      the world like gypsies, will have to muster all
      their strength to retain culture for the earth
      as pupils of Michael ..." (translation from the
      Latin by Karl Luttenberg, 1943; Publisher's

      I once mentioned this prophecy to a German
      Anthroposophist, and he replied that the
      Germans are already scattered like Gypsies. I
      think he was probably referring to the massive
      emigration of Germans to places such as the USA
      in the past few centuries. But I don't think
      that this emigration was the scattering
      that Fercher, Steiner, Goethe, and Trithemius
      were predicting. For one thing, that
      emigration was already well underway when
      Fercher spoke and practically completed when
      Steiner spoke; for another, it was not
      emptying Germany of Germans; and for another;
      the German descendants in the USA have not
      remained Germans as the Gypsies have remained

      It seems that this "scattering" still lies in
      the future. Germany has already been crushed
      and made powerless; she is effectively ruled by
      her enemies, and her people have mostly been
      "re-educated". The best products of her spirit
      (Goetheanism and Anthroposophy) have not
      reached fruition in the wider society, and are
      struggling even to survive. The hatred of the
      true German spirit is still such that her
      enemies on Earth (e.g. some that we know on the
      English-speaking Internet as the "Waldorf
      Critics") are loudly and energetically
      agitating against Anthroposophy. . . . And, if
      we take Steiner's warning seriously, it is
      apparent that this hatred has yet to do its
      worst against the German people themselves:
      Mid-Europe will be emptied of Germans and the
      survivors will be scattered like Gypsies. And
      why not? Germany is almost disarmed in
      relation to the rest of the world. Even
      Pakistan now has enough nukes to turn Germany
      into a radioactive desert.

      Sad, sobering thoughts.

      Robert Mason

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