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Re: Final Words To Martha

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  • Stephen Hale
    Listen Carol, please. Nothing I say has to agree with what you want to hear. It is my free expression, and if it concerns what moves me in terms of
    Message 1 of 23 , Feb 19, 2008
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      Listen Carol, please. Nothing I say has to agree with what you want
      to hear. It is my free expression, and if it concerns what moves me
      in terms of anthroposophy, and I have the confidence to express it,
      I just might ACTUALLY do it. This is a public anthroposophy forum,
      and I've been kicked off public ones and private ones for expressing
      myself in terms of spiritual science. So live with it. My output
      makes my day, not yours. Swirl is not an anthroposophist by her own
      definition. In fact, she despises the whole movement as being
      intellectual, materialistic, and loveless. Yet, you support her
      opinion rather than one who has been a dedicated contributor to this
      list for 18 months, and has made important inroads towards new
      knowledge and understanding. Go figure. Jean Marc is nothing but a
      proud little weasel who gives out the "Steiner saids" like his
      buddy, Robert Mason. And aren't they impressive to you.

      Here's what you need to know in a nutshell. Spiritual science was
      given out to thinking human beings for their further elaboration of
      its content. And that is what some of us are doing; probably very
      few, like me. It isn't religious or any kind of pious nonsense.
      Rosicrucianism has an historical basis wherein its members numbered
      eleven and actually lived to further the cause of the Renaissance
      and Enlightenment Periods wherein the 4th cultural epoch was
      recapped in order that its fruit could become the bestowal of the
      Intellectual Soul on all of mankind. Kind of like when the Christ
      Event occurred for all of mankind two thousand years ago. Its
      evolutionary power would one day make us all the seat of the "I Am",
      regardless of belief or religion, or ethnicity. Thus, Christ as
      Evolutionary Power.

      So, it is what the thinker makes of occult knowledge that is
      important. And each one has something important to give based on
      the self-creative impulses that spiritual science affords. Steiner
      came along right at the crowning moment of the 19th century, after a
      77 year interval between the eleventh and the twelfth, which was the
      necessary time for transitioning from nature mysticism to concrete
      occult knowledge capable of being expressed in a scientific way to
      the faculty of thinking (reasoning) power. And that is what
      inspires my effort. Spiritual science exists in order that thinking
      can now reason inwardly, after its long 2500 year development when
      the Sun moved into the sign of Aries at the first point of the
      Vernal Equinox in 747 BC. That is when the end of the Old Moon
      Clairvoyance really started to take shape; with the Greek
      philosophers. And it continued to take shape when the Roman and
      Arabic philosophers were able to induce their shapemaking forms into
      the world first deduced, or subtracted out of the spiritual realms
      by the Greeks. Thus, out of nothing, something was made for further
      consideration and development. And it continues on with this effort
      given by spiritual science, which is a very good example of the
      workings of spiritual economy.

      Now, in the spirit of spiritual economy, it only makes sense for one
      who is economically oriented toward this Science of the Spirit to
      take advantage of all that is given as knowledge; knowledge that
      professes to be a "demand of the age", and didn't Steiner say that
      enough times? Well, I have taken it up in this fashion, and
      seriously hear the call of its being "a demand of our age". And I
      also hear the call of those that don't agree so much with this
      demand. My life is filled with rejection on this, and it is because
      spiritual science is generally not recognized by anyone today. The
      reason, of course, is that it is INITIATORY, meaning for those who
      have the eyes to see and the ears to hear. Pretty simple, as far as
      that goes. Some do, and most don't.

      So, give me a break Carol. You and Swirl and JM represent a weak
      little trinity, but I'll give you the lead. I know that you can
      lead them on.


      --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "carol" <organicethics@...>
      > Steve: "Carol, luciferic reveries have nothing to do with the
      subject of
      > spiritual economy. And that is what this is about. Again, you're
      > imposing your ego on the discussion, and creating deflection. Many
      > people do this, some intentionally, and some without knowing that
      > they're doing it. You react quite readily, so I can assume it's
      > unintentional. But you're still dealing with that sneaky little
      > who now tries to spit in Christ's eye."
      > Uh, Steve, I study spiritual science.
      > It's a form of occultism, spiritual occultism. It goes by the name
      > Anthroposophy and it's intimate precursor was /is Rosicrucianism.
      > You know Steve, I DO know a little about that 'sneaky little
      asuras who
      > now tries to spit in Christ's eye'. So does Jean Marc it seems,
      and so
      > does Swirling as well, though perhaps (not positive, correct me
      > more on an instinctive and intuitive level.
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