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Gospel of St. John

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  • Rick Distasi
    Review of Lecture 9 Rudolf Steiner s Lecture cycle Subject:The Gospel of St. John Hamburg, 1908 The Prophetical Documents and The Origin of Christianity As we
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 6, 2001
      Review of Lecture 9
      Rudolf Steiner's Lecture cycle
      Subject:The Gospel of St. John
      Hamburg, 1908

      The Prophetical Documents
      The Origin of Christianity

      As we read each of these twelve lectures together on these twelve
      Holy Nights of Christmas I am going to very briefly review the 9th.
      lecture of this cycle and proceed to discuss the ideas, thoughts and
      questions that were raised within me as I read this lecture and the
      preceding lectures by Rudolf Steiner.

      Steiner postulates that , ". . . The birth of Christianity appears as
      something positively necessary in the whole spiritual course of human
      events." The advent of Christ could not take place before the time
      that it did nor after . After the Great Deluge humanity came into the
      period of the Indian culture. This was a time when humans saw the
      earth as Maya and as an illusion in comparison to the reality of the
      spiritual worlds. It was a time of "memory of" and "longing for" the
      spiritual worlds only.

      In the second post-deluge culture known as the Persian
      culture, ". . . we saw mankind taking the first step toward growing
      out of the ancient Indian principle and conquering physical reality.
      Still nowhere was there any fondness for sinking into the physical
      reality, also there existed nowhere anything like a study of the
      physical world."

      "Humanity then passed over into that period of civilization which
      found its historical expression in the Babylonian-Assyrian-Chaldaic-
      Egyptian culture and we have seen how it happened that the starry
      heavens were no longer Maya to these people of the third epoch, but
      something whose written characters could be read. In all that still
      seemed a Maya to the Indians in the course and splendor of the stars,
      the Persian saw an expression of the resolutions and purposes of
      divine spiritual beings. They gradually accustomed themselves to the
      idea that outer reality is not illusion but a revelation, a
      manifestation of divine-spiritual beings. Then in the Egyptian
      civilization, men began to apply what they read in the stars to the
      divisions of the earth."

      "Thus gradually a later humanity permeated this material world -
      looked upon at first as only Maya -with the spirit, and this spirit
      also gradually emerged within the inner soul life of the human being."

      "The human being gradually reached the point of permeating matter
      with his spirit and this increased as time went on. The fourth epoch
      (Greek/Roman) was that in which he thoroughly incorporated into
      matter what he comprehended with his spirit."

      ". . . in the fourth epoch the human being had reached the point
      where he objectified his own spirituality, his own ego (I AM) and
      had placed it out in the world. We perceive how gradually he
      permeated matter with his own spirit, with his ego-spirit."

      Humanity had now reached the point where it could now accept the
      Christ (the Divine, Cosmic EGO-I AM) in a human form. Humanity could
      now accept the reality that spirit can permeate matter and that a God
      of the highest order could become 'flesh' which is what the Gnostics
      could never accept. We see that the incarnation of Christ could not
      come prior to this time nor after but rather, "Christianity could
      arise only at a time when men were not so deeply immersed in matter
      that they were likely to overestimate its (matter's) worth; when they
      were not yet plunged so deeply into matter as is the case in our age,
      but were still able to spiritualize it and to penetrate it."
      That's a very brief synopsis of this lecture most of which are quotes
      from Steiner.For those who wish to continue with this discussion
      there are other issues (questions) that I wish to address which have
      come up while reading these lectures. For instance, the Deluge story
      of the Bible and other sagas throughout various cultures that speak
      of a deluge calamity. Certainly Steiner speaks of it as the time of
      the sinking of the Atlantean continent which now forms the bed of the
      Atlantic ocean. It was a calamity which was brought about primarily
      by the practice of Black Magic as Steiner expresses it. There are
      others of course who have their own specific views about the time
      that can also be referred to as the ending of the last Ice Age. Those
      views often entail the theories of a 'pole shift' such as Charles
      Hapgood's 'earth crust displacement' theory and Immanuel
      Velikovsky's 'dark neutron star' theory'. Most geophysicists reject
      both of these theories and others like them by simply saying that it
      is geophysically impossible for the earth to 'flip-over' on its axis.
      Many who hold to the 'pole-shift' theory say that approximately
      12,000 years ago (as Steiner also holds that the sinking of the
      Atlantean continent was 12,000 years ago) around the time of the
      ending of the Ice Age the North Magnetic pole was located at what is
      now the southern portion of the Hudson Bay. This could explain why
      the North American continent was covered by ice glaciers and Siberia
      had a very mild climate at that time. Much of North America would
      have been within or near the Arctic Circle centered in the southern
      portion of the Hudson Bay. If there had been a pole shift and the
      north magnetic pole shifted from Hudson Bay to where it is today the
      consequences had to have been disastrous. We know that the earth
      flattens somewhat at the poles and bulges at the equator.When these
      areas were suddenly no longer poles and the equator they had to have
      gone through dramatic changes as well as the areas that became the
      new poles and equator. One would think that these areas were areas of
      great earthquakes with deep fissures that spewed out both lava and
      water which had poured into the opened fissures from the seas and
      oceans and back out again and then over the earth itself. A pole
      shift also must have created large coastal and possibly continental
      flooding. When Steiner began discussing the post- Deluge cultures in
      this lecture, these questions (of a pole shift) came to my mind.

      Another issue that is of interest is the mentioning of Moses'
      experience of the 'I AM'. Drawing from Steiner and other writers of
      anthroposophical literature there is a question as to the actual
      experience of Moses on Mt. Sinai. I believe that we can speak of the
      Mt. Sinai experience in a very esoteric manner without losing the
      historical aspect of what is more commonly accepted. Did Moses
      actually climb a mountain? Possibly! However, this expression is
      often veiled language for a very deep meditative state in which the
      individual in question is experiencing an altered and elevated state
      of consciousness. Moses reaches his inner 'I Am'; that is, he
      experiences his own 'burning bush' which again is esoteric language
      for one's own 'I Am'. At the same time he also experiences the outer
      Cosmic EGO-I AM which lives in all there is and which is the seed
      force of our own EGO-I AM. In Steiner's 'The Calendar of the Soul' in
      the verse of the 11th. week he says, ". . . the human 'I' can lose
      itself and find itself within the Cosmic 'I'" The lower astral 'I'
      (personality) is what one loses but deep within, one finds one's
      true 'I' and with that experience one then also finds and experiences
      the Cosmic 'I' of the Christ. What does Moses receive in the
      Commandments? One Commandment he receives says, "You shall not take
      the 'NAME' of the Lord, your God, in vain." What is the true 'NAME'
      of Christ? It is 'I AM'. We receive the Christ Impulse in us over
      time through many incarnations. We receive it into our own Ego-I AM
      where it flowers and increases over many lifetimes. It is not to be
      taken in 'vain' but It (the EGO-I AM Impulse of Christ) is to be
      taken into our own EGO-I AM in 'Full Freedom' and in 'Full
      Consciousness'; "For out of the Pleroma (Fullness), we have received
      grace upon grace." This is a major advancement in the evolution of
      human consciousness. Moses comes down from the mountain and sees the
      people idolizing the golden calf or what could be understood as the
      lower astral self. The people themselves are a picture of all the
      lower, instinctive impulses that still fill the astral soul and which
      obscure the higher 'I AM' self to which Moses is a testament. Though
      the tablets are an external form of law, in time with the
      internalization of the Christ I AM into our own I AM and soul we will
      eventually internalize the Law within ourselves which eventually
      purges the lower astral self of its lower impulses. This is
      symbolically portrayed in Exodus by Moses throwing the tablets down
      at the base of the mountain and having the Levites slay those who
      would not stand with Moses and later fusing the golden calf in fire
      and turning it into powder,"which he scattered on the water and made
      the Israelites drink." The Law then becomes internalized as there
      will then come a time when Thou will no longer kill and Thou will no
      longer steal and Thou will no longer take the 'NAME' of the Lord,
      your God, in vain.

      In the Bible another significant mention is made of a 'bush' which
      again can be read symbolically as one's own Ego. In the account of
      Abraham who is told by God to slay his own son we also have the ram
      caught in the bush. Here Abraham ascends a hill and answers to God
      with the expression, "Here I AM". What we see is the beginning of the
      dissolution of a blood-related group consciousness that was so
      prominent in the times of the Old Testament. How often does Steiner
      mention this that in the Old Testament we often are confronted with
      the old blood-ties of consciousness and in the New Testament we see
      the full emergence of the individuated I-consciousness. An angel
      comes to Abraham and again he answers, "Here I AM". The angel tells
      Abraham not to slay his son. The old blood-tie group consciousness
      had not yet run its full course in human evolution. However,
      the 'sacrificial ram' (the future advent of Christ) in the 'bush'
      (the human EGO-I AM) portends to the future when Christ will descend
      to earth to give to us HIS 'Pleroma' (fullness of Grace; that is, His
      Self as a source of spiritual Life from which we can draw while here
      on earth).

      Steiner often makes mention of the fact that the author of the Gospel
      of St. John is referred to as "the Disciple whom the Lord loved." We
      know from Steiner that this Disciple is the Christ-initiated Lazarus
      who's name is now John. He is the author of this Gospel, as the
      term ". . . the Disciple whom the Lord loved" is 'mystery' language
      for expressing the fact that Lazarus/John is Christ's most
      spiritually advanced pupil in esotericism and who was initiated by
      Christ Himself. However, as Steiner makes it clear, John is never
      referred to in the Gospel by his name but is only referred to
      as ". . .the Disciple whom the Lord loved" in order to present to us
      that here lies a mystery of a very high order. The old order of
      initiation was enacted upon Lazarus 'in public' with the 'raising
      from the dead' which now sealed the fate of Christ as the Pharisees
      were keepers of the old, exclusive and secretive order of initiation.
      Christ now brought a new form of initiation to the earth. One that
      can be exercised in full consciousness and is fully connected with
      the Being of Christ Himself. The spiritual worlds can be ascertained
      in full consciousness by developing one's own soul and spiritual
      capacities. Christ brings to the earth the impulses to do this on our

      Steiner raises another often overlooked fact in the Gospel of St.
      John. This is the fact that the "Mother of Jesus" is never named in
      the Gospel but is only referred to as the "Mother of Jesus". At the
      Marriage at Cana it reads : ". . .and the Mother of Jesus was
      there ;" also it reads "His Mother says to the servants." When we
      get to the crucifixion in the Gospel, here it reads :

      John 19:25
      "There stood by the Cross of Jesus, His Mother, and His Mother's
      sister Mary, the wife of Cleophas, and Mary Magdalene."

      Steiner points out that it is not customary for siblings to have
      similar names today and it was not the custom in those days either.
      The 'mystery' here is that the "Mother of Jesus" by the Cross is not
      the actual Mother of Jesus but rather she is the step-mother of
      Jesus. The 'Mary' of the Luke Gospel is the actual Mother of Jesus of
      Nazareth who passed away shortly after the 12 year old Jesus was
      found after '3 days' (another expression of a very significant
      initiation) in the Temple. Later this Jesus became the step-son of
      Mary of the Matthew Gospel whom Joseph of the Luke Gospel had married
      as the Joseph of the Matthew Gospel had already passed away. My
      understanding then is that Mary and Joseph of the Matthew Gospel were
      not originally named Mary and Joseph. They were given these names to
      portray the 'mystery' roles that both were to enact in giving birth
      to the being of Zarathustra whose name means 'radiant star'. The name
      of Zarathustra gives rise to the 'star' that guided the three wise
      men (who were past initiates of Zarathustra in past lives). As
      Steiner has so often spoken before, names in the past were not given
      so arbitrarily as they are today. Names were specifically given in
      the 'mysteries' to denote the role one is given in life and often to
      convey the level and kind of initiation that one has attained. We see
      it so often in the Bible that names are radically changed when an
      individual has a very profound spiritual experience, such as : Abram
      becomes Abraham , Jacob becomes Israel , Saul becomes Paul and
      Lazarus becomes John. So here in the Gospel of John the writer wishes
      to point to a deep 'mystery' which in time will be revealed and
      understood by many in that there were actually two Jesus childs.
      While in the Temple at the age of twelve one disincarnated from the
      body of the Jesus of the Luke Gospel and that the Jesus of the
      Matthew Gospel (Zarathustra) then incarnated into this body after he
      had disincarnated from his own body which then died soon after.

      In this 9th. lecture Steiner asks a very profound question : "Who was
      the father" (of Jesus) ? He applies this question specifically to not
      only the Gospel of John but especially to the Gospel of Luke. Why?
      Steiner refers to the Annunciation when ". . .it was proclaimed : "

      Luke 1:35

      "The Holy Spirit shall come upon thee, and the power of the Highest
      shall overshadow
      thee; therefore also, that holy thing which shall be born of thee
      shall be called the Son of God"

      Quoting Steiner from this lecture he says, "Even in the Gospel of St.
      Luke it is pointed out that the father of Jesus is the Holy Spirit.
      This must be taken literally . . ." However, Steiner in his own
      lectures on the Gospel of St. Luke makes it clear that Jesus was
      conceived normally and that it was not a 'miraculous conception'. He
      says that Joseph was the father of Jesus. There seems to be a
      contradiction until we look at two small but very important verses in
      the Gospel of Luke. These verses refer to the 'voice' of Mary. In the
      early chapters of the Luke Gospel (chapters 1&2) so much emphasis is
      placed upon some form of vocal expression. The voice is a prominent
      component of these early chapters. When we look at Mary, however ,
      there are two verses that are very significant. They are :

      Luke 1:41
      "And it came to pass, when Elizabeth heard the greeting of Mary, that
      the babe in her womb leapt.
      And Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit, and cried out with a
      loud voice . . ."

      Luke 1:44
      "For behold the moment that the 'sound' of thy greeting came to my
      the babe in my womb leapt for joy."

      We know from Anthroposophy that the human voice in the future will be
      an organ for bringing new life into being. That the Power of the Holy
      Spirit, that is the Spirit-Self (Manas) aspect of the transfigured
      astral body (soul), has given to Mary the beginning stages of a
      capacity to bring life into being through the power of
      her 'spiritualized' voice. While in the womb of Mary,the body of
      Jesus was being worked upon in a very special way by the life giving
      forces of her voice which in turn would give this body much of what
      was necessary to be the eventual vehicle for the incarnation of the
      Logos; the Christ.

      In Steiner's lecture cycle 'Occult Signs and Symbols' he states :

      "At present the larynx is at the beginning of its development, but in
      times to come it will be transformed into a spiritualized organ of

      "As men in the future will be able to call people into being through
      their speaking, so it was that the forerunner of mankind, the gods,
      were gifted with an organ with which they expressed all things that
      are around us today."

      However, when humans achieve this ability the planet "will consist of
      fiery matter" and humans will call forth humans of fiery form. The
      voice of Mary acting upon the body of Jesus was the prefiguration of
      this future capacity of our future selves. The same voice that gives
      us the ability to address oneself as "I AM" will in the future
      create life itself as the Logos (WORD) creates life now.

      Returning to Luke 1:35 which in part reads,". . . that holy thing
      which shall be born of thee shall be called the Son of God ." The
      phrase 'Son of God' or more specifically the term 'Son' is often a
      reference to any EGO-I AM. If we look at Mary as a figure that is a
      personification or archetypal image of the human soul we have the
      image of the human soul giving birth to the 'Son of God' within the
      soul. That is, the soul gives birth to the EGO-I AM. The EGO-I AM
      then is born to which it gradually develops over time in a sequence
      of physical earthly incarnations. It is the EGO-I AM to which Luke is
      more specifically referring when he gives us the genealogy of Jesus
      in his Gospel. It is purposely placed immediately after the Baptism
      in the Jordan when the Christ at that point in time (which is
      the "turning point of time" as Steiner refers to it) had incarnated
      into the body of Jesus of Nazareth. It is Christ that brings our EGO-
      I AM along in its on-going development and it is here that Luke
      wishes to show that when Christ entered a human form and soul He
      brought with Him the ' First Principle' from which every human EGO-I
      AM can draw its life and begin its ascension. In the Luke Gospel we
      are given a genealogy that ascends all the way back to ADAM, then to
      God. What we are given here is the distinction between the genealogy
      of Luke and that of Matthew. In the Luke Gospel the physical
      genealogy and blood-line is not so much the issue as the body of
      Jesus in the Luke Gospel is more of a creation of the forces of
      Mary's spiritualized 'voice' once the physical conception has been
      consummated. In the Matthew Gospel, however, we have the word 'begot'
      throughout the entire genealogy. This is a much stronger form of
      description of physically passing on the blood-line than what the
      Luke Gospel uses. Here in the Matthew Gospel we see that the actual
      physicality of a descending genealogy is emphasized in passing on the
      blood-line. The blood-line is in a descending order which is
      significant because it also alludes to us that here we see the
      eventual path of the EGO-I AM descending deeply into matter. It is
      also a genealogy that places much importance on past human 'history'
      and it is the genealogy of Zarathustra (radiant star). In Luke we
      are given a genealogy that looks to the 'future' though it returns us
      to ADAM. It returns us to ADAM because the further back we go in
      human history the more spiritualized was human consciousness.
      However, what was missing was the capacity to stand within the
      spiritual realms with one's own individuated consciousness. Our
      consciousness then was really nothing more than the consciousness of
      higher spiritual beings permeating our own souls. We had no true
      individuated consciousness. Only by gradually descending further into
      matter (The Fall) did we then develop an individuated consciousness
      because we moved further and further from the spiritual realms as we
      moved deeper within matter and consequently deeper within our own
      selves. We were then ready to slowly receive and develop our own EGO-
      I AM. The ascending genealogy of the Luke Gospel therefore uses the
      term 'son' all throughout until it returns to God. Again, Luke places
      it after the Baptism in the Jordan (the point in time when Christ
      finally appears on earth as He incarnates into the human body of the
      Luke Jesus) because with Christ now here on earth the human EGO-I AM
      over future eons ascends back to God; that is, it ascends and the
      earth spiritually transfigures back to the spiritual worlds. With
      this ascending genealogy Luke therefore shows us that as our
      consciousness ascends back to its former spiritually endowed capacity
      (the ADAM consciousness which reaches up to God and the spiritual
      worlds) we will 'also' have with it an individuated, awakened, Christ-
      filled, ascended EGO-I AM consciousness which is to be attained in
      full freedom.

      One final point of interest is a statement that Steiner once made in
      reference to the Crucifixion. He said:

      "The Cross on Calvary is the seed of a new cosmos."

      This cosmos is to be a cosmos of LOVE. As the Moon Period (the
      earth's and this solar system's previous incarnation) was the cosmos
      of Wisdom in that wisdom was worked into that cosmic body throughout
      its entire Moon Period, Love is now being worked into the earth and
      this solar system. Human EGO-I AMs are the seed forces for this
      cosmic body of Love. It is only in complete freedom and in full-
      consciousness that Love can be expressed and given. When this 'Earth
      Period' planetary condition is completed and we move into the next
      which is called the 'Jupiter Period' planetary condition in Christian
      Esotericism ". . .all things will breath out Love." All things will
      be permeated with Love. The conditions of life in the Jupiter
      planetary condition will be quite different than what they are now.
      However, in all of our incarnations we have been developing into
      independent beings and that over time we will take in more of the
      Christ Impulse into our EGO-I AMs. There it is nurtured and flowers
      into the Pleroma (Fullness) of the Grace of Christ. In time we seed
      the earth with the living impulses of Love that fill our thoughts,
      feelings and actions. The soul and spirit essence of Love from human
      beings is taken up into the Christ-imbued, etheric-astral sheath that
      now envelopes the earth where the Etheric Christ now lives. This
      sunlike etheric-astral sheath which we help to create is the
      beginning stage of development of the future Jupiter planetary

      The eventual condition of the present earth is that it will
      eventually (along with all of the other planets) reunite with the
      sun. Christ brought to the earth the forces of the six Elohim Who
      reside within the spiritual sphere of the sun. With these sunlike
      forces brought by Christ that are now within the sphere of the earth
      there is a 'force of attraction' that now impels the one to unite
      with the other. The sun and the earth are now impelled to unite with
      one another because they both contain within themselves 'like
      forces'. On a microcosmic level the same can be said about the
      relationship of humanity to Christ. Christ is the Divine and Cosmic
      EGO-I AM. Within us resides our own EGO-I AM. Here again a 'force of
      attraction' is at work. Our EGO-I AM is drawn to the EGO-I AM of the
      Christ. Our EGO-I AM becomes increasingly more like the EGO-I AM of
      Christ. In like manner on a macrocosmic level our earth becomes
      increasingly like a sun until it finally unites with the sun and
      becomes the 'seed force' for a new sun.

      According to Steiner, Christ is a Being that comes from spiritual
      realms beyond the constellations. He is a Being that stands above all
      of the Divine Hierarchies which include humanity up to the Seraphim.
      What we see in the way of outer planetary and solar bodies (the
      planets and the stars) are actually the outer physical vestments
      behind which much deeper spiritual dimensional realities exist. As
      our own physical bodies are actually the outer physical vestments of
      our souls and spirits so are the planets and stars outer physical
      vestments for the spiritual beings who reside behind them in
      spiritual dimensions. Our physical sun is the physical vestment for
      the six Elohim and other beings that reside within its spiritual
      sphere. The planets are the physical bodies of other hierarchical
      beings and the same can be said for the constellations. Christ's
      spiritual dimensional reality resides beyond the constellations. When
      Christ came to earth and began the process of creating a new cosmic
      body of Love, He began the process of uniting the entire solar system
      into one body which will eventually form a new 'sun'. The earth is
      now the seed for that new sun. What may be taking place here is that
      not only are we becoming a seed force of a new sun but we may be
      actually becoming a seed force for an entirely new Galaxy; a cosmic
      Galaxy of Love; a cosmic Galaxy in which ". . .all things will
      breathe out Love."

      On a web site by Nick Thomas he displays a picture of the position of
      our sun in relation to other stars within a radius of 38 light years.
      The picture shows the distribution of all the stars around our sun
      and in relation to each other within the 38 light year radius. The
      results are very dramatic. We see that all of the other stars are
      clustered very closely to each other but that the space around our
      own star, the sun, is significantly hollowed out and that our sun
      clearly stands alone among the other stars. One has to see this
      picture in order to appreciate its full impact. The web address is :


      What we see in this picture is possibly the gestation and incubation
      of a newly forming Galaxy within the Milky Way Galaxy which is its
      Mother Galaxy. In time this new Galaxy will separate from the Milky
      Way and form its own galactic sphere. The new sun that we are now
      creating will be the new spiritual center of this future new Galaxy.
      The spiritualized earth will be the seed force within this new sun
      and new Galaxy. Repeating what Steiner once said that the Cross of
      the Crucifixion, that is, the forces that were present on Calvary, is
      the seed force of a new cosmos.

      When Christ spoke the words, "IT IS FINISHED" while upon the Cross,
      what He spoke of cosmically was that 'The Fall' of humanity into
      matter and all of the forces that brought humanity deeply into this
      condition were now 'FINISHED' and ended. Christ Himself has now died
      upon the Cross of 'matter' and has united His Being with the earth
      itself. A new Impulse of spiritual Life was brought into the sphere
      of the earth that would now bring the reversal of direction into the
      course of human and earthly evolution. The two earthquakes that took
      place during the death of Christ on the Cross and at the Resurrection
      were like 'signs' from the earth itself. The forces of the Fall were
      brought to a halt by Christ at this time which then literally shook
      the earth at its foundations. The new forces of the Resurrection and
      eventual Ascension of the earth and humanity back into the spiritual
      spheres which were begun by Christ on Easter Sunday morning also
      shook the earth at its foundations. As a result, a reversal in the
      direction of human and earthly evolution had now begun.

      We know from Anthroposophy that in the blood are the spiritual forces
      of the EGO-I AM. We also know that the forces of the blood at the
      time of death will etherize into the etheric realms. When Christ died
      on the Cross and spilled His blood, these EGO-I AM forces of Christ
      were lifted into the etheric-life realm of the earth where they have
      remained. Normally for a human being these blood forces etherize and
      return to the cosmic etheric forces of the sun, but with Christ His
      etherized blood has remained here on earth and has permeated the
      etheric-astral sheath of the earth. Since the Mystery of Golgotha we
      now have an etheric-astral sphere around the planet of the earth that
      is the early spiritual essence of a new earth, a new sun and
      eventually a new Galaxy.

      In the Bible we are told that Christ descends into Hell after the
      Crucifixion. We know from Anthroposophy that this is primarily a
      reference to the realm of the dead where at that time in human
      history the dead retained very little and sometimes no consciousness
      in their afterlife. This sleep-like consciousness of the dead in
      their afterlife is alluded to so often in the Bible. Here Christ
      brings with Him to this realm a source of Light and Life to which the
      dead in their afterlife are able to respond depending on the Christ
      (LOGOS) Impulse that one has taken up in one's earthly life in full
      consciousness and in full freedom. The dead are then able to ascend
      into the higher spheres in their afterlife with the ability to retain
      a greater level of awakened consciousness throughout. Paul speaks in
      Corinthians 1:50-55 that the dead shall rise first then we who are
      the living shall meet Him in the air. This literally is true in the
      sense that the post-life pattern of ascending into the higher spheres
      for any one individual (microcosmically) is exactly the same pattern
      (macrocosmically) which will take place over eons of time for the
      whole of humanity and the earth itself. It is the ascension of the
      earth and humanity into the higher spiritual spheres along with the
      eventual ascension of the human Christ-filled consciousness.
      Retaining consciousness after death is a priority in anyone's
      spiritual evolution. This is where we gather the harvest of our
      earthly life and it is here where we plant new seeds for our next
      life. A significant point in our afterlife is immediately after our
      death where we spend time reviewing our past life. This again is
      referred to by Paul in Hebrews 9:27 when he says ". . .it is
      appointed unto men to die once and after this comes the judgment."
      Our physical death, the death of the physical body, is the 'first'
      death after which we pass through a period a life review where all
      that we had done in our lives is brought back to us in reverse and we
      experience the impact of all that we had done to others from their
      perspective. The verse which reads, ". . .it is appointed unto men to
      die once. . ." tells us in a more veiled language that a second type
      of death is not meant to be for humans and that is the death (loss)
      of consciousness in one's afterlife. This is what Christ came to
      overcome for our afterlives when He descended into the realm of the
      dead after the Crucifixion.

      Another issue of importance is the question of the wording that
      Christ Jesus uses to describe His own Death and Resurrection. In John
      2:19 He says, ". . .Destroy this Temple and in 'three days' I will
      raise it up." When Christ speaks of the destruction of the Temple
      which He will raise in 'three days' it is clear that he is speaking
      in 'mystery' language. We know from the Resurrection accounts given
      in the Bible that three days had not passed between the time of His
      Death to the time of His Resurrection. The Gospel writers never say
      that three days had passed. They all use the expression ". . .on the
      morning of the first day of the week." Only Christ refers to it
      as "three days." All initiation in the old 'mystery' oracles which
      brings the celebrant to a higher stage of development are referred to
      as the 'three days of death'. It was because the celebrant was in a
      near-death condition for approximately three days. This would allow
      the celebrant to ascend into the spiritual worlds to which he would
      be initiated into the wisdom and truths of the spiritual worlds.
      Other references in the Bible would be the raising of Lazarus "from
      the dead" after three days and Jonah in the belly of the whale for
      three days which should not be interpreted as it is done so often but
      rather it is a clear reference to the ancient art of 'mystery'

      The initiation and the raising from the dead to which Christ referred
      was an initiation of His Own Self. However this initiation was an
      initiation of the Highest Cosmic Order. It was an initiation of a
      Being that stands above all other beings in the Cosmic Order. Here
      again this initiation became the seed force to which Christ rises
      ever higher as the future central Being (the First Principle) of a
      new Galaxy and the new spiritual dimensional realities that would be
      the Life and Light behind this new Galaxy. This is the beginning of
      the creation of the new Galaxy; a Galaxy ". . . from which all things
      will breathe out LOVE."

      John 15:12

      "This is My commandment, that you Love one another as I have Loved
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