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Re: [anthroposophy] Mahabharat (which means Great War)

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  • Br. Ron
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 23, 2000
      << ...King Arthur and his knights in their struggle to sustain the righteousness of Camelot over the designs of his son Mordred and his evil agenda to overthrow the
      benevolent monarchy of his father.
      (To say nothing of the modern day seizing of power by another evil son :-) >>

          *******Ha ha! Gee, that's hilarious! Why don't you start     picking some other         world leaders that we can all join in     condemning as 'evil',
      My goodness, what a knee jerk reaction from one so enlightened! I was actually kidding about the modern day "evil son" but it appears I have hit a sore spot, dr.
          Maybe we could even start another Crusade! I miss the     Dark Ages... to hell         with all this good will, let's have     some REAL Christian attitudes like that for         Xmas.
      What, you don't see awakening as a gift? :-)

              <<Maybe you now see ME as the enemy. 

      Well alright! let the "crusades" begin!

          Starman, Libertarian,
          NOT a fan of Al Gore or of people who go on so-called  'spiritual' lists                     and assume everyone will share their Democratic-Party-dogma point of view
      Al Gore fan?   Me? (snort) Do you think I share your emotional volatility about 3D politics? Spare me. Dr. and reread my post...it is about the very adversay that you have projected out upon me.

            P.S. Did people who call others evil ever hear the         one about how when         you point one finger at someone         else, three point back at you?
      I was 'pointing the finger' at no one.

          Blessed be* and forgive me if I file as a conscientious     objector for your War.
      Too late...you already fired the first volley :-)
      But I will allow that one to pass, just in case you reconsider.
      Br. Ron 

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