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  • Br. Ron
    My dear friends... Please don t delete this until you hear me out! Did we not thrill with Luke Skywalker over the victory of his infected bloodline, Darth
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 23, 2000
      My dear friends...

      Please don't delete this until you hear me out!

      Did we not thrill with Luke Skywalker over the victory of
      his infected bloodline, Darth Vader, in Star Wars?.

      Didn't we weep in the Gladiator when emperor Marcus
      Aurelius' evil son Commodus was finally avenged and
      goodness reestablished?

      Did we not grip our seats at the onslaught of "The Nothing"
      in Never Ending Story and wince at the Evil Eye of Sauron
      of Mordor in Tolkien's Ring Trilogy?

      Have we not built veritable libraries to honor the soul
      memories of King Arthur and his knights in their struggle
      to sustain the righteousness of Camelot over the designs
      of his son Mordred and his evil agenda to overthrow the
      benevolent monarchy of his father.

      (To say nothing of the modern day seizing of power by
      another evil son :-)

      Are we attracted to these stories for nothing?

      These are all reruns of the singular drama of the 'War in
      Heaven' (Rev. 12:7) as it is played out in our 3D reality,
      over and over again, with different actors and different

      Do we think that by keeping this battle projected
      'out there' in some book or on some screen that we can
      somehow avoid the adversarial relationship betwixt
      Good and Evil?

      Whether we escape to the 'heights' with simple fantasy,
      drugs and/or forced breathing and meditation techniques,
      or try to go in the other direction and sleep with pain killers,
      alcohol and/or anti-depressants, we cannot for long hold
      the terrible reality of what we are up against at bay.

      The Eastern religions that teach the 'transcendence of
      suffering' are not helpful here, either. Nor will all of the new age
      denials and affirmations that "evil doesn't exist" for long
      hold off the august reality of the truth! Which is, we are at war
      with a real enemy. There is no escaping Mahabharat...there
      is no denying Armageddon.

      And I tell you truly, those who persist in refusing to see what is;
      those who stubbornly cling to the lie that "all is well" are
      destined for eventual insanity... or suicide...or both.

      The longer the 'Dweller on the Threshold' is held off, the
      greater the devastation when the 'reality' of things
      finally breaks through our defenses.

      If the enemy is not acknowledged, we have no choice
      but to make our very selves that enemy and turn our forces
      inward and eventually attack and attempt to destroy our
      very own Being.

      Suffering is not to be 'transcended'...it is to be courageously
      and gratefully FACED and transmuted, as it was during
      The Event at Golgotha.

      Maybe you now see ME as the enemy.
      Well at least this is a start in the right direction.
      At least there is an awakening to the existence of the
      possibility of an Adversary.

      But fear not!......Fear IS the real enemy, here and must be faced
      and offered up (in) the Light of Christ.

      Pray without ceasing.

      Br. Ron

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