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Re: [anthroposophy] question

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    holmar@jps.net writes:
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      holmar@... writes:
      << "What does a man work into his astral body? What we call goodness and
      common sense. If you observe a savage who is still on the level of a
      cannibal, blindly following his passions, you must say of him that he stands
      lower than the animals because the animal still has no understanding, no
      consciousness of his deeds. Man, however, even the lowest, already has an
      ego. The more highly educated person can be distinguished from the savage
      through the fact that he has already worked on his astral body. Certain
      passions he has so understood that he says to himself, "This one I may
      follow, this other I may not follow." Certain urges and passions he fashions
      to more refined configurations, which he calls his ideal. He forms moral
      concepts. All these are transformations of his astral body. The savage cannot
      do arithmetic or make judgments. This property man has acquired through work
      on his astral body from incarnation to incarnation. What develops as man
      gradually ennobles his present imperfect form to become that being of light
      of whom we spoke; this is called the assimilation of wisdom. The more wisdom
      the astral body contains, the more luminous it will be."

      I assume Steiner means by the term savage a member of an aboriginal
      tribe as can be found in a place such as Australia,or perhaps the
      term savage even includes people such as native Americans. Does
      Steiner really mean to say that an Australian aborigine cannot learn
      arithmetic. There have certainly been aborigines who have attended
      universities and earned degrees. I remember from an class I once
      took in physical anthropology, that members of different species
      cannot produce offspring. Human beings between different races can
      certainly have healthy normal children. And therefore every human on
      earth is a member of the same species. It appears from scientific
      research that a very small group of humans gave rise to all humans
      which are now dispersed all over the earth..
      Steiner lectures " This property man has acquired through work on
      his astral body from incarnation to incarnation". Does this imply
      that "savages" on average are born with a lesser developed astral
      bodies than those who began life in a modern nation state. I have
      met individuals of any color or race, who don't fit into the savage
      or cannibal category and yet are perfectly content to live their
      lives "blindly following their passions".
      I was disturbed reading the above quoted lines. Perhaps, I hope,
      there is something that I don't understand correctly. I can't
      believe that Steiner is a racist. Maybe somebody can shed some light
      on this for me.
      Holger. >>

      *******I believe if you look carefully you'll see it was you who brought
      'race' into the above quotes. They are about cultures. There are, in any era,
      more and less advanced cultures. The advancement of all mankind is centered
      in one or another, now Egypt, now Greece.. and souls go to the group they
      have an affinity for. Those who incarnate in the European nations or the
      Western world are (mostly) those who have attained a level of development
      where they can participate in it. An Edison or an Einstein would not be able
      to fulfill his karma if he incarnated in New Guinea among the savages that
      ate Michael Rockafeller some years ago, for instance.

      There is a great difference in the cultural development of different
      volks or peoples, and it's folly to ignore this in the name of some abstract
      idea of equality. The equality of all human beings as human beings has
      nothing to do with their cultural conditioning, which must be taken into
      account if you want to be realistic. You can't teach every child with the
      same methods regardless of where it's from.

      Certainly people born into a culture can decline and give in to their
      passions again, especially if the culture is degenerating, like some of the
      West---just compare the music it's had handed down to what most of its young
      people are listening to now and the effects the former and the latter have.
      But it's much harder for one from a culture low in certain values to go in
      the other direction. And those cultures do indeed attract souls with astral
      bodies appropriate to their level of development. Most souls go where they
      need to be.

      Dr. Starman
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