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Re: Antichton : Counter Earth

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  • Stephen Hale
    ... on 2 ... moon on ... I took the liberty of giving a description of the moon phases in deference to Robert s post, but let me say this: the 10/11 of July is
    Message 1 of 143 , Feb 2, 2008
      --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "carol" <organicethics@...>
      > Alright Steve, would it be possible to be a little more concrete
      on 2
      > points?
      > Could you describe <what normally should have occured> with the
      moon on
      > the 10/11 of July. It seems that you have described what <actually>
      > occured, though please feel free to reiterate.

      I took the liberty of giving a description of the moon phases in
      deference to Robert's post, but let me say this: the 10/11 of July
      is occurring right now in February, so note it, even if it's cloudy.
      > Also, exactly what <aspect> of arabism are you refering to when you
      > apply the term in the following:
      > "clear evidence of an underlying and motivating power of
      the "arabism"
      > seen as arising out of 666 as the original date in which Soradt
      > arose on the surface of the earth to begin its destructive reign."
      > Could you possibly be referring to a distinct soul configuration-
      > could come about if ONLY the great facility at 'apprehending
      > reality' is summoned in combination with a powerful
      instinctual 'Will
      > force'?
      > These 2 'components' let's say, in no way completely cover
      the 'arab' of
      > the past nor of the present. In spiritual science, we must keep in
      > that unimaginable mulitiplicit spiritual variables are in constant
      > interplay.

      Arabism is a complicated subject, which must be gleaned from the
      modern idea of 'oil for profit' in order to *subject* the big white
      beast into submission. Rather, it can rightfully be said that the
      modern middle east is as progressive as Vietnam was back in the
      1950's, when Ngo Diehm took charge of the Republic of Vietnam.

      So, what we have to differentiate is the form of arabism living
      today in the world of people, and *that* old form that rose out of
      when Aristole's secret teachings found their way to Arabia back when
      Plato's Academy was closed. That's where it began. And that is why
      a famous fresco exists of Thomas Aquinas with Averroes under his

      Have you ever considered why Aquinas was made a saint for redeeming
      Aristotle? Why would a catholic monk be made a saint for redeeming
      the philosophy of a philosopher? Big question, with big answer.
      But do you have the acumen to ask it?

    • Stephen Hale
      ... by ... Carol, this is Karen s final communication to me, and I find it perplexing. It seems to have more to do with Bruce than me, but Karen was always
      Message 143 of 143 , Mar 31, 2008

        --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "carol" <organicethics@...> wrote:
        > Ok, sorry Bruce, I evidently wasn't aware of what you described.
        > Perhaps Karen now faces a necessary life lesson of refining her use of
        > 'tact'. When I consider this from an Anthroposophic perspective, I see
        > it as becoming able to spread oneself out over larger 'soul terrain' by
        > engaging a more controlled Will force which takes into itself highly
        > creative soul forces.
        > Again, consciousness soul stuff, what can I say. I guess it really is
        > tough stuff in the end...
        > Good day, carol.

        Carol, this is Karen's final communication to me, and I find it perplexing.  It seems to have more to do with Bruce than me, but Karen was always confusing us.  Here it is:

        So my dear, unable at any time to deal with the unpleasant karma
        between us because of course Bruce has been manipulating my post for
        the past year, and deliberatly placing things out of context and we've
        never been able to honestly deal with the karmic situation. I suppose
        at least bruce is posting from his archives now instead of everthing
        he was holing up and holding back so that he could write up on it in
        spiritualscience. Not to worry i dont.

        I dont like having bad feeling s towards people and for the most part
        I certainly don't.

        So from my part I wish you bliss, love, happiness and joy but I guess
        its not what you want.. whatever it is.. if its good and from God I
        hope you get it :)

        I will be logging in from time to time I hope to clear the archives. I
        like doing it, deleting everything I've written -

        God bless
        Steve: Of course, I can't express anything from Bruce.  I can only express from a loving influence which you seem now to give to me in part.  I like it because I hate the stress that you impose on my soul.  It hurts very much.  So, thanks for these weak, tenuous words, and I hope that you know that your place is better than mine.
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