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Re: Antichton : Counter Earth

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  • Stephen Hale
    ... last ... things. I ... what ... only a ... even ... covered ... this ... clear ... a ... surface of ... http://aa.usno.navy.mil/graphics/Moon_phases.jpg
    Message 1 of 143 , Feb 1, 2008
      --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "carol" <organicethics@...>
      > Steve:"The subject of the Eighth Sphere was treated extensively
      > year after viewing the waning crescent moon of July 10th"
      > This statement of yours is a reflection of how you saw these
      things. I
      > remember you bringing our attention to the incident;
      > Steve:"Last night, well actually at 2:30 am this morning, I saw
      > appeared to be a black sphere nearly covering the moon, leaving
      only a
      > bright yellow crescent remaining. Tonight, it will be covering it
      > more, and in two days this black specter will have completely
      > the moon."
      > Steve, may we go back to the July 10, 11 and 12? I couldn't verify
      > observation myself seeing as where I lived, there were no real
      > skies. Was the moon supposed to be full, or was it supposed to be a
      > crescent? I'm guessing that it was supposed to be full and you saw
      > black sphere progressively, in minutes, move itself onto the
      surface of
      > the moon.
      > Or, was it supposed to be a crescent anyways?
      > I'm interested in what you can contribute now.


      The phases of the moon are given above. Thus, the phase shown in
      the upper left most corner is New Moon, the one in the lower right
      corner is waning crescent having reached nearly complete darkness
      (Old Moon). Two to the left of this was what was seen on the early
      morning of July 10, 2007.

      You referred to post '13599', and so I went back and looked at it.
      And again, it is one of those where I have said something which I
      feel I need to say, but here I have already said it. And what is
      interesting, considering the context of what you say below, this
      post reveals in a certain sense the history of the evoluton of my
      own subtle perceptive faculty. I have struggled for years to get to
      where I can write out what is contained within this subtle field,
      and it is not an easy task. Once written, it becomes the outward
      expression of what is inwardly felt and experienced. And between
      the two is the will forces to produce a self-creative expression
      sent out into the world of communicating bodies.

      Thus, I was very aware of your raging within the subtle fields of
      your immediate experience back then, a catholic inspiration I
      believe it was involving a subtle soul-spiritual communication with
      a nun who resides in the south; correct. And I was very aware of
      the weather manipulations going on in eastern Canada, wherein you
      seem to indicate that Quebec, and especially Montreal, is the victim
      of specific and intentional degradations being placed in the
      atmosphere by the occult-soradtic forces. So, I am aware.

      Doesn't it seem high-time that we begin to collectively gather our
      experiences, knowledge, beliefs, and all that encompasses our
      individual soul-spiritual strivings for truth and knowledge, and
      begin to make this higher mystery school happen? It has to happen
      sometime, and just because Steiner said a hundred years ago that it
      would have to remain secret for some time doesn't mean that he
      didn't mean a hundred years. We live in a time in which the third
      milllennium has been seriously infected by occult-soradtic powers
      wielding an influence now working behind the guise of the "war on
      terror". And just to make a short comparison, it was five years
      after Soradt's second incarnation in 1332 that the Hundred Year War
      between France and England began; a war that would last for a
      hundred years until the Christ Impulse, born in a little girl on the
      day of Epiphany in 1412, made Itself felt within her sentient soul
      for three and a half years. From the age of sixteen to nineteen,
      she fought with strength and purpose guiding her astral body with a
      higher intelligence that she herself was unconscious of; for it was
      the Christ guiding this battle to victory for France, and the saving
      of Europe.

      Soradt's third incarnation took place in 1998, and exactly five
      years later the pre-emptive "war on terror" was declared by the
      President of the United States. This was done in defiance of all
      conventions of the United Nations, and marks the first time that war
      has been officially instigated by this nation. What we have with
      this is a clear replication of what occurred in 1337, as this so-
      called war against the middle east will likely infect the entire
      21st century. And that's the idea.

      But, and this is very important, working against this malevolent
      evil of the occult powers, powers that enjoy inflicting pain and
      destruction, is the Christ Impulse. Christ is working now
      etherically, and what once flowed through the astral body of Joan of
      Arc, is now flowing through the etheric body of humanity,
      individually and collectively. And one way that the Christ is
      particularly effective is with the ethernet, which has risen to such
      a power of truth-telling that Soradt can only be revealed more and
      more for what he is; supreme arrogance and hater of humanity, with
      the desire to destroy everything of human value in order to
      effectuate the Eight Sphere as his escape mechanism.

      Soradt can no longer hide behind the clever covert operations of his
      intelligence agencies, which a certain trace of the U.S. in the 20th
      century clearly reveals was done in order to dupe the people armed
      only with their intellectual soul's. No, since 2001 the ethernet
      has become the instrument of the Etheric Christ, its originator, for
      telling us the truth behind 9/11, and much more of the previous
      century in which clever plots and coups were instigated against
      sovereign countries for no other reason than to bring chaos,
      destruction, and demoralization into these areas. And also, to
      steal resources rightfully owned by these free and sovereign
      nations. This fact of a history consistently applied by the occult
      powers working behind the U.S. government, as its puppet of
      administrative control, gives clear evidence of an underlying and
      motivating power of the "arabism" seen as arising out of 666 as the
      original date in which Soradt first arose on the surface of the
      earth to begin its destructive reign.

      Thus, Christ, and Michael as His spirit regent for the individual
      human being, are working together for truth and knowledge perceived
      with no cover-ups. And it makes Soradt nervous and angry to be
      revealed when he was so comfortable before in his dirty dealings.
      But, it bears a big responsibility on the part of people today to
      listen to the truth and decide what to do about it.

    • Stephen Hale
      ... by ... Carol, this is Karen s final communication to me, and I find it perplexing. It seems to have more to do with Bruce than me, but Karen was always
      Message 143 of 143 , Mar 31, 2008

        --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "carol" <organicethics@...> wrote:
        > Ok, sorry Bruce, I evidently wasn't aware of what you described.
        > Perhaps Karen now faces a necessary life lesson of refining her use of
        > 'tact'. When I consider this from an Anthroposophic perspective, I see
        > it as becoming able to spread oneself out over larger 'soul terrain' by
        > engaging a more controlled Will force which takes into itself highly
        > creative soul forces.
        > Again, consciousness soul stuff, what can I say. I guess it really is
        > tough stuff in the end...
        > Good day, carol.

        Carol, this is Karen's final communication to me, and I find it perplexing.  It seems to have more to do with Bruce than me, but Karen was always confusing us.  Here it is:

        So my dear, unable at any time to deal with the unpleasant karma
        between us because of course Bruce has been manipulating my post for
        the past year, and deliberatly placing things out of context and we've
        never been able to honestly deal with the karmic situation. I suppose
        at least bruce is posting from his archives now instead of everthing
        he was holing up and holding back so that he could write up on it in
        spiritualscience. Not to worry i dont.

        I dont like having bad feeling s towards people and for the most part
        I certainly don't.

        So from my part I wish you bliss, love, happiness and joy but I guess
        its not what you want.. whatever it is.. if its good and from God I
        hope you get it :)

        I will be logging in from time to time I hope to clear the archives. I
        like doing it, deleting everything I've written -

        God bless
        Steve: Of course, I can't express anything from Bruce.  I can only express from a loving influence which you seem now to give to me in part.  I like it because I hate the stress that you impose on my soul.  It hurts very much.  So, thanks for these weak, tenuous words, and I hope that you know that your place is better than mine.
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