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Antichton : Counter Earth

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  • carynlouise24
    Stephen and Carol Thanks for your replies. I would like to take further time in my reply and read over the lectures you mentioned. With love. ... eclipse ...
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      Stephen and Carol

      Thanks for your replies. I would like to take further time in my
      reply and read over the lectures you mentioned.

      With love.

      --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "Stephen Hale"
      <sardisian01@...> wrote:
      > The subject of the Eighth Sphere was treated extensively last year
      > after viewing the waning crescent moon of July 10th; ref. Msg
      > 13599. This caused me to consider presenting the concept and
      > function of the Eighth Sphere in detail *prior* to the lunar
      > rather than after, which was my original intent when it was learned
      > that there was to be three lunar eclipses occurring in less than a
      > year, the first on March 3rd, the second on August 28th, and the
      > third on February 21st of 2008. This is highly unusual for three
      > occurrences of the moon passing through the earth's shadow.
      > But I took it as a sign that my theory about self-luminescence of
      > the moon could possibly be proven after an eight-year search for a
      > means to prove it. About eight years ago I had opportunity to
      > engage a simple experiment of observation wherein I watched the
      > progression of a new moon over the course of several mornings in
      > which this phase was taking place. Each morning, and I was
      > fortunate to have clear sky for the observing, the moon would be a
      > little higher in the sky and showing a little more of its white
      > glow, as if pushing a shadow from its surface. About seven days
      > into the observation, at the point of first-quarter moon (half-
      > moon), it dawned on me in a sudden flash that it is a shadow that
      > crosses the moon, a shroud of sorts that passes across the face of
      > the moon, which always bears its own light.
      > When the moon is observed in such a way during the daylight hours
      > its phase progression, it is possible to see something quite
      > different than the generally accepted view that the moon shines by
      > reflected sunlight. The reason is because the sun is also in the
      > sky at the same time, generating its light as a second reflection
      > down to the earth's atmosphere. This is clearly evident, while the
      > moon's own light is different; a white, cold light that remains
      > after the earth's atmosphere is vacated of the sun's reflective
      > power. The moon's light remains as its own, and now shines ever
      > more brilliantly the closer it comes to its second quarter, or Full
      > Moon. Thus, it became clearly evident to me that the phases of the
      > moon have nothing to do with the sun, but everything to do with a
      > shadow-sphere that surrounds the moon as a shroud, and actually
      > rotates around it.
      > Thus, at New Moon the shroud is fully in front of the moon's
      > luminescent surface, and then proceeds to move across the face,
      > allowing light to appear in the degrees that represent the first
      > second quarter phases, leading to Full Moon. The Full Moon is when
      > the shroud has turned to move across the opposite side, and is not
      > visible. The moon shines in its true Jahve brilliance, which it
      > always bears in itself.
      > Having read Steiner's lecture course, "The Occult Movement in the
      > Nineteen Century" a number of years ago, which treats of the
      > of the Eighth Sphere in detail, it became possible to see that this
      > shroud of the moon is in fact the Eighth Sphere, and as such, is
      > capable of objective observation as a fact existing in the world.
      > On July 10, 2007, I had opportunity to view the waning crescent
      > as it approached what used to be called "Old Moon", which is a
      > reference to the Eighth Sphere, and no longer used in favor of "New
      > Moon", in order to witness first-hand again this extraordinary
      > juxtaposition of Jahve brilliance, now reduced to a silvery
      > grin, and the ominous overtaking by the shroud; the Eighth Sphere.
      > I made the immediate decision that I must talk about the Eighth
      > Sphere in advance of the lunar eclipse of August 28th, 2007.
      > Since the lectures "Occult Movement..." are the one and only place
      > where Steiner treats of the subject and background of the Eighth
      > Sphere i wrote out the major portion concerning this subject, and
      > put in the files section under the title: Eighth Sphere (Complete
      > Discourse. It is about fifteen pages long. This material has to
      > gone over carefully in order to give the needed impressions for
      > the purpose of the ES is, and also its corresponding inner aspect,
      > the Antichtonic world, or counter-earth.
      > What is important today, right now, is to realize that the Eighth
      > Sphere is real, and can be discerned with the physical eye, and
      > reasoned with the human intellect, which was not possible before,
      > not since the day of Pythagoras. By re-discovering these things
      > today, we make a great contribution to the furthering of spiritual
      > science, but more importantly, the spiritual evolution of mankind.
      > By seeing and reasoning the concrete facts of existence, we wake up
      > more everyday. And consciousness begins to take and mold the soul
      > bodies into their higher spiritual counterparts.
      > The ES opposes the fourth sphere for the eventual good. And the
      > counter-earth (Antichon) is an inner world that must be fought by
      > freedom-fighters who come to recognize the living reality of
      > Michael's presence within. Because Michael lives to become
      > and stronger, so that we can fight this battle with ever mounting
      > courage.
      > Steve
      > --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "carynlouise24"
      > <carynlouise24@> wrote:
      > >
      > >
      > > In the interests of Cosmic Harmony I've been wondering why
      > Antichton
      > > or Counter Earth is being linked with the Eighth Sphere?
      > >
      > > Looking at the Eighth Sphere lectures (a few out of many)
      > > The Mission of the Archangel Michael III
      > > Michaelic Thinking. The Knowledge of Man as a Supersensible
      > > The Michael Path and the Deepest Impulses of the Social Question.
      > >
      > > We speak lightly of the fact that we, as physical human beings,
      > live
      > > in the surrounding atmosphere. We must realize that this
      > atmosphere
      > > belongs to us. For, is it not true that the air which is now
      > within
      > > us was a short time ago outside us? We are not thinkable as human
      > > beings outside this atmosphere. But we have become accustomed to
      > > believe that men of earlier periods spoke about subjects like the
      > air
      > > in the way modern mankind speaks about them. This, however, was
      > not
      > > the case.
      > >
      > > We find it queer if we say that just as we walk in the air so we
      > walk
      > > in a sphere which contains the conditions for our existence as
      > sense-
      > > beings, intelligent beings, in short, that we possess all that
      > be
      > > symbolically expressed, as has been stated, by virtue of our
      > > existence as head-beings. Now, I have told you that this is only
      > one
      > > of the spheres in which we exist, for we live in various spheres.
      > Let
      > > us now progress in our considerations to a sphere of practical
      > import
      > > for mankind and focus our attention upon the fourth sphere in
      > which
      > > we now live by virtue of three evolutionary states having
      > > our Earth. Let this be characterized by this circular plane (Dr.
      > > Steiner makes a drawing on the blackboard) in which we live as in
      > our
      > > fourth sphere of evolution.
      > >
      > > Besides this, we live in yet another sphere of evolution through
      > the
      > > fact that this other evolutionary sphere belongs to the spiritual
      > > beings that are our creators, just as this fourth sphere belongs
      > to
      > > us. If we disregard the human being for a moment and consider
      > those
      > > beings which we always have called, in the order of the
      > hierarchies
      > > standing above us, the Spirits of Form, the Creative Form Beings,
      > > then we shall have to say that we, as human beings, shall only
      > reach
      > > the sphere which we ascribe to our Divine Creator Beings when the
      > > Earth has passed through three further stages of evolution, which
      > you
      > > will find designated in my Occult Science [Rudolph Steiner,
      > > Science, an Outline, Anthroposophic Press, New York] as Jupiter
      > > stage, Venus stage and Vulcan stage, and shall have reached the
      > > eighth stage.
      > >
      > > Thus these Creative Spirits are at the stage which we human
      > > shall have reached after the Vulcan evolution. This is their
      > sphere
      > > which belongs to them just as the fourth sphere belongs to us.
      > we
      > > must think of these spheres as being inserted into one another,
      > > interpenetrating one another. Thus, is I designate the sphere of
      > > which I have just spoken as the eighth sphere, we do not live
      > in
      > > the fourth but also in this eighth sphere through the fact that
      > our
      > > Divine Creators live in this sphere together with us.
      > >
      > > If we now hold this eighth sphere in view, we find living there
      > not
      > > only our Divine Creator Spirits, but also the Ahrimanic beings.
      > Thus
      > > by living in the surroundings of the eighth sphere we live
      > together
      > > with the Ahrimanic beings. In the fourth sphere, the Luciferic
      > beings
      > > live together with us. This is the situation concerning the
      > > distribution of these spiritual beings. We are able to go into
      > > details regarding these things only if we know how we ourselves
      > are
      > > related to the corresponding surroundings of this sphere.
      > >
      > > And from
      > >
      > > Foundations of Esotericism LECTURE XIV
      > >
      > > Mankind must go through Seven Spheres. The Seven Planetary
      > Evolutions
      > > correspond to the seven bodies.
      > >
      > > Old Saturn corresponds to the physical body
      > > Old Sun corresponds to the etheric body
      > > Old Moon corresponds to the astral body
      > > The Earth corresponds to the Ego
      > > Future Jupiter corresponds to the Manas
      > > Future Venus corresponds to the Buddhi
      > > Future Vulcan corresponds to the Atma
      > >
      > > Beside these there is an Eighth Sphere to which everything goes
      > that
      > > cannot make any connection with this continuous evolution. This
      > > already forms itself as predisposition in the devachanic state.
      > When
      > > a human being uses the life on earth only to amass what is of
      > service
      > > to himself alone, only to experience an intensification of his
      > > egotistical self, this leads in Devachan into the condition of
      > > Avitchi. A person who cannot escape from his own separateness
      > > into Avitchi. All these Avitchi men will eventually become
      > > inhabitants of the Eighth Sphere. The other human beings will be
      > > inhabitants of the continuing chain of evolution. It is from this
      > > concept that religions have formulated the doctrine of hell.
      > >
      > > And in
      > >
      > > From the Contents of Esoteric Classes EL, Berlin, 1-29-'07
      > >
      > > Asuras are spirits of the very greatest egoism who remained
      > > during Saturn evolution. They want to condense matter and
      > it
      > > ever more so that it can't be spiritualized and brought back to
      > its
      > > original condition. They're the dregs of the planetary evolution
      > that
      > > goes form Saturn to Vulcan. The asuras inhabit the moon and from
      > > there they work on the men whom they want to drag down into the
      > > eighth sphere and thereby tear away from progressive evolution
      > > its goal — the Christ. All those who strive towards the eighth
      > sphere
      > > will eventually live on a moon.
      > >
      > > Stephen in Message 15141 you write about this as well.
      > >
      > > Looking at Counter Earth now in,
      > >
      > > Man: Hieroglyph of the Universe Lecture eleven GA0201
      > >
      > > But men such as Pythagoras, for instance, still knew so much of
      > the
      > > ancient wisdom that they could say: We dwell on the Earth, we
      > belong
      > > through the Earth to a cosmic system, to which Jupiter and Saturn
      > > also belong; but if we remain in these three dimensions, then we
      > > shall not belong in the same way to Venus and Mercury. We cannot
      > > belong to the two latter directly, as we do to Saturn and
      > > but if our Earth is in one space with Saturn and Jupiter, there
      > must
      > > be a `counter-Earth' which is in another space with Venus and
      > > Mercury. Hence ancient astronomers spoke of the Earth and the
      > counter-
      > > Earth.
      > >
      > > And it is said again the Spiritual Hierarchy lectures (I do
      > believe
      > > it is lecture no 6)
      > >
      > > Men such as Pythagoras, for instance, still knew so much of the
      > > ancient wisdom that they could say: We dwell on the Earth, we
      > belong
      > > through the Earth to a cosmic system, to which Jupiter and Saturn
      > > also belong; but if we remain in these three dimensions, then we
      > > shall not belong in the same way to Venus and Mercury. We cannot
      > > belong to the two latter directly, as we do to Saturn and Jupiter;
      > > but if our Earth is in one space with Saturn and Jupiter, there
      > must
      > > be a `counter-Earth' which is in another space with Venus and
      > Mercury.
      > >
      > >
      > > And re-reading,
      > >
      > > Fred Getting's - Arcana Dictionary of Astrology
      > >
      > > Antichthon
      > > Term of Greek origin, used to denote the `anti-Earth', the `second
      > > Earth' which was supposed to lie on the opposite side of the Sun
      > > our own Earth, revolving invisibly to man. Historically, the idea
      > of
      > > the antichthon is linked with the school of Pythagoras, especially
      > > widely circulated in medieval astrological lore, even though it
      > > contradicted the assumption of the geocentric Ptolemaic system
      > > held as a valid model of the cosmos.
      > >
      > > Where Antichton is placed on the opposite side of the Sun and
      > reading
      > > Rudolf's lecture-
      > >
      > > The Bridge Between Universal Spirituality and the Physical
      > > Constitution of Man. The Moral as the Source of World-Creative
      > Power.
      > > December 18, 1920
      > >
      > > 'What was the real aim of Julian the Apostate? — He wished to
      > > clear to the people: 'You are becoming more and more accustomed
      > > look only at the physical sun; but there is a spiritual Sun of
      > which
      > > the physical sun is only the mirror-image!'
      > >
      > >
      > > This is saying to me; Antichthon or Counter Earth is The
      > > Sun, The Midnight Sun and placed with Venus and Mercury I would
      > call
      > > it - The Hermetic Sun - linking this with .. Two Suns, Two
      > Children,
      > > Two Super-Nova's.
      > >
      > > (To me) Bradford's message resonant with this;
      > >
      > > bradford brought; message 14802 (10/11)
      > >
      > > 'How we measure the growth of the Christ into the sphere of
      > humanity,
      > > is by following the direct stage, by stage, enhancement by
      > > enhancement, build up by build up of the general miracles....as
      > the
      > > kindled Logos in the individuals and in the specialized
      > of
      > > Lazarus, that reaches over the divide of the world of Spirit and
      > > Matter where Christ rebuilds the Bridge that he crossed in coming
      > > into our realm and adds the super-NOVA forces that shine from
      > lazarus
      > > back into the realm of the gods, so that the gods knew that
      > suddenly
      > > a super-force had awakened in humanity.
      > >
      > > "But in raising the issue of the 13th century initiation of
      > Christian
      > > Rosenkreuz, the entire super model of a new super nova seen in
      > > astral light from Golgotha....the Super Nova happened and how it
      > > happened must be grasped by even the cleverest of the
      > intellects.
      > > From TWELVE streams that now flow into a person who has digested
      > and
      > > reconfigured the LOGOS into human consciousness via the Lazarus
      > > Initiation, due to the direct recovery of the Logos in Man via
      > > Christ, the restoration of the Logos through the Lazarus/John and
      > > Christianity as Mystical Fact'.
      > >
      > >
      > > Possibly we should be looking the lectures on Ahura Mazdao as
      > well!
      > > Thanks for any comments on this.
      > >
    • Stephen Hale
      ... by ... Carol, this is Karen s final communication to me, and I find it perplexing. It seems to have more to do with Bruce than me, but Karen was always
      Message 143 of 143 , Mar 31 7:31 PM
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        --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "carol" <organicethics@...> wrote:
        > Ok, sorry Bruce, I evidently wasn't aware of what you described.
        > Perhaps Karen now faces a necessary life lesson of refining her use of
        > 'tact'. When I consider this from an Anthroposophic perspective, I see
        > it as becoming able to spread oneself out over larger 'soul terrain' by
        > engaging a more controlled Will force which takes into itself highly
        > creative soul forces.
        > Again, consciousness soul stuff, what can I say. I guess it really is
        > tough stuff in the end...
        > Good day, carol.

        Carol, this is Karen's final communication to me, and I find it perplexing.  It seems to have more to do with Bruce than me, but Karen was always confusing us.  Here it is:

        So my dear, unable at any time to deal with the unpleasant karma
        between us because of course Bruce has been manipulating my post for
        the past year, and deliberatly placing things out of context and we've
        never been able to honestly deal with the karmic situation. I suppose
        at least bruce is posting from his archives now instead of everthing
        he was holing up and holding back so that he could write up on it in
        spiritualscience. Not to worry i dont.

        I dont like having bad feeling s towards people and for the most part
        I certainly don't.

        So from my part I wish you bliss, love, happiness and joy but I guess
        its not what you want.. whatever it is.. if its good and from God I
        hope you get it :)

        I will be logging in from time to time I hope to clear the archives. I
        like doing it, deleting everything I've written -

        God bless
        Steve: Of course, I can't express anything from Bruce.  I can only express from a loving influence which you seem now to give to me in part.  I like it because I hate the stress that you impose on my soul.  It hurts very much.  So, thanks for these weak, tenuous words, and I hope that you know that your place is better than mine.
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