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News of Tom Mellett

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  • Jo Ann Schwartz
    As some of you may recall, Tom Mellett -- the Steiner Internet s own Phantom of the Opera -- is off on anthroposophical walkabout whilst he devotes his time
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 7, 2000
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      As some of you may recall, Tom Mellett -- the Steiner Internet's own
      Phantom of the Opera -- is off on "anthroposophical walkabout" whilst he
      devotes his time and energy to other pursuits, including work in physics
      (he's back at Vanderbilt U. in Nashville) and Arthur Young's Theory of
      Process (ToP). Because Steiner's ideas and Arthur Young's ideas are so
      compatible in math & science, Tom managed to integrate Young's process
      ideas into the Waldorf high school curriculum when he taught physics and
      chemistry at the Garden City Waldorf High School on Long Island in
      1981-82. As a result, he has won a Special Award of Merit (and $1,000)
      from the Anodos Foundation. See the details at:


      Tom (along with Sarah) will be traveling out to the Asilomar Conference
      grounds in Monterey, California this weekend to accept his award. While
      there, he will be presenting some scenes from his successfully produced
      play, "Cosmic Eggs & Quantum Bacon" -- a modern Shakespearean comedy /
      mystery play inspired by both Steiner and Arthur Young. Part of the play
      involves the Bacon / Shakespeare authorship controversy. Tom believes
      that Bacon and Shakespeare were Rosicrucians and collaborators in writing
      the plays and that both were inspired by John Dee.

      If you would like to know more details about the play, please visit:


      There you will find a synopsis, two reviews (one is from the ASinA
      newsletter of Spring '90) and an Austin newspaper profile of Tom. In
      addition, the play is being serialized online in the Journal of
      Pan-Dimensional Literature, a subsidiary of the publishing house New
      Paradigm Books, and links to the four parts published so far also appear
      on the page referenced above.

      Tom said I could share the letter he received notifying him of the award,
      so I've reproduced it below. If you would like to contact Tom privately,
      his e-mail is <TomBuoyed@...>.



      From: Foster Gamble
      Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2000
      Subject: Special Award of Merit
      To: Tom Mellett

      Dear Tom,

      I wanted to reach you by phone, but was unable to this morning. So I am
      resorting to cyberspace to avoid your hearing from someone else first,
      that Anodos Foundation is announcing today that it is awarding you a
      special Award of Merit and $1000 in acknowledgment of your accomplishment
      in taking the Theory of Process into your work with high school students
      and finding ways to enhance their ability to learn required subjects by
      using a variety of techniques drawn from the Theory of Process.

      We are very excited about what you did as well as what you continue to do
      with your play, your enthusiastic, open and knowledgeable interactions
      with other explorers in the network, etc. I personally think that the
      world is just beginning to ask the questions for which they will find
      Arthur already found important answers. I think that especially in
      Physics and Cosmology they are almost ready -- and with your background,
      your understanding, your creativity and your communication skills you can
      and will play a very important role in global education and awakening.
      Congratulations! We are grateful and inspired.

      The Arthur M. Young Prize will go to Frans Maan, M.D., for his work in
      applying ToP in Homeopathy and a special Award of Merit will also go to
      Patricia Ryan for her work in implementing the integrated therapeutic
      model for mental health and social service agencies and communities which
      she developed from her application of ToP to the study of information
      systems. Details will be available soon at the AMY web site.

      Looking forward to seeing you soon,

      for the Board of Directors of the Anodos Foundation

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    • elaine upton
      thanks for the good news, joann. I ll check out the website later. I hope tom is flying! Love, elaine
      Message 2 of 2 , Dec 10, 2000
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        thanks for the good news, joann. I'll check out the website later. I hope
        tom is flying!

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