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Re: Outer and Inner meditations on Schooling

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  • holderlin66
    OUTER and INNER references to how Spiritual Science might approach the mystery of the Three Kings and how history itself, blatant history, common sense,
    Message 1 of 211 , Jan 9, 2008

      OUTER and INNER references to how Spiritual Science might approach the mystery of the Three Kings and how history itself, blatant history, common sense, compares the historical events of Herod and The Three Kings, against events today... matches.  We can and have been able to look into some of the inner mystery of the Three Kings and we can hold both OUTER and INNER perceptions.  On one hand, we find Lemuria, Atlantis and the Euro Consciousness Soul Man, apparently coming to fulfillment as something of the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future...you ought to be able to grasp the kind of hidden connection there.  But more importantly is the Euro King of the offering of the future Consciousness Soul Man, that represents all of us, every one of us who must generate the forces we need to build up and open up to us the mighty instreaming brotherhood forces of the higher Consciousness Soul. 

      As the days after Jan 6th  roll over, it was even a Joan of Arc mystery, for Joan and what follows Joan of Arc, for Joan of Arc was born on Jan 6th, which in even more intense research, everything that happened to Joan before she was officially born, brought Joan immense formative Light from within her Holy Nights within the womb till her birth on Jan 6th.  This Michael Schooling  still leads to a Michael force of cognition and a Michael problem for us.  While Joan was one lone woman that saved the French from their own self destruction, the loss of their own Language Spirit - We can make a comparison in terms of Michael lone fighters between Joan and Dr. Steiner standing pretty much, fairly alone, in the Consciousness Soul as the representative of one of the Kings,  Euro Man, and waging a battle and holding the Michael banner at least as heroically high as Joan and her shining Michael armor. 

      Steiner shines in Michael splendor no less than Joan of Arc shone on the battlefields in her armor.  Steiner shone, blazed forth in shining Michael fire and lit Europe from wthin and sought to save and rescue the Consciousness Soul.  And like Joan, Steiner was pretty much alone, pretty much awed and misunderstood for representing Michael as Joan was.  What happened to Joan is also happening slowly to Anthroposophy Herself. Steiner IS a bright shining confrontation between the Dodecahedron of the Christ in the dawn of Pauline Spiritual Science and the dodecahedron that launches the implosion lens of the nuclear age.... The Dawn of Pauline Spiritual Science and Michael thinking and the Dawn of the Ahrimanic nuclear age... These are part of the results of the aftermath of all that follows the visit, that which follows the visit by the Three Kings.

      Troubled Kings, Epiphany, and Ron Paul

      by Becky Akers
      by Becky A


      This Sunday marked the beginning of Epiphany on the Christian calendar. For all you heathen, the next six weeks celebrate Jesus Christ as the Light of the world, Savior of Gentiles as well as Jews. God revealed this truth in many ways, whether leading the non-Jewish Magi to Christ's cradle or testifying at His later baptism, "This is My beloved Son, in Whom I am well pleased."

      Coinciding with Epiphany this year are presidential primaries in 31 states and the District of Columbia. If those elections are anything like Iowa's, they'll flummox us with a mystery as old as the Magi.

      The little we know of these ancient travellers comes from St. Matthew's gospel. Whatever Magi are (some scholars translate the word as "wise men"; others take the opposite tack and go with "kings"), they reached Judea by following an unusual star. Upon arriving in Jerusalem, they dropped a bombshell: "Where is He who has been born King of the Jews? For we have seen His star in the East and have come to worship Him."

      They seem to have asked the city at large, but their question soon thundered through the palace of Judea's ruler, Herod the Great Thug. Now in his 70's and approaching death, this monster figured the Jews already had all the kings they needed in him. The Roman Senate agreed, having confirmed his title some thirty years before. Since then, he had murdered much of his family as well as countless subjects to keep his job.

      Herod was one of those honest brutes who expose Leviathan's essence. He spouted none of this of,-by-and-for-the-people cant as he pillaged and plundered. Everyone knew he was in politics for himself – and for his Roman overseers, of course. He paid Rome a hefty percentage of his take for soldiers to strong-arm Judea's farmers and fishermen.

      Herod's wickedness dwarfs even the vilest of private criminals'. He foisted on taxpayers cruel and "costly games in which men were condemned to fight with wild beasts," incinerated 42 political opponents, and starved a couple of his sons to death after a kangaroo conviction for treason. A true politician, he seems to have publicly observed his subjects' religious rules down to their dietary prohibition on pork. Yet he enthusiastically violated the Ten Commandments, especially the Sixth and especially among his own family. He killed so many of his offspring that Augustus famously punned about preferring to be Herod's swine (hus) rather than his son (huios).

      Herod capped a lifetime of evil with his Massacre of the Innocents. He couldn't answer the Magi's question regarding the Messiah's location – though you can bet your Christmas presents he wanted to know as badly as they did. No doubt he fancied himself quite crafty when he ordered, "Go and search carefully for the young Child, and when you have found Him, bring back word to me, that I may come and worship Him also." And here's evidence for the Magi's being kings, not wise men: God had to warn them in a dream against reporting His Son's whereabouts to Herod. That gave Herod an excuse to kill every boy 2 years old and younger in Bethlehem and environs. The despot who murdered his own children rather than yield his throne wasn't about to spare anyone else's son.

      Behold your government if you live in Jerusalem during the last three decades before Christ. Surely you're hopeful, albeit secretly, every time there's whiff of another plot to overthrow it. You probably don't care anymore who forces Herod off his throne, so long as someone does. And hey, a newborn Rebel is as good as any, right? This One even has wealthy Magi traversing field and fountain, moor and mountain to bear Him gifts: maybe they'll stick around to help Him oust Herod. That's got to put a smile on your downtrodden face.


      Actually, it doesn't. Matthew tells us, "When Herod the king heard [that the Magi were seeking another King], he was troubled, and" – pay attention now, because this is just too incredible – "all Jerusalem with him." Taxpayers footing the bills for Herod's enormous construction projects and his abominable games, victims who could be hauled to prison and tortured at a twitch of his finger, serfs whose freedoms varied with his moods, were "troubled" at the prospect of losing such misery.

      The same phenomenon shows in the primaries. Political slime oozes from state to state in pursuit of the presidential nomination. They promise to kill more of our fellowmen overseas, torture those they don't kill, extend the American empire, raise exorbitant taxes higher, spy on us wherever we go and whatever we do – in short, they vow to enslave us with more chains than Herod ever dreamed of forging for Jerusalem."

      bradford brought;

      "So these three soul forces and Hroswita von Gandersheim, all undiscovered by those who have yet to even have a whiff of deeper interest, and the Shepherds Plays sacred to Anthro lore, and of course the Three Kings and Oberufer plays arrive via Plato sans Karl Julius Schroer.  And in most plays we have the Three Kings checking in with Herod and the evil advisers, the shadow of the three, advise Herod that if a big ole fat king, a child who will outshine any of the kings ever and put Herod in the dust bin of posterity and everyone will bow down and worship HIM, it would be best for the short term reputation and power bloc of Herod if he murdered all the children under a certain age.  Or, in our world send those around the first moon return, 18 to 19 year olds out to maimed and murder and kill for your Ka, your Car, brought over by Henry Ford from his Egyptian incarnation. 

      Orwellian documentation, records and  registration and taxes and everyone on record, ya see, here how Ahriman and everyone having a computer code, cell phone and SSN, records, and data mining and illegal wire taps and Amerika takes up the modern thread of Herod and the Three Kings?  I knew you would understand if it was explained to you properly. "

    • Stephen Hale
      ... confirmed ... My experience of the Lunar Eclipse of 2/20/08 was that it was the converse! The Earth ate the Moon; which really means that the moon gave a
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        --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "carynlouise24"
        <carynlouise24@...> wrote:
        > This is quite poetic Steve; it's like the Phoenix rising from the
        > ashes! We may consider Saint John the Eagle rising from the winter
        > sting of the Scorpion into the Eagle of summer ...
        > Then again we may also consider the Earth is awake in winter and
        > sleeping in summer - so it may be the other way around!
        > Yes, I do remember the lunar eclipse on the 20th February when the
        > Sun ate the Moon! Also still curious about seeing Saturn on the
        > right and you saw it on the left - although a later picture
        > it to be on the right.
        > Interesting about Mars hey - the land is jelly-like substance -
        > suppose the astronauts have to have special boots made to walk on
        > that!
        > :)

        My experience of the Lunar Eclipse of 2/20/08 was that it was the
        converse! The Earth ate the Moon; which really means that the moon
        gave a nod to the fact that the earth beholds the "earthshine" when
        in the shadow zone.

        Every so often, the moon gives an objective proof of this. It is
        called a lunar eclipse.

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