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Re: Outer and Inner meditations on Schooling

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  • holderlin66
    The Kings come along and enter the precincts where NaZARATHUSTRA/Nazareth where, Zarathustra of the Solomon line, that would be for the newbie,
    Message 1 of 211 , Jan 8, 2008

      "The Kings come along and enter the precincts where NaZARATHUSTRA/Nazareth where, Zarathustra of the Solomon line, that would be for the newbie, Zarathustra/Jesus, by any star wisdom and prophecy is to appear, reincarnate again. The three Kings come openly into the Hot Spot of mega-supra history.  "

      Roy Wilkinson, a Michael School student brought;


      "The sequence of events is this — two of David's sons were Solomon the King and Nathan the Priest, and in the course of generations there were contemporary descendants of each called Joseph and each had a wife called Mary. The St Matthew pair had their home in Bethlehem, took refuge in Egypt to avoid the massacre and then came to live in Nazareth. Other children were born to them.

      The Joseph and Mary of St Luke lived in Nazareth but their boy was born in Bethlehem as related in the Gospel story. They returned to Nazareth and lived in close proximity to the other family but there were no more children of this union. They had not been involved in the massacre of the innocents as their child was born subsequent to this event.

      The two children were very different in disposition. The Solomon Jesus was clever in a worldly sense, endowed with great intelligence and talent; the Nathan boy was untalented in the intellectual sense but blessed with an unusual kindness of heart and a special gift of radiating love. When the children were 12 years of age, there occurred that dramatic event which is known as the scene in the temple. The parents of the Nathan child had journeyed with others to Jerusalem but missed him on the way back. On searching they found him in the temple disputing with the learned doctors. On reprimanding him for causing them distress they were told that he had to be about his Father's business. These events and remarks were something which greatly puzzled them and which they could not understand, although his mother may have had an inkling since we read in St Luke that she kept all these sayings in her heart. Then we are told that Jesus 'increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man'.

      Painters knew this mystery back in the 15th and 16th century.  Ahriman knew the mystery and that is why Nietzsche and Steiner met.  Ahriman and Michael sat eye to eye and Steiner knew what was squirming in the soul of poor Nietzsche.  That thousands of Ahrimanic authors, authors in the employment of Ahriman would come and viciously oppose the Michael impulse. 

      Steiner knew of the Zarathustra mystery and Ahriman knew, via, THUS SPAKE ZARATHUSRA, that humanity should be diverted from ever considering the immense intense events that Golgotha brought or how they were shaped so that Reincarnation and human destiny stand right in the middle of it all.  Immense Time insights and the insertion of the Being of Time in the manifestation of Space had to launch a beginning in grasping Reincarnation and Karma and the immense star wisdom under the surface of human events. 

      Humanity, by Ahrimanic and Luciferic standards was to remain dumbed down.  But this was not the intent of all those souls who came to represent and study in the Michael School and oppose the Ahrimanic disinformation and dumbing down of humanity so that humanity would not reach the Consciousness Soul.... For as far as the Three Kings are concerned it is Lemuria - Atlantis - and Euro Consciousness Soul humanity that were destined to overcome the dumbed down version and penetrate the mystery of the Master of Living Time Himself, the Alpha-Omega Christ Being.

      A dramatic event had taken place which ordinary mortals may find a little difficult to comprehend.

      The Zarathustra individuality who had lived in the body of the Solomon Jesus transferred the scene of his activity to the Nathan boy and became, so to speak, the ego of this person. The new ego then worked within this physical frame to the thirtieth year to make it capable of receiving the Being of the Christ. The relinquished body of the Solomon Jesus died soon afterwards and so did the mother of the Nathan child. The father of the Solomon child also died and the widowed father of the Nathan child took the widow with her children into his home. From this time onward then we are concerned with only one Jesus boy, one who combined earthly wisdom with heavenly love.

      This Jesus followed his father's trade of carpenter. He became a travelling craftsman, a journeyman. Finding favour with God and man indicates that he was welcome wherever he went. He showed particular interest in the religious situation and he was connected with the religious community known as the Essenes. He was not, however, happy in their presence. They lived in settlements, withdrawn from the mass of the people. They considered the Pharisees and Sadducees to be self-righteous and hypocritical. Orthodox Judaism they thought degenerate and believed themselves to be the genuine upholders of the faith. Although they possessed great spirituality, Jesus found them too self-centred, and preferred to live among the common folk and share the common lot.

      When Jesus was 30 the baptism in the Jordan took place. It was another great transformation. This was the moment when the actual Christ-spirit supplanted the previous individuality and became the new ego. From this time onward to the crucifixion we can speak of a God incarnate, a God in a human frame, Christ in Jesus — Jesus Christ.

      The Turning Point of Time

      The fact has already been mentioned that, in the course of his evolution, the human being became free from divine guidance and conscious of his ego. To find his way back to the spiritual, consciously, through the ego, a Divine Being came to the physical plane to point the way.

      Through the example of His life Christ demonstrated and taught the existence of a spiritual world and the way to attain it. He came to give men the possibility of regaining consciously what had been lost and to inspire them to this end. His deed is the antidote to that of Lucifer. He gives a glimpse into future evolution.

      Let us consider three aspects of the Christ impulse:

      1. The example of His life
      2. His teaching
      3. The cosmic power.

      To understand what is implied here it is necessary to look back into the pre-Christian 'Mysteries'. For those not familiar with this term, let it not be confused with the usual meaning of the word 'mystery'.

      At all times in history there have been those who by special gift or special development have had access to the spiritual world. They are known as 'initiates'. In cases where the mass of people had spiritual vision, the initiates were those who had enhanced faculties. These individuals participated in the 'Mysteries', i.e. they communed with the gods. By the time of Christ this faculty had almost died out and the Mysteries had fallen into decadence. Had there been no new impulse men would have sunk too deeply into matter and have lost touch with the spiritual worlds entirely.

      The decadence of the Mysteries is directly connected with the descent of Christ to the Earth. One of the things that the initiates of old had experienced was the divine foundation of the world, the One who was in the beginning, i.e. the Christ, although the term was not used. But now the One had left the cosmic heights and was on the Earth."

    • Stephen Hale
      ... confirmed ... My experience of the Lunar Eclipse of 2/20/08 was that it was the converse! The Earth ate the Moon; which really means that the moon gave a
      Message 211 of 211 , Jul 1, 2008
        --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "carynlouise24"
        <carynlouise24@...> wrote:
        > This is quite poetic Steve; it's like the Phoenix rising from the
        > ashes! We may consider Saint John the Eagle rising from the winter
        > sting of the Scorpion into the Eagle of summer ...
        > Then again we may also consider the Earth is awake in winter and
        > sleeping in summer - so it may be the other way around!
        > Yes, I do remember the lunar eclipse on the 20th February when the
        > Sun ate the Moon! Also still curious about seeing Saturn on the
        > right and you saw it on the left - although a later picture
        > it to be on the right.
        > Interesting about Mars hey - the land is jelly-like substance -
        > suppose the astronauts have to have special boots made to walk on
        > that!
        > :)

        My experience of the Lunar Eclipse of 2/20/08 was that it was the
        converse! The Earth ate the Moon; which really means that the moon
        gave a nod to the fact that the earth beholds the "earthshine" when
        in the shadow zone.

        Every so often, the moon gives an objective proof of this. It is
        called a lunar eclipse.

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