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Re: Outer and Inner meditations on Schooling

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  • holderlin66
    Herod, aka Cheney has sent his hordes out to murder humanity and humanity is caught having to defend it s moral principles at the gas pump. Now that seems
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      "Herod, aka Cheney has sent his hordes out to murder humanity and humanity is caught having to defend it's moral principles at the gas pump. "

      Now that seems to be a simple twist and one you must think is silly. But that is how all this works. We are complicit in the murder of our own divinity on Golgotha and we are struck by the force of how Ahriman will certainly get our attention.  Down at the roots of our being Ahriman is literally mocking us openly and behind our backs. We have to be complicit in the support of the horrific immoral forces arising out of the Ahrimanic War Throne of the West and we have to be as guilty as the historical records of the Jews who murdered Christ after Christ walked through the region, healing people and being a fully potent Time Being, a walking Alpha - Omega of any and all Sun and human biographies... Christ could choose and choose critically and carefully and alter, not Space so much, but give the gift of Time.  Christ was a fully operative Time Being and humanity lived in geographical and physical space but inwardly there was an untapped Time element that Christ could move and make what appear to be miracles before your eyes.  But we don't worship the physics of the Super Time Being Christ, even if we are shocked by the fact that such an ultra Eternal or Time Being, operative Time Being might walk the Earth with us... Here we stand upon the edge of raw science fiction in THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL.  We literally find certain moments in our soul life utterly rich with grace and sudden insights where it appears to us that Time has slowed or stopped.

      But never mind the fact that we marginalize Christ and rather build altars to the Einstein's and the Oppenheimers and the Harry Trumans of the world.  Still Ahriman has grabbed our attention at the gas pump by insisting that we observe the complicit and immorl nature of our own intimate little greedy souls.  We have no choice because we all, save those who ride horses and camels, those who use donkeys or those who ride bikes only or walk, all of us have to get into public transportation, cars, trains, buses, airplanes and for all this jet setty richness, which used to be called the elite Jet Setters, is now bogged down in airport terminals and our moral complicity is kept in front of us, so that Ahriman Himself will show us and the Oil and Corporate world rulers will show us that our selfish little selves are complicit in the murder of the Michael impulse and like Golgothat we are all complicit in the murder of our own divinity.

      adj.   Associated with or participating in a questionable act or a crime; having complicity: newspapers complicit with the propaganda arm of a dictatorship.

      Bradford concludes;

      Karl Julius Schroer was Steiner's Teacher. Steiner with due respect draws us to how it was Schroer who points to Goethe and that Steiner should look to Goethe.  But when we weed through the biography of the last post where we examined Hroswita von Gandersheim we see that the Nun/ Plato Herself, picked up and penned one of the first Faust dramas and Karl Julius Schroer points young Steiner in the direction of Goethe. But that isn't the nugget you should take away here.  The nugget is this:  Suppose as a Time Being you could see and suffer who this human being was before you and all that you had experienced in the past together and how much respect and immense significance the weavings of your Karma has had for the world, and you could see this, and understand that poor Karl Julius Schroer is going to be unable to lift the heavy load and help you on this trip and that, preparations have gone awry, Kaspar Hauser and Richard Wagner never meet and Hauser is murdered, Hauser the key to Europe murdered and Plato, your ancient friend and teacher sits like a lump before you and cannot unlock himself from his supersensible bubble... Karl Julius Schroer did not suffer the COMPRESSION complex, the COMPRESSION forces that Aristotle had as a living faculty in his entelechy.  Aristotle had a potent spiritual compression force that collected and compressed data.  Plato expanded in a helium manner, like helios and the expansion of the Sun and thinking into ideals.  You have hardly ever considered that Aristotle was directed out of the core of his being to compression data and insights and collect and connect vast intricacies of earthly facts in raw initiation, and compressed thinking. 

      That is the problem we have with enrich biographical studies of Dr. Steiner.  You would think that someone that had such a compressive force in their thinking such as Aristotle or Thomas Aquinas would arrive on Earth with an ability to eat Kant for breakfast and spit him out.  But Steiner found that he was already past the point of compression and he was now, as a young man in the spiritual world proper and the trail back to understanding the capacity of compression meant that young Steiner had to press himself to even grasp the dried out compression of Kant...and by the effort, the supreme effort of learning to understand and reconnect to a gift of compression, Steiner was able to take either 14 chapters of the Philosophy of Freedom or 14 vast lectures and compress them, knead them, retranslate the vastness, compress the vastness of spiritual insight and spiritual connections into cohesive series of lectures. 

      Now when we consider such a Being as Christ and how such Initiates that Christ encountered on Earth had met such a being, like the Christ, say in the Burning Bush... Here we also stumble upon a Time Being, who sees and lives in Time Events like humanity lives and breaths in space and geographic events.  Christ had recognized where initiates had met HIM and where He had met them in the same manner, but in a less potent but normal unfolding of human spiritual faculties we slowly understand that when we encounter another person, as Steiner encountered Karl Julius Schroer, an immense or flashes of Time appear and you understand that you were part of this Time Event...and a whole shattering sense of Earthly biography, the stunning sense of Earthly biography and the shattering sense that Steiner is gonna have to do the heavy lifting and not float into a nearby world like poor Karl Julius, but Steiner is going to have to find his old power of compression to keep his balance between super spiritual physical insights and meetings with Higher Beings and super compressed thought and language that can not only convey but build a series of condensed lecture insights that carry the seed germs, that finally come about when we read the kernel forces , the seed forces, the Budhi or Life Spirit forces hidden in the Anthro Guidelines recently translated by Frank in The Souther Cross Review.  Anthro Guidelines, are compressed nuggets of pure Life of the Spirit... only useless if there is no soil in the human soul.  But somebody had to avoid taking the natural and easy way out and had to not merely accept that Spiritual Insights were Steiner's from birth, but he had to recover his former ability to compress... That was a hard, hard force to recover...It would have been easier if Steiner didn't have to do all this himself and that others were gathered with him to lift Europe.  But it wasn't going to be so easy this fight with the Ahrimanic.

      We all have complicity in the Golgotha event where we daily murder our divinity.  We are complicit in our selfish immoral conduct while supporting a War where our use of gasoline requires us to go to a work place that requires more use of power and energy of everyone who drives to work, doesn't car share requires. We find that we are supporting Arab rich nations and supporting Haliburton and supporting Dick Cheney and supporting GWB and we are caught in the Ahrimanic complicity of murdering every innocent person that full throttle corporate greed, that we generate in ourselves, releases into a vicious cycle of the world.  But we willingly retreat from grasping a Time Being, such a vast Time Being as the Christ and such a clear cut human problem such as Karma and Reincarnation in the intimacy of how potent and difficult it would be to see and love and know a person who stands before us, and knowing that that person cannot see us, doesn't really recognize us and doesn't recall the immense Love and potent forces we released in the mighty stream of the world together.  Which is the shock, the systems of shock of actually growing into a Time Being...it must start somewhere because at the highest conclusion of growing into a Time Being, you appear as Christ appears to us, as a Being doing miracles when Christ is actually Time Itself.

      Where are such bumpkins as Einstein and all of the huge Physics clowns when it comes to condensed Time realities and Condensed Time mysteries? Well such bumpkins and uneducated dolts have become US.  We walk around as dreamy and dull as poor Karl was.  We hardly potently examine the immense Love Steiner must have sensed and the awe as he either encountered Karl Julius Schroer or Ita Wegman....Steiner thought these were people who I have shared the bread of Time with, we have broken the body of the Christ together in Time and we have shared the bread and body of the Time Being Christ.  Now for the love of god, for the love of sweet Jesus, do you faintly understand that when this is my Body...This is my blood, we could, right from this exact point of reference, we could entirely change the reality of the dogmatic and stale references of the church?  Oh my god or OMG, this is my body as a super Time Being, and now we take all the physics students of the world and all the universities who study physics and we say, we study and look into the Body of Time, we share the bread of the body of Time and there is one Master of matter and time and that is the Christ Being.  Time is His body, condensed or expanded Time and we feel those instants where Time seems to stop and we are caught up in the eternity, in flashes fromthe world of Time and Time Beings.

      Ah, but here we are back to selfish little you and me driving our cars, trucks, boats and motorcycles in space and Ahriman presses our souls with Him, to share with Him, the immoral contracts we are complicit in, in murdering not only Chirst, at Golgotha, with the Jews, but murdering every child and mother and every car bombed blown apart soul, we are complicit, we are woven into the examination of impulses in us which we would rather skim over and avoid.  That is correct, we are certainly not going to be able to do any heavy lifting for Spiritual Science.  No we are not.  Because it takes Moral Courage and we have none of it.  None.


    • Stephen Hale
      ... confirmed ... My experience of the Lunar Eclipse of 2/20/08 was that it was the converse! The Earth ate the Moon; which really means that the moon gave a
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        --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "carynlouise24"
        <carynlouise24@...> wrote:
        > This is quite poetic Steve; it's like the Phoenix rising from the
        > ashes! We may consider Saint John the Eagle rising from the winter
        > sting of the Scorpion into the Eagle of summer ...
        > Then again we may also consider the Earth is awake in winter and
        > sleeping in summer - so it may be the other way around!
        > Yes, I do remember the lunar eclipse on the 20th February when the
        > Sun ate the Moon! Also still curious about seeing Saturn on the
        > right and you saw it on the left - although a later picture
        > it to be on the right.
        > Interesting about Mars hey - the land is jelly-like substance -
        > suppose the astronauts have to have special boots made to walk on
        > that!
        > :)

        My experience of the Lunar Eclipse of 2/20/08 was that it was the
        converse! The Earth ate the Moon; which really means that the moon
        gave a nod to the fact that the earth beholds the "earthshine" when
        in the shadow zone.

        Every so often, the moon gives an objective proof of this. It is
        called a lunar eclipse.

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