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Re: Outer and Inner meditations on Schooling

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  • Nina
    ... this life force streams into the heart we are born with. ... itself.... .... So, anyone who might be compelled through their own karmic destiny to put
    Message 1 of 211 , Jan 8, 2008
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      --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "Stephen Hale"
      <sardisian01@...> wrote:
      > But then, when we consider the human heart, we are forced to
      > consider forces of a higher order; forces that adhere to the
      > spiritual world where we came from, and will always go back to.
      > Spiritual forces that seek to sustain the physical organism
      > throughout the life span. And it can be shown through spiritual
      > science that it is the period from seven to fourteen years that
      this life force streams into the heart we are born with.
      > And the physical heart of birth is completely transformed into an
      > etheric heart through this instreaming process. Yes, from seven to
      > fourteen is when the heart of our birth is completely transformed
      > into a new organ of perception. Picture it as an ever-increasing
      > raying in of sun forces right directly into the heart organ
      .... So, anyone who might be compelled through their own karmic
      destiny to put books under their pillow during this time, would
      certainly evolve to a point where a form of etheric clairvoyance
      would arise in the mature life span. And this, of course, was the
      destiny of Edgar Cayce. Edgar Cayce gave much for America's
      understanding of the workings of spirit through this form of etheric
      clairvoyance. By entering into a state of heightened consciousness,
      which was *not* actually trance as some indicate, he was able to give
      readings that were very pertinent to human evolution on the American
      > continent....
      .. And, of course, there is Joseph Smith ...And a very important one
      because the Book of Mormon really pertains to the Mystery of America
      that we all seek to know about in order to understand the American
      Folk Soul and its destiny.
      > Steve

      Dear Steve,
      YES...to everything you wrote! Have NOT read all of Leviton either
      and only shared what he did say in "Imagination of Pentecost" re
      atavistic lineage. In his "Galaxy", he devotes 8 pages to Hill
      Comorah, Palmyra, New York - site of Smith's experience. Had never
      seen Mormon Book until about 2 months ago in hotel and took notes!
      Yes, you are very right, re-American Folk.
      Believe that when Cayce could not spell word "cabin" for his father,
      he reported hearing instructions for help, ...which led to his
      ability to recall text.
      Dr. Harmon Bro did NOT tag Cayce with medium label. Librarian K.Paul
      Johnson's "Edgar Cayce in Context:The Readings:Truth and Fiction" is
      a major contribution (CANNOT praise highly enough).
      Dr.Sharma's"Cayce,Karma and Reincarnation" had identified his state
      as Turiya Avastha, or the state of transcendental sleep consciousness.

      Johnson noted similarities and differences in Cayce's Meditation
      information to accounts in Radhasoami sect of Hinduism. He shares
      Cayce Readings that insist on only one Master of Masters, Christ
      Consciousness but also capable of attaining to the masters of the
      holy mount.Both meditation accounts stress auditory components. Am
      most drawn to research because it shows how much Cayce revealed. See
      Steiner as a pivotal teacher. Thanks for sharing what you did about
      the heart, etheric clairvoyance,etc.

      Johnson quotes from "Edgar Cayce's Bookshelf" by David Bell(last
      checked, unpublished). Bell mentioned the Mormons too.

      Steiner's "Secret Brotherhood's" is a higher ed course about darker
      elements. Cayce Readings did identify Virginia Beach as the only
      seaport center of the Great White Brotherhood.It made me uneasy to
      speculate why Leviton did not mention Virginia Beach and I only did
      so on Cayce variable of lack of full consciousness/memory.

      In "Imagination", Levtion stated:"The Godhead awaits the human
      attainment of an Imagination strong and living enough to encompass
      the supersensible;through this Imagination we will 'recognize the
      world around us as a spiritual world.' Thus Imagination is achieved
      through the awakening of our etheric perception. And with this act of
      newfound spiritual cognition we will be fulfilling our task in
      creating a new Michael culture for the epoch of the consciousness
      In his "Gods in Their Cities", Leviton writes about ray masters, one
      being Pallas Athena. Reminded of glowing accounts shared in this

      When read book, "The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce" by Wynn Free with
      David Wilcock, even greater complexity was added to theoretical
      identification as to Cayce Readings source. Makes me aware of the
      benefits of what Steiner wants us to aim for. Wilcock incorporates
      the channeled "Law of One" books. When I read those books, I became
      more aware of the dangers involved in trance.They do have some
      statements that sound accurate, others not. Do question motives
      EVERYWHERE more thoughtfully now. NINA
    • Stephen Hale
      ... confirmed ... My experience of the Lunar Eclipse of 2/20/08 was that it was the converse! The Earth ate the Moon; which really means that the moon gave a
      Message 211 of 211 , Jul 1, 2008
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        --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "carynlouise24"
        <carynlouise24@...> wrote:
        > This is quite poetic Steve; it's like the Phoenix rising from the
        > ashes! We may consider Saint John the Eagle rising from the winter
        > sting of the Scorpion into the Eagle of summer ...
        > Then again we may also consider the Earth is awake in winter and
        > sleeping in summer - so it may be the other way around!
        > Yes, I do remember the lunar eclipse on the 20th February when the
        > Sun ate the Moon! Also still curious about seeing Saturn on the
        > right and you saw it on the left - although a later picture
        > it to be on the right.
        > Interesting about Mars hey - the land is jelly-like substance -
        > suppose the astronauts have to have special boots made to walk on
        > that!
        > :)

        My experience of the Lunar Eclipse of 2/20/08 was that it was the
        converse! The Earth ate the Moon; which really means that the moon
        gave a nod to the fact that the earth beholds the "earthshine" when
        in the shadow zone.

        Every so often, the moon gives an objective proof of this. It is
        called a lunar eclipse.

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