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Re: Outer and Inner meditations on Schooling

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  • Stephen Hale
    ... Dear Steve, Thank-you! Found words from Steiner about that sleeping on book process. I am searching around for something I wrote on the human heart
    Message 1 of 211 , Jan 7, 2008
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      "Dear Steve,
      Thank-you! Found words from Steiner about that "sleeping on book"

      I am searching around for something I wrote on the "human heart"
      from about a year ago. And I can't find it. So, I'll just have to
      reprise it as best I can. From birth to age seven is a matter of
      the physical body exclusively; in other words, it's all about
      adapting to that which comes out of the Wisdom afforded by Jahve's
      choice to go to the Moon. By this process, a physical body is
      required for earth evolution.

      And a mineral kingdom predicts this fact because Jahve went to the
      Moon instead of the Sun. Very important indeed. And expressed as
      important many times over the course of the past year.

      In other words, without a mineral kingdom, which is quite out of the
      ordinary in terms of the other sacred planets, a physical body is
      quite "out of the question" for mankind. Yet, we all bear a
      physical body on earth. And nobody questions that fact because it
      is an objective and self-evident fact of earth evolution.

      Yet, here's the kicker: the forces that pertain to earth are forces
      of destruction and death. So, how can a physical body be maintained
      on earth when the very forces that construe its destruction also
      seem to denote its very life and progression?

      Pretty interesting then how this all evolves. You take a physical
      body and make it appear for an entire life span and then find out
      that it exists in an environment of death and destruction; Thanatos
      forces, which adhere to the earth.

      But then, when we consider the human heart, we are forced to
      consider forces of a higher order; forces that adhere to the
      spiritual world where we came from, and will always go back to.
      Spiritual forces that seek to sustain the physical organism
      throughout the life span. And it can be shown through spiritual
      science that it is the period from seven to fourteen years that this
      life force streams into the heart we are born with.

      And the physical heart of birth is completely transformed into an
      etheric heart through this instreaming process. Yes, from seven to
      fourteen is when the heart of our birth is completely transformed
      into a new organ of perception. Picture it as an ever-increasing
      raying in of sun forces right directly into the heart organ itself.
      Yes, please picture an ever-increasing illuminating light raying
      right into the heart over the course of this time from seven to

      And when it is finished, we have attained an etheric heart organ.
      At fourteen we have arrived at the point where a fit instrument now
      exists for the receiving of our karma. And that karma is received
      as a kernel; a seed called the "astral body". This is how it comes
      in, on the ground of the transformed heart from physical to
      etheric. And from fourteen to twenty-one this astral body expands
      throughout the human organism, impregnating it with our karma worked
      out in the previous non-earthly time of life between death and
      rebirth. Thus, at fourteen years of age we all bear a very holy
      instrument: the Astral-Etheric Heart.

      So, anyone who might be compelled through their own karmic destiny
      to put books under their pillow during this time, would certainly
      evolve to a point where a form of etheric clairvoyance would arise
      in the mature life span. And this, of course, was the destiny of
      Edgar Cayce. Edgar Cayce gave much for America's understanding of
      the workings of spirit through this form of etheric clairvoyance.
      By entering into a state of heightened consciousness, which was
      *not* actually trance as some indicate, he was able to give readings
      that were very pertinent to human evolution on the American
      continent. This is quite evident to the student of spiritual

      Also evident to the student of spiritual science in America is the
      work of such persons as Paramahamsa Yogananda, who came to America
      in 1920, and Wilhelm Reich who came here in 1933, along with Albert
      Einstein. And Helen Schucman, who had no desire or interest in
      writing anything on the Christ in 1965. Yet, that is when it was
      most important to receive a message. Right at the mid-point between
      1933 and 1999. And, of course, there is Joseph Smith who prayed to
      the Book of James for insight into truth and knowledge, and was
      given the opportunity to read the akashic record.

      But that's another story in the annals of Anglo-American spiritual
      history. And a very important one because the Book of Mormon really
      pertains to the Mystery of America that we all seek to know about in
      order to understand the American Folk Soul and its destiny.

    • Stephen Hale
      ... confirmed ... My experience of the Lunar Eclipse of 2/20/08 was that it was the converse! The Earth ate the Moon; which really means that the moon gave a
      Message 211 of 211 , Jul 1, 2008
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        --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "carynlouise24"
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        > This is quite poetic Steve; it's like the Phoenix rising from the
        > ashes! We may consider Saint John the Eagle rising from the winter
        > sting of the Scorpion into the Eagle of summer ...
        > Then again we may also consider the Earth is awake in winter and
        > sleeping in summer - so it may be the other way around!
        > Yes, I do remember the lunar eclipse on the 20th February when the
        > Sun ate the Moon! Also still curious about seeing Saturn on the
        > right and you saw it on the left - although a later picture
        > it to be on the right.
        > Interesting about Mars hey - the land is jelly-like substance -
        > suppose the astronauts have to have special boots made to walk on
        > that!
        > :)

        My experience of the Lunar Eclipse of 2/20/08 was that it was the
        converse! The Earth ate the Moon; which really means that the moon
        gave a nod to the fact that the earth beholds the "earthshine" when
        in the shadow zone.

        Every so often, the moon gives an objective proof of this. It is
        called a lunar eclipse.

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