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  • ishtarmustdie
    ... wrote: Hey Friends, The painting I offered up from the Bruce s list is here again:
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      Hey Friends,

      The painting I offered up from the Bruce's list is
      here again:


      So, hmmmmm, okay so this sign with its seven points is
      what Frank Chester shares in his final form that
      speaks to the etheric heart. Now, this form I saw in
      my room, but each of the points were a ball of light,
      when I first found the Teacher's work. This sign I
      realized is the same sign that Adri has in her
      lectures, all of them it seems.


      And this form when spun becomes a bell like shape
      which Frank has then, through the process of earth air
      water and fire, shown to be the Grail, which when put
      through its paces again shows how the above and below
      all come together in the heart region wherein lies our
      etheric heart, the new organ of perception.

      What does it all mean? Well, it means once we allow
      ourselves to contemplate, consider it within us,
      something begins to show itself to us within us.
      Something of a new way of thinking that meets our
      teachings, begins to open up this flower like
      unfolding feeling that is almost like nectar for the
      higher beings. They are attracted to this nectar of
      brotherly love, of good will that lives within the
      heart, where the forces of the Christ reside, where
      Anthroposophia reigns, who will show us through our
      ways of thinking and feeling into the world of the
      Will awakening, which means we are then able to cowork
      with our angels in a more conscious manner than

      This awakening is accompanied by the stars. I would
      say planets as well but I haven't experienced that
      consciously. I can say however that the stars have
      been speaking to me in their form. And I didn't know
      what they are saying except 'I love you' :) And I
      responded back 'I love you!'

      As I haven't read the book yet, and its funny to me
      that I follow this man Prokofieff's pathway of
      thinking before I find his individual works, I can
      only share that Adri was speaking about the red and
      the blue twinkling. And damn! I have been seeing this
      twinkling, and these colors for a while now: more
      blatant than before. I was really wondering the other
      night if my eyes were going or if there was something
      in the atmosphere that did not allow me to see
      properly. I mean these stars were red and blue and
      they were twinkling. Well, guess what, it seems that
      this is the way they speak to one another! This is
      from Rudolf Steiner's work found in Sergei
      Prokofieff's book, so I am told.

      Now, why is this important? Well, I had a dream the
      other night. And in this dream there was this red
      headed woman, young woman, and she made some statement
      like 'I am an anthroposophist'. And I was like 'okay'.
      Well, I was the observer actually. And then in the
      next scene, like a picture imagination, there was this
      young man, of the same height as the young woman, in a
      classroom with younger students here and there at a
      table, and he said 'All the students are now here'.

      I woke up dreamily from this scene. And I recalled
      that his statement implied that he was now ready to
      work, he could not begin. And so, me, looking at this,
      had me wondering if this was in relations to Rudolf
      Steiner specifically, or if it was something to do
      with my past incarnation. I was a little put off when
      I considered if it was from a past incarnation because
      an imediate picture came up of that person that
      somehow came to my mind. And in Dennis' work
      associations just are not the way to go. But I am more
      wont to consider that Rudolf Steiner is now ready to
      get busy in a more blatant manner.

      It has been really blatant for me lately, when I say
      that I mean there is like no way to get around certain
      things that I like to just say 'well, that's alright,
      it doesn't really matter, I can do this later'. Well,
      I guess I can't say that any longer. It's too blatant.

      So, my thought for those that might want to consider
      upping the ante is that a more serious approach, well,
      maybe the word is a greater committment to our
      spiritual exercises given by the Teacher. A greater
      committment to ask 'what is this situation speaking
      to, what is it saying to me, about me and what I need
      to know right now'.

      I am going to start an online voice skype
      communication series on Dennis Klocek's book The
      Seer's Handbook. I have been kinda absent from my
      study group founded by Anthroposophia in the World as
      I had to heal a bit from some things from the past and
      also to get myself in right relationship to my
      everyday working world and relationships. The groups
      have been held so beautifully by some pretty dedicated
      students that have really really created a wonderful
      foundation for ongoing work.

      These stars are speaking to us in a different way. I
      get that some people might say that 'well not everyone
      is there at this time or can understand this or that
      at this time, but I say 'there is no time like today'
      to get present about what our study has been. It's
      time to move it into the 13th step. And yes, what you
      have not handled in your physical working day will get
      a little tighter, because something new wants to be
      created. Be prepared. Get those things handled that
      you know should be handled, shoulda been handled, and
      are the things generally that you are avoiding. Get
      them handled and prepare yourself if you are
      considering to commit yourself further. There is a
      price to pay.

      All good things,

      Be a better friend, newshound, and
      know-it-all with Yahoo! Mobile. Try it now.

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