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The environmental future and man

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  • jla
    Joel, This was helpful and I also tend to agree that there is something always going on in the background other than material causes. The relationship
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 24, 2000

      This was helpful and I also tend to agree that there is something always going on in the 'background" other than material causes. The relationship between the tons and tons of airborne and earthborne pollutants is beyond our imagination and there must be some connection. A article dated July 28th 1989, estimated that over 100 million pounds of toxic chemicals are flowing directly into the air, soil and waters of just California! and we have environmental laws. Imagine the rest of America and the world, especially third world countries. How is the earth and other creatures coping. Not well. I agree with you about the battle and outcomes. I just hope it doesn't set us back a generation or two and leave our children and grandchildren in a undesirable condition.
      On Tomberg:

      Its interesting that you mention Tomberg's quote. I recall Max Heindel saying something in the same vein though not specifically environmental. He mentioned that in the "near future" (I surmised about 2400-3000 AD) when we return to body, that the earth would have gone through a great change. This is not just in reference to so called Earth Changes but to something in the etheric and related to Christ and sunlight. This is, by the way, another reason why if one reads carefully, there are only parallels between him and RS and not borrowing as many think. He states that during this time the eyes and skin function differently. More ultra violet radiation will be coming in he said (!) and our eyes will have adjusted over several generations. As a result, more and more of the general populous will be able to see into the etheric and notice special natural conditions relating to the Christ working in the etheric. In addition our skin will have become less opaque and "bluer" indicating that greater sensitivity to feeling the ethers and I presume greater blood flow to the skin and other parts of the body. It is also said that we will eventually learn to control the flow of blood in our bodies and brain as well. Certain  portions of the brain relating to instinct and certain types of thinking can be starved of blood and no longer support astral and etheric forces relating to certain incoming forces from LF and AH (my interpertation).  Of course, all this is sketchy but interesting. And both men do not deal with the transitional conditions that may be very painful for some.


      "Joel A. Wendt" wrote:

      Dear Jeff,

          Tomberg gave a series of seven lectures called: The Four Sacrifices of Christ and the Appearance of Christ in the Etheric", in Rotterdam over the holy nights of 1938-39.  There he discusses how in the future people will think that humanity has brought about certain changes in Nature, but this will be in error, for the changes will be coming out of the interior of the Earth.

          In this regard, I think we need to recognize that the warmth phenomena in the Pacific, which is so profoundly influencing our climate (El Nino etc.) has not been explained.  Something is making the Ocean warmer in this region, but just what science has no idea.

          Moreover, in the same lectures (if memory serves) Tomberg states specifically that Christ will sacrifice some aspect of his nature and replenish the depleted ozone of the atmosphere - this decades before there was recognition of even the possibility of a problem.

          This is not to disregard all the "science" which suggests that polution must be effecting things by changing the natural balance of the chemistry of the atmosphere, but just to suggest that this "science" is very long on speculation and assumptions, and many scientists are quite unwilling to draw the same conclusions.

          Personally, I consider these phenomena (atmospheric polution, climate change indications, and the possibility of human responsibility) as symptoms of a kind of war in human culture between the explanatory limits of materialism, the tendencies of human beings to act in short sighted self interest and the being born dynamics of the consciousness soul age, with its slowly evolving yearning for eternal truths and goodness.

          Thus, if this "cultural/spiritual" war is lost in favor of materialism we get one result, and if it is won by the emerging new impulses, then we get another.  It is sort of like the human being who needs to get sick before he realizes the unbalances in his life and can then take up a path of healing.  In the same fashion, humanity must suffer the consequences of its excessive embrace of materialism, before it wakes up sufficiently to begin to deal with the underlying issues.

      warm regards,

      jla wrote:

      Though we do not have records of ozone layer shifts and holes forming over the past thousand years, we do not have historians mentioning cases of the following which is only happening now:
      • Young fish getting sunburn and scarred from sun exposure underwater!
      • Increased number of cataracts in humans and animals
      • Increased melanoma cancer in humans
      • Actual measurements over a 50 year period of ozone holes forming and expanding
      • The majority of scientists (not academics) agreeing that we have major problems with pollution oriented environmental effects including ozone damage
      • Sun exposure warnings in ozone depleted areas like Argentina and Australia
      need we go on......

      Jeff Auen

      starmann77@... wrote:

      arthra999@... writes:
      << The issue of global warming and countries trying to evade reducing
      pollutants came up in the following news article:
      Without reproducing it entirely I wanted to cite it instead.
      I think this is another example of the "have" nations  getting their
      "way" ignoring the main issue of reducing pollutants.
      - Art >>

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