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Fwd: Re: IG's authorship & Tom's Sudden Shame!

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  • tmasthenes13
    ... ... ========================================== Oh my God! Dottie, there s hope for me! As I read the poignant words of Robert Mason above, I am
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 5, 2007
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      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, Robert Mason
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      > Now, I'm embarrassed to say this, but for many
      > years I pretty much swallowed all this whole.


      > Perhaps the reason that I was already having
      > doubts was that I had recently joined the
      > Steiner98 e-group and, in the rough-and-tumble,
      > was already losing my naïveté about Anthros
      > in general. (Perhaps also because I was
      > starting to become aware of the . . . well,
      > confusion in the history and organization
      > of the Anthro Society[ies]. Years earlier
      > I had very brief, unsatifactory, and
      > puzzling encounters with Schmidt-Brabant and
      > Werner Glas; these planted questions that
      > had been simmering or festering in my mind
      > for some time. So I already was coming around
      > to the idea that something might not be
      > right at the top of the Society/Movement.)
      > -- Lesson learned: It is a grave
      > mistake to defer to the judgment of putative
      > Anthroposophists who seem to know more than
      > does oneself and who self-confidently write
      > tons of text full of Anthro-speak. Those who
      > seem to know, or think they know, or tell you
      > that they know . . . don't always know.

      Oh my God! Dottie, there's hope for me! As I read the poignant words
      of Robert Mason above, I am actually feeling shame and embarrassment
      for the first time in a long time. My face is flushed with shame,
      self-consciousness, as well as a flushing with pride as it all begins
      to dawn on me, that, with my Steiner98 forum, I actually may be
      responsible for de-flowering Robert's anthro-virginity.

      Oh my God, if I popped his anthro-cherry, then I may be responsible
      karmically for what he has become since that time.

      Oh, Robert and everyone, please forgive me. I really have no excuse. I
      know that back in the S98 days, I was popping so many cherries at once
      that I didnt even realize Robert was one of them. Robert, I'm so sorry
      if I loved you and dumped you so callously!

      Oh, God, talk about a jolt to my self-cosnciousness! Dottie, this is
      exactly what you have been badgering, er, advising me to do so
      lovingly, to take stock of myself and look inside, and what do I
      see--- shame, shame, shame.

      What about the other poor innocent souls who happened to fall into the
      "rabbit hole of Steiner 98 in 1998-99?

      Have I been responsible for engendering a whole cadre of cynical
      anthroposophists who have become as irreverent as I? Yes, Sr. Jo and
      Lt. LaQue and others can attest, that my title then was the Right
      Irreverend Tom.

      But now, as I contemplate the fate of poor, wretched Robert Mason and
      the fate of anthroposophy and all this Holocaust Denial stuff, I
      realize that I can no longer wash my hands of it as Pontius Pilate did.

      Oh, my God, do you realize how much karmic debt I have generated over
      these years. No, I can't look at it. It's too much!

      I know at least this much. I know that no one escapes Kama Loka. No
      one, not even me, can file Chapter 11 bankruptcy and avoid the region
      of "burning desires" that the nuns and priests taught me was Purgatory
      in my childhood years.

      Oh, what terrible fate awaits me! I feel like I have accrued the
      National Debt of the United States of America and the only skill I
      have is to print more money.

      Anyway, thank you all for loving me in site of my gargantuan
      megalomania, meaning an egotism that knows no bounds. (Thus my problem
      with boundaries as Terence would understand.)

      And Robert Mason, if you feel I need to pay you back for robbing your
      anthro-virginity, just state the terms and I will begin compliance.

      And Dottie, thank you for all your persistent gentle though firm
      reminders of my iniquity, ignominy and shamelessness.

      At least I know Kama Loka is not forever.

      with great shame and sorrow but with an equally burgeoning sense of


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