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Re: [anthroposophy] The "Mahatma" issue:

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  • jla
    I would tend to agree with Durwood s summary and commentary yet there is a considerable difference between the TS (and its offshoots like theAgni Society)
    Message 1 of 8 , Nov 24, 2000
      I would tend to agree with Durwood's summary and commentary yet there is
      a considerable difference between the TS (and its offshoots like theAgni
      Society) during and after Steiner's involvement with the movement in
      general. Its not that he was the litmus test but he was involved in the
      crucial turnaround period that precipitated controversy. In Occult
      Movements of the 19th Century and elsewhere, he clarifies, somewhat,
      what occurred and the errors the Mahatmas made in promoting Spiritualism
      and pseudo spiritualism via HPB and others in the early stages of TS.
      The conservative and more cautious Brotherhoods of the West including
      the Rosicrucians are totally against any form of "downwards spiritual
      work" e.g.. mediumistic practices, precipitation from the ethers of
      materials; intrusion into anther's consciousness; the display of psychic
      powers or siddhas etc. They are trying to promote the rise of
      consciousness into the spiritual worlds and the transformation of
      mankind. The "left hand schools" (not necessarily of the negative path)
      wanted a more accelerated program which would convince intellectuals and
      scientists of the existence of spiritual and psychics worlds without
      doubt but also without proper work and preparation. After spiritualism
      they knew there error and tried to compensate with TS.

      The Krishmamutri promotion and deliberate deceptions regarding occult
      history are also a concern. (See Sinnett's Esoteric Buddhism
      commentaries by Harrison and Steiner). In addition in latter lectures,
      RS did mention how HPB was anti reincarnation and Christianity but
      changed her soul about this after dying. Initially, it was said Isis
      Unveiled was Rosicrucian inspired. She then became under the influence
      of the Tibetan Schools (due to her strong absorptive soul nature and
      psychic receptivity) and came out with The Secret Doctrine. After that
      and perhaps during this time, she was again "wrestled away" by a
      American brotherhood who psychically enslaved her for their ends and
      influences. This is how the reference to the "negative left hand path"
      became associated with TS in general, perhaps.

      The central issue is: Is Theosophy genuine. As a popular and public path
      of introduction to esotercism, yes, but only if the doors are open to
      all sources including Steiner. Was it corrupted? Yes.

      Is it harmless?. I would say, yes, for the most part since most people
      read the public materials and cannot handle HPB or deeper esoteric
      materials. But Leadbeater does present a problem. He was clairvoyant but
      the accuracy of his work is in question. If his work is relied on
      without question, then false impressions or interpretations come about
      in imagination and meditations. In this, The Theosophical Society is
      problematic and this seems to be the real reason Steiner and others
      divorced themselves from it. Besides containing deliberate contrary
      esoteric information about the Christ and Jesus, the attempt to simplify
      esoteric teaching created over simplification and inaccurate impressions
      of the initiation and spiritual worlds in general.


      starmann77@... wrote:

      > << Dear friends:
      > I wanted to ask if the following is a fair summary of the
      > Anthroposophic
      > view of the "Mahatmas" as it appears to be a summary of perhaps more
      > detailed material by Rudolf Steiner or another writer. My interest in
      > this
      > is having been in contact for some time with members of the TS and
      > Agni Yoga
      > Society, I have raised this issue with them and felt it would be
      > helpful to
      > see if this indeed reflects fairly your position.
      > Arthur Gregory
      > The following is an excerpt from the Steiner archives and seems to be
      > a
      > summary of the Mahatma issue:
      > Blavatsky traveled to India and a secret location in Tibet to be
      > initiated into these teachings. The "mahatmas" aimed to get a
      > kind of revenge on the Western world for having overwhelmed
      > the East and suppressed Eastern occultism. We have
      > Blavatsky's (hearsay) testimony that at least one of her
      > "mahatmas" even hated and despised the white race. On a
      > deeper level, the aim was to work with Lucifer and Ahriman to
      > draw humanity into the illegitimate realm known to occultism as
      > the "Eighth Sphere". This realm lies outside of the normal seven
      > great ages of the Saturn-Vulcan series. It arose through Lucifer's
      > introduction, into the Earth Age, of the supersensible Old Moon
      > forces, containing reflected images of higher worlds. Ahriman
      > tries to take earthly, dense matter and join it to these images to
      > create "densified imaginations" or "spectres". Materialistic
      > thoughts in human brains, especially the "occult materialism"
      > taught by the "mahatmas", greatly furthers this process. If human
      > evolution could be diverted into this Eighth Sphere, the Gods'
      > plan for earthly and human evolution would be defeated.
      > >>
      > *******Well, I certainly don't agree with any of this, which sounds
      > like it
      > dates from the time of the split between the TS and the AS. I have
      > never
      > heard Steiner give the impression that the White Brotherhood, at least
      > one of
      > whose members contacted Blavatsky, was a demonic evil group such as
      > pictured
      > here---quite the opposite. Any fault with their teachings was, I
      > think, with
      > the medium Blavatsky herself, who was a channel for their knowledge,
      > but who
      > memorized all of it and then wrote it in a garbled and distorted form.
      > I
      > never once heard Steiner say something as extreme as that Blavatsky's
      > work
      > was so bad that it would serve only the powers of evil, as the writer
      > of this
      > 'summary' states. He regarded the founding of the TS as so important
      > historically that he put it in the dates to be remembered in the
      > Soul-Calendar (125 years ago last week, in fact), along with
      > Blavatsky's and
      > Judge's birthdays. The Doctor spoke often about the lodges of the
      > left-hand
      > path: never did he say the TS was one, but diametrically the opposite.
      > Nor
      > did the mahatmas give Blavatsky her mission to take revenge on the
      > West, but
      > to save it. I'd say whoever wrote the above had quite an axe to grind
      > against
      > the TS.
      > Dr. Starman
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