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Re: From Virgo to Pisces

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  • Nina
    ... wrote So this they consulted from time to time using these ... called the thummin, and together, and they had to be used together, they
    Message 1 of 8 , Nov 27, 2007
      --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "Stephen Hale"
      <sardisian01@...> wrote
      So this they consulted from time to time using these
      > instruments. The one was called the urimm, and the other was
      called the thummin, and together, and they had to be used together,
      they respresented divine love and wisdom, which gave entry into this
      > record of truth.
      Dear Jerri and Steve,
      What you(Steve) shared above to speak to Jerri's question reminded me
      of this Cayce reading. Maybe there will be something of benefit for
      you Jerri.
      "Hence intuitive force is the better, for in this there can come more
      the union of the spirit of truth with Creative Energy; thus the
      answer may be shown thee, whether in Urim, in Thummin, in dream, in
      numbers, in whatever manner or form. For he is the strength of them
      all, and beareth witness in thee and through thee - if ye but do his
      Also, a very beautfiul summary given:
      "Then, in making practical or concrete activity of the entity in its
      experience, first enter in as through the meditative forces within
      self, through the purifying of the body, of the mind, that it may be
      one and in accord, in attune with the Creative Forces from within;
      setting the ideal in Him who has promised to meet thee in the holy of
      holies, in the temple of the soul, in thy own body-consciousness.

      Thus does the self, the I AM, become aware of that presence. And in
      meeting day by day in the walks with thy fellow man, sow those seeds
      that YE would reap in thine experience. For they, the seed ye sow,
      BECOME - as it were - thine OWN SELF! For each soul meets that it has
      meted unto the fellow man. For as He gave,"As ye do it unto the least
      of these, my little ones, ye do it unto me."

      Psychic is of the soul, then, first becoming aware of its inactivity
      or activity toward the Creator within thine own experience. Not as
      from without; for the external experinces will be the natural result
      when the self is attuned. As ye attune thine own mechanical
      instruments to the vibrations of this or that sending influence, ye
      receive that which is being sent out or vibrated UPON that plane.
      So is thy body, thy mind, thy soul, as the sending, as the receiving,
      as the giving forth in thine activities and thine walks before men.
      This, then, is the manner. Enter ye in at the gate called straight,
      through thine own preparation in thine own manner, and meet Him
      there. For thy body is the temple of the living God, of the living
      soul: the body is the temple that must be, should be, WILL be kept
      holy, if ye will know thy true relationships to thy Maker." NINA
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