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The Etherisation of the Blood

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  • carynlouise24
    Stephen, thank you for the links and outstanding writing. I wrote this after passing by a book shop and not resisting purchasing The Mars Mystery by Graham
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      Stephen, thank you for the links and outstanding writing. I wrote
      this after passing by a book shop and not resisting purchasing 'The
      Mars Mystery' by Graham Hancock - also Dottie's admirable work on the
      AT board.

      The Etherisation of the Blood

      Why in God's infinite wisdom do we have precession of the equinox
      completing an Age in one zodiac sign and moving into another zodiac
      sign with the transition between the two bringing a literal cosmic
      shake up of the Earth?

      It is because we forget how to talk to the Universe. We forget
      (voluntary or involuntary) how to converse with the Planet Rulers,
      the Zodiac Hierarchies, the great Cosmic Star Beings; this is why
      comets are sent to us as reminders. When we read and speak to the
      Cosmic Script as God wants us to do, in Beauty, Truth and Love the
      Hierarchies in turn speak to us with Grace and order the Cosmic
      Harmony which in turn affects the magnetic core in the Earth.

      In the ancient and not so ancient past Spiritual Leaders – known as
      the Oracles – knew how to speak to the Hierarchies and listen to them
      and through this guide their people in harmony with nature and each
      other. But as time clocks by people get selfish and forget the
      Oracles. They even start to work against the Oracles which
      invariably never works out; the Music of the Spheres makes such an
      ungodly sound and puts the Earth in chaos. The asteroids cannot be
      soothed by this chaos and are left as wild objects created by man's

      Not only this because the Oracles have been ignored the thoughts of
      people are not in tune with the Cosmic Harmony and these thoughts
      create their collective antagonism against the Oracles. When we die
      and become part of the spiritual world we live with our thoughts –
      our thoughts become alive; they are separate entities and this
      becomes our `world' the world we have created for ourselves and the
      world we have to live with after-life. This is why Truth is
      fundamental in Spiritual Science.

      And because the Oracles have been ignored there are many ugly
      thoughts and many people living with them in the after-life – one
      might call this hell.

      God sent us the Greatest Oracle there has ever been – His Son Christ –
      the Greatest Oracle there has ever been. The Mystery of Christ is
      so immense and the most Loving Grace god has given to us. When Jesus
      Christ dies on the Cross and gave up his Holy Spirit – his light in
      the Spiritual World destroyed and put a stop to the demons created by
      man's ugly thoughts and through His Light all control was given to
      him in Heaven and in Earth. If this event did not happen – the
      people on Earth would have been subjected to these demons – products
      of people's ungodliness at that stage of Earth's evolution.

      The importance of this Event to people means they have to understand
      the importance to themselves, individually while living in a physical
      body on Earth. It must not be thought the Event of Christ
      automatically enables on to be free of this lower ugly thought region
      after-life – or have the attitude `I will wait until I am there – why
      think about it now' No! God wants us to work for our place in Higher
      Spiritual Worlds. To have an attitude like this is nothing less than
      ignorance of the Mystery of Golgotha. And he wants us to come
      willing it is not a forced hand it is individual etherisation of the
      blood which must seek connection to the Etherised Blood of Christ.
      This can only be done while living on Earth. Individual etherisation
      of the blood cannot be done after-life. It is so important to attain
      this on Earth.

      The connection of individual etherisation of the Blood with Christ's
      etherized Blood means when one passes over into life after death they
      by pass the ugly demon lower world and enter the Spiritual World on
      the Sun – yes the Sun. Living on the Spiritual Sun is very different
      then living in the lower regions. Living on the Spiritual Sun is an
      attainment with the Light of Christ Spirit enabling one to see and
      live with friends in a like-minded community on the Sun. And not be
      trapped in the thought world. The process of living with ones
      thoughts happens to everyone but with Christ one has the speed and
      light to reach the Sun.

      Once this is understood and actually done we can now look at this man
      called Rudolf Steiner and his phenomenal work on Earth. Why did God
      send us the Anthroposophy Oracle?

      When a human being has reached the Spiritual Sun with Christ it is
      possible for him to travel beyond the Sun into other Spiritual
      Worlds. The human being has qualified to live on the Sun because he
      has etherized his blood in Christ; he has passed his Dweller on the
      Threshold – his created entity through his thoughts. He is now
      qualified to meet his Greater Dweller on the Threshold. This
      qualification is for his own good if he cannot face the Greater
      Dweller, that is his Greater Dweller – he is unprepared, unqualified
      and untrained to attain higher worlds – for his own good – his blood
      is not ready to survive the higher world energies and here we are
      talking about the correct atomizing of the Spiritual Blood in order
      to align with the cosmic energies in the higher worlds.

      The Anthroposophy Oracle prepares the person for this meeting of the
      Greater Dweller. The Oracle further enriches the etherized Christ
      Blood in wisdom. Once the human being is qualified to meet the
      Greater Dweller he can travel beyond the Sun. Lucifer is the
      Spiritual Guide beyond the Sun into higher spiritual worlds. The
      human being is secure in Christ Blood now he can travel with this
      protection with Lucifer as his guide - the Light Bearer of the Christ.

      The Earth is evolving, human beings are evolving the Anthroposophy
      Oracle is now Etude. It needs to be understood in this light
      together with the Etheric appearance of Christ on Earth. Let us
      listen to the Oracle in Beauty, Truth, Love and Wisdom.

      Taken from Rudolf Steiner `Life beyond Death'.
    • holderlin66
      Hell isn t fear and pain. The real hell is your life gone wrong. carynlouise brought; When we die and become part of the spiritual world we live with our
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        "Hell isn't fear and pain. The real hell is your life gone wrong."

        carynlouise brought;

        "When we die
        and become part of the spiritual world we live with our thoughts –
        our thoughts become alive; they are separate entities and this
        becomes our `world' the world we have created for ourselves and the
        world we have to live with after-life. This is why Truth is
        fundamental in Spiritual Science."

        Bradford comments

        Weight, gravity and the Karma of the Earth, the Christ who took on an Earthly role for humanity, appeals to those who can and hope to carry the heavy burden and who from their soul spiritual hearts have grasped or intuited the heavy burden.  The Heavy burden appears in the film, "What Dreams May Come" with Robin Williams.  Robin Williams is a good doctor, he has a good wife and had two sweet children and while trying to help in a traffic accident the Williams character is killed and enters Kamaloca and the after life, in the style you have described, in a style that you meant, but more importantly in a style based on the oldest of humanities deepest intuitions unitied with the latest issues of how human love and human karma really work. 

        The problem of the film centers around how does Love carry the heavy burden or how do good people understand the everlasting well spring of goodness.  Bad things happen to good people. Most importantly the film asks, how do we get a soul we love who has surrounded his or herself with terrible, terrible thoughts, how do we get this soul forward and carry them forward towards this so called Sun Community.  And having participated in the vast ART and Imaginations of the Sun community of humanity, do we wish to stay in the Sun Community or help in some way to lift the burden.  Do these Angelic and Human community members also come to carry some of the burdens that souls can't carry?  Actually take on some of the karmic weight of individuals themselves? And when do we shift the whole axis of the moral paradigm from that's their problem to that's our joy and firm path to solid, well balanced and profound answer to Love's highest mystery.  The Higher Guardian of the Threshold and the what the Higher Guardian of the Threshold ask of humanity?

        Arriving at this so called Sun Community and how we understand the weight and burdens and the forces that lift us, forces that come to us and lift us, as you say, should not be merely put off till after death.  God?  God this and God that, certainly you must mean the I AM of I AM's who at least stood in an Earthly form and bore the Earthly strain and lifted the Earthly agony and the mask of death.   God, you mean Seraphim - Cherubim and Thrones?  Part of the great Foundation Stone of Man?  Is that partly what you mean by God.  Because today the use of the word God is a crutch to bury everything that doesn't wish to be explored, that wishes to put off till after death the richness of raising your children in the crisp new knowledge of the New Jerusalem of Insight and wisdom.  This ain't no Harry Potter luciferic non-history of Hogwarts, this is the great overarching strength of humanity to bridge the origins of humanity,  the middle Christ Event and the intense refusal of humanity to come to terms with the mighty lawful beauty and fullness of Logos of Love and the Logos of Wisdom.  From ancient oracles to the modern 20th century Oracle of Spiritual Science, the renewed path of the uplifting of human courage to carry the weight, the burden and the joy of the karma of the Earth, is partly approached with richness in "What Dreams May Come"

        "In What Dreams May Come, Robin Williams stars as Dr. Chris Neilsen, a dedicated doctor and husband. He is madly in love with his wife, Annie (Annabella Sciorra). They met when their boats collided on a lake in Switzerland. They fell in love and married. They have a perfect life, and a perfect family, until his children die in a tragic accident. Annie falls apart, but through art therapy and the love of her husband, she has struggled to regain her life. Then, Chris is also killed in a freak auto accident.

        "We follow Chris into the afterlife, a remarkably beautiful world that suggests that Heaven is a place of one's own design, a place that frees you to become whatever you wish to be. In this case, Chris's heaven is a world of painted images, fabulous landscapes of colors and styles, images that are cherished throughout the world as perfection in art. His guide through paradise, Arthur (Cuba Gooding, Jr.) is there to help Chris make the adjustment, and to answer questions. When Chris asks about Annie, though, his paradise is shattered when he finds out that Annie, out of despair over yet another tragedy in her life, has killed herself and is now in hell. Chris sets out to find her, despite Arthur's warnings that Annie will never know Chris, and that Chris may not be able to leave. Chris only knows that Annie is his soul mate, and she's known enough suffering.

        "If this seems familiar to you, it should. This movie works as a retelling of sorts of the Greek myth of Orpheus and Euridice, and also borrows heavily from Dante's Divine Comedy. But, do not, for even a second, allow this "art film" idea frighten you away from this film. It is fascinating to see. The beautiful images present in Chris's heaven are remarkable. They borrow from every artistic image held dear, from the Masters to greeting cards to impressionism to Disney's Fantasia, believe it or not. In contrast, the hell he has to forage in to find Annie is a collection of images from the darker, more bleak worlds of names like Bosch and Dali. The gates to this world are wrecked ships, and roads are paved with faces of the damned, trapped forever, cursing their fates and moaning toward the heaven they will never know. One character puts it best: "Hell isn't fear and pain. The real hell is your life gone wrong."

        In the meantime, the Robin Williams character has gone to heaven. Heaven, by the way, features none of the usual sterile white background clichés (as if they've come across leftover sets from THX-1138) we've come to expect from Hollywood movies such as A Life Less Ordinary. No, heaven is what you make of it - you determine your own reality. The Williams character sees heaven as one of his (then still alive) wife's paintings, and that it is, right down to everything still being wet with oil paint!

      • carynlouise24
        `The Spirit works into everything in Art as in the evolution of humanity Rudolf Steiner Hi Bradford Thank you for your reply, lots to think about, and thanks
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          `The Spirit works into everything in Art as in the evolution of
          humanity' Rudolf Steiner

          Hi Bradford

          Thank you for your reply, lots to think about, and thanks for
          decribing the film What Dreams May Come.

          Following the character Chris into the after life we can see we are
          been shown he has entered Kamaloca, the region soon after the Gate of
          Death once the physical and etheric bodies have been laid aside.

          Here in Kamaloca, the region within the orbit of the Moon, our astral
          body lives still possessing the peculiarities it had on earth for the
          Kamaloca region is connected with our feelings and emotions.(1)

          His surroundings; the beautiful images in the artwork come from
          within him as-
          `The condition of the soul expands into an outer world and the
          condition now you experience yourself within yourself for the inner
          power of illumination can only be sustained when the human being is
          time and time again thrown back upon himself'. (2)

          `If you carefully remember the descriptions of spiritual science, you
          will no doubt remember what it says in regard to the Moon stage of
          development, namely, that something also split off during the Earth-
          development; it went out into the world's spaces from the Saturn, Sun
          and Moon stages of development. A very strange thing is connected
          with this splitting-off process, namely, we were turned inside out!
          Our inside became our outside and our outside became our inside'. (3)

          `In the physical body we become conscious that there is an object
          outside us because the object makes an impression upon our eye and
          upon our senses. In the spiritual world it is different. The eye of
          the soul after death does not, for instance, see an Angel or another
          human soul which is also in the spiritual world, the eye is not
          conscious of seeing an Angel outside itself, it is the exact opposite
          of the physical world'. (4)

          Here, in the film, we see Chris begins to perceive things – the
          artwork in this case – that are the expression, not of anything
          physical but of soul and spirit. Soul and Spirit Beings.

          `These beings present themselves to him as an external spiritual
          world, just as stones, plants and animals present themselves to the
          sense in the physical world – further these beings change according
          as man has this or that thought or feeling towards them.' (5)

          `These Beings are the whole world and activity of the Hierarchies,
          the Angels, Archangels, Archai'. …. (6)

          `When you perceive red in the spiritual world, you are in the
          presence of a spiritual being whose will is unfolding, actively
          shinning out, manifesting in this colour. Yet you feel yourself
          contained within this will'. (7)

          And so we see Chris has brought with him into Kamaloca beautiful
          memories – for they are memories – Living Memories. (8) fill of
          emotions and feelings particular to Kamaloca region and although they
          do not exactly free him to become whatever he wishes them to be – his
          thoughts and feelings towards the memories may change. (5)

          Arthur, Chris's guide, I would say is Chris's Double.

          `According to a certain law of the spiritual world, this – the
          man's `Double' – is bound to be the very first impression man
          receives an entering the spiritual world' (9)

          `The Guardian of the Threshold – in the course of time between death
          and new birth, while man's soul and spirit are undergoing
          development, the Guardian progressively reveals himself to him. Were
          man to enter the world of soul and spirit without encountering the
          Guardian of the Threshold, he would be liable to succumb to one
          delusion after another for he would never be able to distinguish
          between what he himself brings into that world and what rightly
          belongs to it. In meeting the Guardian the pupil learns to know what
          he has within him'. (10)

          `In the physical world sound judgment by reference to facts corrects
          any illusions in the physical world of the senses. No sooner,
          however, have we penetrated into supersensible realms that we find a
          different state of affairs. In the supersensible world the illusion
          becomes incorporated in the outerfact. The pupil is able to
          obliterate what comes from himself if he first made acquaintance with
          his own Double; he will be able to get rid of this source of delusion
          when he has learned to recognize from its very nature and character
          whether a fact of the Supersensible world is reality or mere
          delusion'. (11)

          - What Dreams May Come - to be continued; Mercury Sphere, Venus
          Sphere, Sun Sphere … speaking in the after life is it possible?

          `It may be we shall touch the Happy Isles' Tennyson.


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