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Re: [anthroposophy] inner practice

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  • jla
    I think you hit the nail on the head again. I have found this continually and it is something to remedy. But how? The path is clear and filled with exclusive
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 20, 2000
      I think you hit the nail on the head again.

      I have found this continually and it is something to remedy. But how? The path is clear and filled with exclusive detail not found anywhere else. There are is also an undeniable "dogma" or assumptions that is exclusive. The real issue is dealing with egoism and judgments about status and the what is important in the spiritual life: knowledge or human qualities of the spirit like love, sympathy, ethics, clarity of mind and language etc. When enough common denominators are found, conversations will also be enriched, hopefully.

      I have found this at times with practices that are more soul oriented than knowledge oriented, though there is an agenda and point of view with any path. In paths that support a daily life practice (maintaining self awareness, being compassionate throughout the day, being aware of our body and how its reflect our inner life, etc.). its easier to find common ground. For example, if all are working with the same fundamentals in life like maintaining clarity of mind and compassion, honesty, integrity  - and support each other is this, one can interact with any spiritual group and find a connection.  This becomes a universal bridge between differing approaches. Its only when knowledge comes into play. Lets be honest though, if people cannot entertain and explore openly spiritual truths, then they are missing the boat, whether its AP's or those who are just lazy or wedded to their own beliefs about something. It would be interesting to get two contrary groups like AP and Course in Miracles together and see what happens!

      This is again why some chant the importance of  psycho spiritual work as the basic work of a community.  This  common ground of human experience is shared by virtually all humanity- being at peace, certainty, periods of love and unity, doubt, shifts in mood, developing constancy in practice, unwanted thoughts and feelings; unresolved childhood conditioning and belief systems, etc. etc.. All of this, and more, is essential to entering into the spiritual worlds or communing with God.


      elaine upton wrote:

      Hello Jeff, Joel, any and all of this thread.

      Thanks, Joel and jeff for your latest posts.

      I agree with all that has been said. Indeed, Joel, "consciousness", as you
      point out, "evolves."
      In Steiner's offerings, yes, we have the opportunity of Freedom,
      wakefulness, uprightness of Ego, on the path of Initiation, the Christ(ened)
      Path. Certainly, this is what speaks to me, and I guess I just assumed that
      we were all agreed about this. My concern was, and is still, that some
      anthroposophists see this "evolution" in such a way that others who don't
      follow this path are judged as "backwards",
      and so these same anthroposophists walk around with noses in the air.
      I've heard it said that in California many who follow a paths other than
      anthroposophy look at anthroposophists as "policemen of the esoteric world."

      Ha! Yes, sometimes that appears to me as funny, yet it is also, to me, on
      some level, unfortunate, because it means that these same anthroposophists
      exclude themselves (ourselves) from important dialogues with others about
      central issues of our time and beyond. It is this exclusionist view that
      concerns me, this judgementalness about others. I don't find it healthy, and
      often find myself staying away from anthroposophic meetings because I don't
      choose to be part of this. --But then, maybe my staying away at times is
      also not the best choice...


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