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Re: [anthroposophy] Re: Schichten Urteilen (was: Kaspar Hauser )

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  • Iris Sullivan
    To Tom The soul work you mention is a necessity. Yet I do not believe that we have to go back in time and uncover the wounds, because all the untransformed
    Message 1 of 7 , Nov 4, 2007
      To Tom
      The soul work you mention is a necessity. Yet I do not believe that we have to go back in time and uncover the wounds, because all the untransformed wounds we carry in our present and in every meeting we have.
      In the color work I do as therapy, all of the past, including past incarnations that are an obstacle in this life are present in the relationship to light and dark as done by the individual. Before spirit, is the soul work. Art gives us the means to make changes on the paper thereby educating the soul to new feelings and ways of interacting when there is conflict and perceived stress.

      tmasthenes13 <TomBuoyed@...> wrote:
      --- In anthroposophy@ yahoogroups. com, "carol" <organicethics@ ...> wrote:

      > Tom also wrote:"You have also recognized it in others, namely in Joel
      > Wendt and in Bradford Riley, these Amfortas wounded warriors, whining in
      > their maudlin, melodramatic --- but NOT melancholic! --- self-pity,
      > crying in their respective beers, over the terribly unfair blows of fate
      > that struck them early on in life. I also notice that this particular
      > style of "pity partying" is very much a "guy thing."
      > Oh please, do couple up B Riley with the other.
      > It's funny how you don't see the ' light that envelops' and 'rays out
      > warmth' from the soul presence which Bradford's writtings convey. Such a
      > fine, formative wisdom filled mix of Christic and Jewish etheric forces.
      > (Often enough)
      > The other, I dare not call upon his name, is a shallow enough egocentric
      > Anthro, who's soul socializes with others on pretty much a surface
      > level. Forget about Wisdom as a living, spiritual force with this guy,
      > he's full of pedantry.
      > (How and why in heaven's name have you placed these two together? I
      > beleive that Mr. Tom has some Anthro to do.)
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      In my focus on responding to Dottie, I forgot to embed the
      foundational structure.

      I've mentioned before, the favorite saying of Rene Querido when faced
      with paradoxical or contradictory statements and dilemmas. He would
      say in German "Schichten Urteilen" which literally means "Levels;

      More properly translated, it means: "Make different judgments
      according to different levels of reality."

      In the case here of B. Riley vs. J. Wendt, I need to establish the
      levels where they are equal and where they are not.

      For this I turn to the incisive anthropophical insights of Valentin
      Tomberg, who, in one of his Bible study pamplhlets presented the
      threefold differentiation of not only the human organism but of the
      social order.

      Let me do a chart of the three "Schichten"

      (1) SPIRIT ---THINKING- ----Cultural Sphere -----Head/Nervous system
      (2) SOUL ------FEELING ----- Rights Sphere -----Heart/Lung System
      (3) BODY------WILLING ------Economic Sphere-----Metaboli c/Limb System

      All the above is directly from Steiner. What Tomberg did was to look
      at the issue of the Part vs. The Whole

      At Level (1) The Part is GREATER THAN the Whole
      At Level (2) The Part is EQUAL TO the Whole
      At Level (3) The Part is LESS THAN the Whole

      In my post to Dottie, I was speaking about the SOUL level, doing the
      SOUL work. At that level, B. Riley is equal to J. Wendt is equal to
      me, to you, to everyone else. That's the level of equality.

      On the SPIRIT level, where the Part is greater than the Whole and thus
      there is no equality, you are correct in judging that B. Riley is a
      relative "Goethe" as compared to J. Wendt as relative "Hottentot."

      This whole issue of SOUL work is what I have had to tend to during the
      last 7 years of my "walkabout," when I was far from the Steiner Internet.

      Robert Sardello makes a great deal of the fact that by and large
      anthropops and moms are loathe to do the SOUL work necessary to
      properly put the SPIRIT in perspective. What happens is that Anthros
      tend to dive into the SPIRIT pool and think that will automatically
      take care of the SOUL level. But it doesn't.

      As an example of my own SOUL work, I'll give you some of the
      modalities I did in the last 7 years, all outside the SPIRIT realm of

      Rebirthing a la Leonard Orr; EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy) Gary
      Craig; acupuncture; but best of all the Family Constellation Therapy
      work of Bert Hellinger.

      Also great insights from Lloyd deMause who has developed psychohistory.

      And indeed, in my last conversation with Dennis Klocek a year ago, we
      spoke about the need to do this soul work within anthroposophy, to
      experience in the body, the circumstances of not only childhood
      traumas, but of birth, pre-natal, even back to the time of conception.

      Steiner took care of the reincarnating soul up to the point of
      conception but he did not fill in at all the fetal experience and the
      birth experience that all these regressive therapists work with
      (Arthur Janov & Primal Therapy; Stan Grof and Holotropic Breathwork, etc.)

      Hope this clears up your concerns about comparisons.


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