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Fwd: Goethe and the Hottentots

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  • tmasthenes13
    ... wrote: Hey, this sounds like a great name for a rock group, but actually I derived it from reading some cool Internet dude named Dan Dugan,
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      Hey, this sounds like a great name for a rock group, but actually I
      derived it from reading some cool Internet dude named Dan Dugan, who
      posted a lot of stuff about Goethe and Steiner from 9 or 10 years ago.

      Are there still Hottentots today? Anyway, you'll see them mentioned by
      Steiner in the 3rd quote. The first two are from Goethe.



      Goethe wrote in his Theory of Colors:
      That the colour of the skin and hair has relation with the differences of
      character, is beyond question; and we are led to conjecture that the
      circumstances of one or other organic system predominating, produces the
      varieties we see. A similar hypothesis may be applied to nations, in which
      case it might perhaps be observed, that certain colours correspond with
      certain confirmations, which has always been observed of the negro

      Lastly, we might here consider the problematical question, whether all
      human forms and hues are not equally beautiful, and whether custom and
      self-conceit are not the causes why one is preferred to another? We
      venture, however, after what has been adduced, to assert that the white
      man, that is, he whose surface varies from white to reddish, yellowish,
      brownish, in short, whose surface appears most neutral in hue and least
      inclines to any particular or positive colour, is the most beautiful."
      [Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von. Theory of Colours. (1810) Trans. Charles
      Lock Eastlake. London: John Murray, 1840, reproduction: Cambridge, MA:
      M.I.T. Press, 1970, p. 265]

      (Then Dan has a spontaneous spiritual experience of serendipity, which
      moves him to post this Steiner quote.)


      DAN: I can't resist including the next quote in the database
      (serendipity), Steiner on Goethe's racial superiority:

      "Is the perfected spirit to have the same preconditions as the imperfect
      one? Does a Goethe have the same antecedents as any Hottentot? The
      antecedents of an ape are as unlike those of a fish as the antecedents of
      Goethe's mind are unlike those of a savage. The spiritual ancestry of
      Goethe's soul is different from that of the savage soul.

      The soul has grown as well as the body. The spiritual ancestry of
      Goethe is richer than that of a savage. Let us take the doctrine of
      reincarnation in this sense, and we shall no longer find it unscientific."
      [Steiner, Rudolf. Christianity as a Mystical Fact and the Mysteries of
      Antiquity. 2nd ed, London: Rudolf Steiner Press, 1972. pp. 33-45
      (McDermott, Robert A., Editor. The Essential Steiner: Basic Writings of
      Rudolf Steiner. San Francisco: Harper and Row, 1984., p. 193)]

      Hey, maybe another rock group called "Marie Steiner and the Savages."

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