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Re: practices-Re: [anthroposophy] Questions on inner practice

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  • jla
    Elaine, I couldn t agree more. Though there are problematic esoteric and spiritual issues in most or nearly all spiritual teachings much value can found in
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 17, 2000

      I couldn't agree more. Though there are problematic esoteric and spiritual  issues in most or nearly all spiritual teachings  much value can found in "older paths" and paths that are not particularly esoteric. The way of the world is exoteric not mystical and people much have carrots as incentives to most closer to the "truth".

      The problem comes in two forms, to my view:
      One, most older tradition are "memory traditions" that is the teachings are based on the revelations and seership of ancient teachers no longer with us and few contemporaries can reproduce or add to these teachings. Thus they carry long held beliefs and actual superstitions with them. As beautiful as Native Americanism is, it is filled with mistakes and superstitions concerning the spiritual worlds, elemental worlds, and after death process, ancestor connections, etc.Yes, some Yogis and Sadhus can can enter into profound transcendental states and share this with others via radiant effects but it often like seeing the forest and  not having any  the spiritual ecology and species of trees that compose it ( a typical Luciferic tendency AP would say and I agree).

      As for a Steinerian twist on things. Creating a unique and groundbreaking teaching is one of the most difficult areas as in most genuine esoteric field. Gurdjieff's work is similar. As much as one tries to understand it and analyze it objectively there is some twist or turn that folds back upon itself to counter the question or issue. Similarity with Steiner and AP.

      Here is my "final answer" as Regis Philbin would ask on Who Wants to be a Millionaire (spiritual seeker):

      I think Steiner shaped his teachings due to:

      His personal temperament and soul constitution
      The need to prepare people for one particular path related to Anthroposophia
      To overcorrect for errors in spiritual training and perception found in allied movements and outdated and error prone ancient teachings from the East
      To do his best to really encourage transformation of how we see and think about the world and ourselves.
          He tried this by a specific style of writing, conceptualization and speaking

      The jury is still out about the results. Maybe from the spiritual worlds, it is clearer.

      Those who put down or misunderstand older paths or lesser teachings either have not practiced them and experienced them or cannot extract value from them and see them for what they are and how they serve some. There is no way someone committed to Shamanism is going to embrace Anthroposophy. They are different paths entirely. Are westerners who practice Shamanism "wrong or off course" ?-  Some may be and some may not be; they may be involved  for a short time to appreciate and learn from this or that approach. I certainly would never cast away the value I have gained from someone like Carlos Castaneda or Zen work.

      Isn't it said by Steiner that one of the virtue of blessedness is in the appreciation and understanding of all religions?

      Be well and thanks for the  good posts,


      elaine upton wrote:

      Hello Jeff,
      Thanks for your clarification on your discussion of the role of
      concentration and the inner path. --And yes, I am quite aware that many of
      the exercises and other teachings Steiner offered have been around for

      What concerns me on this (latter) point  (and this is not directed as an
      argument to you or anyone here particularly)--what concerns me is that
      spiritual teachings that have been around for centuries sometimes undergo
      the *steinerian change* and then are presented through a kind of cumulative
      lens, one wherein *Steiner's Anthroposophical teachings* are seen as the
      zenith-- or accumulation and fuller, more mature realization-- of what was
      there before and what has now become allegedly "old" or decadent or what has
      remained "backwards" (that is, until taken up and redeemed by Steiner or
      Steinerians). Thus, many anthroposophists end up thinking ourselves on a
      superior path,in possession of the objective truth or the true way, and many
      of us end up getting stuck in our own development, with eye only for what
      "Herr Doktor [Steiner] hat gesagt".

      ((How often do I hear anthroposophists virtually condemning followers of
      certain paths, or, for example, referring to Quakerism,  as "old",
      anachronistically so.))

      As for me, I am a student of Steiner, have been for years, and I find great
      riches in his teachings and in what they help me discover in my own inner
      development. However, I also learn from the so-called "old" teachings (some
      of them), and those who follow these so-called "old" teachings do not appear
      to me as in any way inferior. Au contraire! I sense that those who follow
      such are doing what is appropriate to them, working out their own and their
      group karmas, and in their own ways they contribute (often mightily) to the
      world evolution, and we will all arrive HOME, because of them as well as
      because of anthropops and Steiner.

      Hambakhale! (Go well!),

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