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Fwd: Why Steiner is BOTH Racist AND not Racist

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  • tmasthenes13
    ... wrote: ... There is a difference in saying someone is lying and considering the possibility that things might be a little different, in
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      Jennifer wrote:

      There is a difference in saying someone is lying and considering the
      possibility that things might be a little different, in reality, from
      what they seem to be.

      This is all I'm suggesting, not that anybody lied but just that
      something might have gotten lost in translation, or taken out of
      context to mean something other than what Steiner intended. And he's
      not here to defend himself!

      And if these quotations were somehow taken out of context and twisted
      to show something he didn't actually teach or believe in, then what
      *was* he really trying to say here?

      As I was reading those alleged quotations (or translations of
      quotations, more likely), I wondered whether he wasn't talking about
      color in a different sense, not skin but soul color,. . . .

      Dottie wrote to Jennifer:
      Hey Jennifer,

      I would check the translations and in what context
      they were before hand. I have been had over and over
      again with Staudenmaier's work that had a portion of a
      paragraph and words that could be interpreted
      differently when put together with the rest of the
      paragraph. When one read the whole page one got a
      better idea of what was being spoken of.

      Rudolf Steiner was not racist. He was always speaking
      on the evolution how he saw it not for love of one
      race over another.

      All good things,

      p.s. But I imagine Tom could find some more things
      that would make someones hair stand up.


      Hi Jennifer,

      I would like to weigh in here about the questions of accuracy and
      context swirling around of all the Steiner quotes that Roger has put
      up on his site. I have "been around the anthroposophical block," as
      it were for the last 31 years; I once had near-native fluency in
      speaking German and I even taught German for a while at Roger's very
      own Waldorf school alma mater 25 years ago. So, over the years, I
      have read most of these quotes and their lectures several times in
      both German and English, and I can say pretty unequivocally that the
      translations are all pretty accurate versions of the original, and
      that no matter how far out you might extend the context around these
      excerpts, it does not change the meaning at all.

      For example, Steiner is referring to physical body races here and he's
      not talking about "soul color" at all; he is talking about skin color
      as in Negro black (Mercury people); Mongol yellow (Mars folk);
      Caucasian white (Jupiter people) and Indian red (Saturn people).

      Dottie, whose knowledge of German does not extend much past "Herr
      Doktor hat gesagt", demonstrates the classical fogging denial
      technique of saying that the quotes MUST be taken out of context. Such
      a fond projection of wishful thinking! I see this wondrous imagination
      of you, Dottie cowering in fear as the Great Teutonic Ogre, Peter
      Staudenmaier, approaches you with a German text of Steiner and his
      English translation. You then cover your eyes with each hand and
      scream for Frank or Daniel Hindes to come rescue you from the ogre.
      "Frank! Daniel! Peter the Ogre is taunting me with another
      translation. It just can't be right! It's got to be wrong! Smite him!
      Smite him and drive him away from me!"

      So the conclusion of this exercise is clear. Rudolf Steiner is most
      definitely racist, just as the Waldorf Critics assert.

      But here's where the plot thickens, and I hope you don't mind my
      rolling out the whiteboard, er, blackboard, no, greenboard, yes, to
      teach a little Anthroposophy 101.

      Above I quoted Dottie as saying that Rudolf Steiner is not racist. She
      is correct in that assertion.

      So we have two utterly contradictory statements here, both of which
      are equally true

      (1) Rudolf Steiner is a racist
      (2) Rudolf Steiner is not a racist.

      Why this is so and how to explain it will require a little excursion
      into the 3-fold human being and the Post-Atlantean epochs. Since 1413
      AD, we are living in the Consciousness Soul Age (CSA). The previous
      age was called the Intellectual Soul or Mind Soul Age. (MSA). Before
      that the Sentient Soul or Sense Soul Age (SSA). Each age is 2,160
      years long.

      (NOTE: I've upgraded the terminology here: I say `Sense Soul' for the
      older `Sentient Soul" and I use "Mind Soul" to replace the older term
      "Intellectual Soul.")

      The logic of the CSA is "both-and" while the logic of the MSA is
      "either-or." So since the CSA is barely one quarter underway, we are
      still very much steeped in the MSA "either-or" logic.

      The Mind Soul reasons that Steiner is EITHER racist OR he is not.
      But the CS can achieve equanimity by observing that Steiner is BOTH
      racist AND not racist.

      Yes, Virginia, I mean Jennifer, two opposing realities, even one being
      the negation of the other, can be true at the same time.

      Now let me draw another chart to continue:

      Astral (animal) Body--------Sense Soul-------------Spirit-Self (Manas)
      Etheric (plant) Body -------Mind Soul-------------Life-Spirit (Buddhi)
      Physical (mineral)Body-----Consciousness Soul-------Spirit-Man (Atma)

      Notice in passing that each "fold" of the 3-fold human being of
      Body-Soul-Spirit sub-divides into 3 again.

      Now focus on the 3 souls and how they involve the work of the
      individual ego.
      (1) The ego works through the Sense Soul (SS) to transform the animal
      astral body into Manas or Spirit-Self

      (2) The ego works through the Mind Soul (MS) to transform the etheric
      plant body into Buddhi or Life-Spirit

      (3) The ego works through the Consciousness Soul (CS) to transform the
      mineral physical body into Atma or Spirit-Man

      Now here's a handy way to describe these 3 souls which will help
      explain why Steiner is both racist and not racist:
      (1) SUBSTANCE
      When we deal with immediate sense perception we are using the Sense
      Soul. Our astral or desire body predominates as we apprehend SUBSTANCE
      and live in feeling-sensation

      (2) FORM
      When we think about the above sense perceptions, we give FORM to the
      substance by means of the etheric body as our ego lives in the Mind Soul.

      (3) BEING
      We become aware of the BEING who gives form to the substance through
      the physical mineral body as our ego becomes Witness in the
      Consciousness Soul.

      Finally, I need to bring up the "educators" of these 3 souls.

      In the Metamorphoses of the Soul lecture cycle given in Berlin in
      October 1909, GA 58 Rudolf Steiner speaks of the "educators" of these
      3 souls
      The Sense Soul is educated by Anger
      The Mind Soul is educated by Truth
      The Consciousness Soul is educated by Religious Devotion

      OK, Jennifer, now I can get to the explanation. Please refer to the
      above charts as you need them.

      If you are an anthroposophist today, you are struggling to awaken to
      the Consciousness Soul Age. But our legacy is still that of the Mind

      Notice that Truth is the educator of the Mind Soul. But the logic of
      the Mind Soul for apprehending this truth is "either-or" logic,
      meaning that a statement and its negation cannot be true at the same
      time. If one is true the other has to be false.

      But in the Consciousness Soul, Truth gives way to religious devotion.
      This can be a misleading term, because it has little to do with
      organized religion. Rather I interpret it to mean that we are called
      upon to devote our own egos to the egos of The Other***

      *** [thus exercising the 12th and highest of the 12 senses: The Sense
      of (the other person's) Ego, which now supplants the 11th Sense of
      Thought. More on the 12 senses another time.]

      What this signifies is that the Truths that we have realized through
      the Mind Soul, give way here to venerate the BEING who has reached
      that Truth, whatever it is, especially when we may believe that their
      truth is wrong.

      Ask yourself this question: Which is more important to me? (1) The
      being of another person, or (2) the ideas that person may think.

      In order to achieve this balancing act, we must develop the
      equanimity, i.e. training our sympathies and antipathies into organs
      of perception rather than impulsively acting on them.

      And that's where the "both-and" logic of the CS comes into play.

      Right now we have unbalanced see-saws on both camps. On the WC side,
      the see-saw of Mind Soul Truth is tilted over on the right and stuck
      on the ground of Steiner being a racist.

      On the A_T side, their see-saw of Mind Soul Truth is tilted over on
      the left stuck in the ground that claims Steiner is NOT a racist.

      Let me review the 3 Educators:
      Anger educates the Sense Soul, until . . .

      Truth educates the Mind Soul (either-or logic) until . . .

      Religious Devotion educates the Consciousness Soul (both-and logic)


      The battleground here is the middle, the Mind Soul. Where one truth
      denies the opposite truth, then people regress back to Anger because
      they won't go forward to the religious devotion of the CS, where the
      BEING of the person holding whatever ideas is more important than the
      TRUTH content of those ideas.

      (Hence the vicious --- and viscous -- mudslinging, mayhem, raging,
      insulting, abusive, ad hominem, ad feminam, free for all drunken cyber
      brawl we call the Steiner Internet, of which, by the way, I was the
      crusading pioneer ten years ago! So I'm looking at my karma in my
      Double's eye, just as Dottie observes.)

      But, it is not that Truth becomes irrelevant; more that Truth is like
      the stars are not seen during the daytime, when the BEING of the Sun
      obscures the TRUTH of the individual stars.

      Let me say it this way: the MS night of "either-or" gives way to the
      CS day of "both-and."

      So, Jennifer, imagine a world where the Critics could acknowledge that
      Steiner wasn't a racist and, in turn, the Anthros acknowledge that
      Steiner was a racist. Then they would both balance their see-saws and
      we could all live happily ever after in the Waldorf Playground of the
      Consciousness Soul Age and die well.


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