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Re: Adonais an Autumn Michael mood study

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  • Stephen Hale
    ... wrote: The Egyptian third epoch is twisted in knots around the roots of the current western Fifth Epoch. The American forces are entwined and knotted,
    Message 1 of 14 , Oct 17, 2007
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      "The Egyptian third epoch is twisted in knots around the roots of the
      current western Fifth Epoch. The American forces are entwined and
      knotted, like the Ahrimanic portion of the bottom half of the statue of
      the Representative of Man that Steiner carved. The ancient Ahrimanic
      roots coil up and twist into the economic and politcal knots of the
      current world. Gnarled by human torture and pain, and Ahriman's
      BEINGHOOD that has the intention to either crush and obliterate our
      humanity or have our humanity be so kindled that full Michael Courage
      rises up and blares, trumpets and flattens the Ahrimanic under our feet
      as a mockery and retarded illusion of the true human being."

      I feel that it is important to understand that there is both a
      Representative of Man, carefully thought out by Rudolf Steiner, and
      carved with the help of Edith Maryon, and a Representative of Anti-Man,
      which can be carved in the mind as a very horrific vision of what it
      means to now have the Asuras alive in the human ego consciousness.

      It is quite a paradox indeed that human ego consciousness, born through
      Christ, and the sacrifice on Golgotha, also means the advent of Asuras
      in this relatively new form of individual consciousness soul. Since
      the last third of the 19th century, a century in which spiritless
      materialism first arose in human culture, it also began that human
      beings were born in order to experience their own ego consciousness for
      the very first time. And this occurrence, beginning back then, and
      thus predicting all human incarnations throughout the entire length of
      the 20th century, also gave rise to the Asuras in human consciousness.
      The double-edged sword seen coming out of the mouth of the Angel
      Messenger in the Book of Revelation, now issues our of our own mouth.

      So, it is possible to envision two forms of Steiner's 'Representative
      of Man' sculpture, which is given a very admirable description in the
      single lecture, "Christ in Relation to Lucifer and Ahriman", from May
      18, 1915 (and available on the RS E-Library). The one in which Christ
      is depicted standing between Lucifer and Ahriman, wants to carefully
      show that Lucifer and Ahriman are lovingly brought down. And the
      reason is because they have brought mankind to freedom in the earthly
      world. Thus, they are the complementary agents of the Christ in this
      essential preparation for individual ego consciousness. Mankind would
      not be free today if Lucifer and Ahriman had not been able to find a
      way to wrest a certain control from the Spirits of Form (Exusiai), and
      thus enter into the human astral body, and etheric body, which were
      originally to be the domain of the lofty Exusiai.

      But just as the original and visible 'Representative of Man' wants to
      carefully depict this integrally important and freedom-allowing
      relationship between Lucifer and Ahriman and Christ, so also can it be
      depicted that when the human ego first becomes conscious, and this is
      owed entirely to Christ entering earth evolution for this purpose, that
      the Asuras begins working in this now conscious ego. And Asuras has
      the power, being at the lowest and most destructive level of the sub-
      earthly regions, to make Lucifer and Ahriman work for him in ways that
      are inimical, or contradictory to their original complementary roles
      under the guidance of Christ.

      Thus, it is possible to envision a 'Representative of Anti-Man' wherein
      the evil Asuras stands between Lucifer and Ahriman, who are now being
      uplifted in a grotesque form that is the exact opposite of the former
      sculpture. And all being guided by the evil Asuras, who stands below
      Lucifer and Ahriman in the sub-earthly regions where the
      differentiated, decimated, and ultimately destructive Third Force light
      dwells. It is this light that opposes Christ, and opposes mankind
      through its power to uplift Ahriman and Lucifer to work against the
      very freedom that represents their true heritage according to Christ.

      And it is in this endeavor to use Lucifer and Ahriman in this way; to
      effect the enslavement of mankind rather than the freedom that has
      already been earned through the Christ Event, that Asuras becomes
      Soradt, the Sun-Demon. Soradt's third incarnation (1998) has been able
      to effectuate this very unholy alliance in ways that are truly
      disturbing today. But this was already at work in the 1940's, and now
      it is very possible that we are facing another Hundred Year war that
      was so emblematic of Soradt's second incarnation in 1332.

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