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Man as Cacaphony of the Creative Clown

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  • tmasthenes13
    This lecture is part of a lost Dornach cycle called: Man as Cacophony of the Creative Clown, The lost manuscript was discovered in 1985 at an oasis in Saudi
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 9, 2007
      This lecture is part of a lost Dornach cycle called: "Man as Cacophony
      of the Creative Clown," The lost manuscript was discovered in 1985 at
      an oasis in Saudi Arabia, not far from Gondi-shapur. GA 666.
      (It was translated from underhanded reports, unregurgitated by the

      Man as Cacophony of the Creative Clown

      My Dear Friends,

      It warms me superficially to be here with you this evening on this
      hundredth anniversary of the death of Count Dracula. As you know, I
      have spoken to you here at "Door Knob" many times before of the
      insidious bat droppings that the dragon so ravenously feeds on. As you
      know, dear friends, bats are the dreams of the earth, but, if you die
      out of matter, the soul begins to perceive its own reflection in the
      mirrored consciousness of beings on other planets. These beings are
      hideous creatures which I might describe in our language, which is
      inadequate for these things, that fly through our livers and deposit
      larvae into a frothy substance in the ether holes that the dragon
      creates with his painfully sharp teeth.

      As you know, the human being during his present stage of evolution
      consists of many members. Only a few of these may be discussed at
      public gatherings. Man basically consists of:

      1. PHYSICAL BODY, which he has in common with brutes;

      2. EITHER-OR BODY or SHADOW BODY, which is a mere semblance of the former.

      3. ASPARAGUS BODY--- so-called for its likeness to a blooming
      asparagus; and,

      4. EAGLE or EYEBALL, the highest member of man but the lowest member
      of lofty beings in the outer planetary spheres.

      You see, dear friends, these things are not simple, though many people
      today would like them to be so. We must penetrate ever deeper with a
      muddy, limestone-like consciousness into these things so that we can
      then perceive spiritual beings weaving through the "either-or" world.
      When we sink to such consciousness, we gradually begin sub-sensibly to
      perceive huge clowns dancing around those who are sad. Yes, my dear
      friends, it is truly such that when tears morbidly stream down from
      the eyes of sorrowful persons, gigantic clowns scoop up the finer
      parts of the lacrimal fluid into fantastic golden goblets and splash
      it all over their heads with gleeful abandon. But, when we lower our
      gaze still further, vacantly, to the infra-sensible beings of _joyful_
      persons, we observe there melancholy elementary beings like blubbering
      infants. They foolishly sob, yet their tears nevertheless quicken the
      felicity of living human souls.

      Thus, when we see someone heartily laughing or warmly smiling, there
      are corresponding beings who cry tears of sorrow. Therefore, in our
      age, we must no longer laugh when we are happy or cry when karma deals
      us a heavy blow, but we should actually weep when we are lighthearted,
      and laugh away our cares and personal troubles. This is truly the only
      way we can beat these bothersome creatures at their own game! Then we
      will truly live in the spiritual and transform our sanity slowly.

      In parting, I would like to leave you with these thoughts to meditate
      on in Carnival. It is this that I wanted to bring to you tonight. If
      we truly take these things to heart, and work with these things
      faithfully, we may gradually enter the realm of the foolish."

      [Written by David Anderson at Rudolf Steiner College in 1985 and
      performed as part of Foundation Year skit. Actor was costumed in black
      frock coat.]
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