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Re: [anthroposophy] Re: Clockwise/counterclockwise

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  • Torben Zenth
    Hi Starman Thank you for your, as always, elaborate answer. Torben Copenhagen
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 7, 2000
      Hi Starman

      Thank you for your, as always, elaborate answer.


      > From: DocStarman@...

      >>> From: "Danny F." <premabrahma@...>
      >>> But yet, it's hard to forget the use of the Swatiska by the Nazis...
      >> What's the story of the nazi-swastika in this connection?
      >> Torben
      > Copenhagen >>
      > *******I believe what he was referring to was that the hook-cross
      > (hagenkreutz), which represents the 4 elements in motion (as opposed to the
      > square, which is the 4 at rest) rotated counter-clockwise in its ancient
      > Buddhist use, meaning withdrawal away from matter. The Nazi symbol was the
      > reverse, clockwise, signifying plunging deeper INTO matter.
      > The choice comes from the reality of the Sun in daytime and the night
      > sky: when anyone in the Northern Hemisphere wishes to face the direction the
      > sun is always in (the south), the sun and stars are seen to move clockwise---
      > so this is the direction of 'earthly' Nature, you could say, while
      > counter-clockwise is the much less obvious motion that the Moon and planets
      > exhibit over more than one day, therefore a 'heavenly' nature direction (in
      > old English, 'widdershin') not seen in the daily. Rather as we do the
      > Ruckschäu in reverse of the order nature gives us things, so it takes more
      > effort....
      > The National Socialists (a group that grew out of one of the Brotherhoods
      > of the Left-Hand path) wanted more and more the material, in opposition to
      > the way we are meant to grow now that Kali Yuga has ended. Instead of
      > developing the etheric mind, they brought all their poorly-understood occult
      > teachings down into matter. They pursued an ancient Roman way more than a
      > thousand years after it had become inappropriate; for now we have conquered
      > the material world, and it is the world of the etheric that awaits our
      > exploration. Although, there were distorted hints of even this in the Nazi
      > phenomenon, like Blut und Gründ, and Hans Hoerbiger's Fire/Ice cosmology....
      > Dr. Starman
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