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  • Stephen Hale
    Carol, Eighty-seven years ago, Rudolf Steiner gave a lecture course in which he gives his most clear and comprehensive analysis of the situation which exists
    Message 1 of 47 , Oct 3, 2007

      Eighty-seven years ago, Rudolf Steiner gave a lecture course in
      which he gives his most clear and comprehensive analysis of the
      situation which exists today. This lecture course, "The New
      Spirituality and the Christ Experience in the Twentieth Century"
      (GA200), demonstrates from the outset that the western secret
      societies (American brotherhood), had been effectuating an
      overruling and over-arching dominance in the arena of the economic
      aspect of the threefold social order, such as to clearly dominate
      the other two aspects, seen as existing in the East (spiritual-
      cultural), and the Centre ( legal-juridicial). And that this
      dominating influence goes back to the very time that Norwegian ships
      brought the first advent of occult medicine from Europe over to the
      American continent, c. 666 AD. So yes, in fact, spiritual geography
      plays a very important part herein, in terms of the western
      rulership of the world by way of so-called "democracy" and its
      present efforts at globalization of its value system.

      Arabism, on the other hand, has a twofold influence in the world.
      On the one hand, it can be shown that the Arabic Cultural Stream was
      created concurrent with the Hebrew Cultural Stream, thus
      demonstrating that there is a House of Abraham, just as there is a
      House of David. The downward descent of the Arabic culture serves a
      purpose that is equal to the Hebrew descent. And it is only at the
      mid-point of earth evolution, as it relates to the Hebrews, and 666,
      as it relates to the Arabs, that a digression appears in these two
      cultures. And both digressions appear to be effected by the
      workings of the gentile stream. Arabism in its place has served a
      great purpose in bringing forth the accomplishments needed for a
      materialistic view of the world; such even as to bring its worthy
      influences into the western education system itself. The Jewish
      culture also is an exemplar of worthy advancement into the modern
      world, but was diverted at the critical moment, even as the laying
      of palm branches was still a fading memory.

      In short, the Romans, who represent the exemplars of the Gentile
      Cultural Stream in its consistent rejection of the Christ Impulse in
      favor of the Third Cultural Epoch, were the harbingers of all that
      has subsequently infected this earth with a cleverness, guile,
      apathy, and indolence that marks our present age.

      It truly is the "Skull and Bones" that rules with a gleeful
      arrogance today, and feels joy at the experience of human pain.

      --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "carol" <organicethics@...>
      > "that Thomas Aquinas knew in his heart and soul would not lead to
      > etheric observational skills that fully arose in Steiner and
      > arose in Goethe made St. Thomas fight the invasion of the icy
      > forces that spread from Nominalism and Arabistic thinking into the
      > intellectual Soul."
      > I've read in no other but a Waldorf basher site that at some point
      > his life, Steiner mentioned that it now falls upon the white race
      > develop the '?forces' of the intellect. Of course the WC find this
      > racists.
      > Could Steiner have been, in a suggestive way, wishing to allude to
      > hidden fact that 'members of the white race' would be responsible
      > carrying the forces of the intellect over to etheric observation?
      > If so, are we to assume that the etheric stream of the white race
      > take this on, on it's own?
      > Or, could etheric streams from religious impulses come into the
      mix as
      > it where, to fill the white individual with 'stronger astral
      forces' so
      > as to better 'carry the work' through to it's end? (expecially
      > Christian)
      > And what of the 'as if given' unwavering combative qualities which
      > Arabistic thinking and being still exert into this day?
      > Could it be possible that it was an evolutionary necessity that
      > Arabistic thinking be taken up by the white race, and brought over
      > etheric observation?
      > Could 'unwavering and combative thinking' exist of itself in this
      > had not the Arab race been it's initial 'ambassador' and remained
      > ever present 'guardian'?
      > Note, in today's world, it is NOT Arabs who lead the Illuminati
      > it is white race Jews and Jesuites.
      > It is not Arabs who own Hollywood, nor Las Vegas.
      > And inspite of a natural ability to persistant strong nomilistic
      > thinking, the Arab Muslim is given direct recognition of it's own
      > culture's aritistic beauty, link to the natural world and pious
      > disposition.
      > Doesn't look like Ahriman's got too much room to grow there.
      > Maybe this has a little to do with why they are being hit on SO
      > Maybe they're waiting on the White race to catch on to the
      riddles, and
      > MOVE ON with Michael's work.
      > Presented for reflection.
      > --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "holderlin66" <holderlin66@>
      > wrote:
      > >
      > >
      > > The Fall of Weimar and the Fall of Munich, both were powerful
      > of
      > > departure for the hopes of the Michael School to prevent the full
      > thrust
      > > of Ahrimanic Intelligence. Steiner knew what he was doing. The
      core of
      > > Munich would attract those seekers interested in Physics and
      Light and
      > > Steiner wedged the design and building into Munich as the
      > Bau.
      > > The name itself focused on the higher devachan Light. The
      > is
      > > a name true to the same cognitive observational skills that
      > > from Aristotle and from Goethe that leads the seeker from the
      > > intellectual soul to the Consciousness Soul. Woven in Goethe's
      > > of Colors, was the Faust experience where also Light and Shadow
      > > moral impressions and moral beings, exactly like Michael and
      > as
      > > the Christ arising in the Etheric. These were matters of light
      and the
      > > observational skills of the Consciousness Soul.
      > >
      > > Goethe was and was thrown under the bus by the German people, but
      > Goethe
      > > was for a short period of time, a small window of history,
      > > cosmopolitan and representative of everything that humanity
      should be.
      > > This drifted, flowed and saturated right over to our own Ralph
      > > Emerson. Emerson was once a Roman, a rational Roman who had
      > > merely a scant few paragraphs about the Christ Event, but Steiner
      > spent
      > > energy to trace how the cognitive faculties of Emerson recognized
      > > Goethe. The world had recognized Goethe and the German people
      > > invaded by what Steiner knew was also coming.
      > >
      > > What was coming was a significant battle for the appropriate
      > to
      > > Zarathustra and the Christ. What was coming were a horde of
      > > incarnations that were tossed out of the spiritual World when the
      > battle
      > > of Heaven shifted the Ahrimanic forces to the plain of Earth and
      > dumped
      > > the Intelligence that was infected with Ahriman into their new
      > and
      > > their new heaven, the brains and intellectual soul of festering
      > > sentimental humanity. First Stop, Germany....but world wide they
      > > dumped, along with their human vehicles, human hosts into the
      > of
      > > humanity and human intellects. Steiner knew that the dates 1879
      > the
      > > immense streaming events overhead would impact Earth with souls
      > > attracted to oppose the Warm light of the Christ and rich etheric
      > vision
      > > and truth, with cold lies and hatred. It was coming and it would
      > > straight through the intellects of human beings.
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > > I was born in 1949 and rolled into the American stream.
      Figuratively I
      > > have had an interest in the destiny of Holderlin and his
      relation to
      > > Goethe and the strange factors that allowed me to slip into the
      > > of Anthroposophy and attend in German and English, the
      Goetheanum in
      > my
      > > twenties. But for both celebrations of Goethe and the after
      echoes of
      > > the fall of Germany, Leo Strauss plays his role even in the essay
      > below.
      > >
      > > Our problem today, is not merely a figurative interest in
      > > however the conception of Mephisto has managed to saturate
      itself into
      > > the system of human imagination, but actual thinking cognition
      > > actual substance is lacking in i-tard university fouled human
      > who
      > > have walked away with nothing but nihilism, hypocrisy and acute
      > > selfishness that has been exiled, exiled from the bridge to
      Light and
      > > the bridge to Truth that exists in the Science of the Spirit and
      > > first opening words of the John Gospel.
      > >
      > > The playing field today, right now, currently, when we BE HERE
      NOW, is
      > > that in 2007 we are looking at Good Germans, Nazis and Leo
      Strauss and
      > > now good Americans, good Anthros and utterly Nominalists and
      > Arabistic,
      > > ahriman John the Baptist Neocons. What had happened to Germany
      is now
      > > happening in America. Neoplatonism, Aristotle and the Islamic
      > of
      > > Arabistic, tainted Aristotle.... that Thomas Aquinas knew in his
      > > and soul would not lead to the etheric observational skills that
      > > arose in Steiner and partially arose in Goethe made St. Thomas
      > the
      > > invasion of the icy Ahrimanic forces that spread from Nominalism
      > > Arabistic thinking into the intellectual Soul. Today the
      Sentient Soul
      > > and Intellectual Soul are tapped and trapped in a MSM bubble
      > > with SPIN, lies and absolute evil intent. And the Good American,
      > > upset, finds the overthrow of such murdering monsters,
      > > How do we get rid of something that one remembers how powerfully
      > Steiner
      > > fought to thrust back the invading darkness...
      > >
      > > The Cunning of the Sorathian Mind in Mr. H. Lector - True
      > > cunning
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > > Steiner appealed to Reason and stood in the midst of WW I.
      > > thousands upon thousands more, than the poor crew of the first
      > > impulses, thousands of Anthros are here, daily fighting for
      every inch
      > > of Michael Intelligence in every child, in every biodynamic
      garden, in
      > > every Word from Eurythmy and here, in the realm of numbed adult
      > > thinking, even Adult Education, like Emerson College and Steiner
      > Schools
      > > everywhere.
      > >
      > > We are in a better position today, but we find that here in this
      > > Michaelmas era, our elders and the Goetheanum and the vast
      > of
      > > hundreds of groups around the world, are putting up as potent a
      > > for reason, as is possible. As potent a fight for clarity and
      > intiation
      > > science and the light as is possible, given the weaknesses of
      our own
      > > human natures. Given the fact that we are bound and tied to
      forces in
      > > human development that are indicated by both our Christic,
      > and
      > > Ahrimanic forces that flow through all of us.
      > >
      > > All that is needed is that we recognize the moral indicators of
      > > Being of reason or unreason we should consciously follow. The
      > that
      > > most of humanity are unconscious means that the path of unreason
      > > instinct draws them towards certain forces in themselves which
      > > refuse to bring up to cognition. Steiner fought with the tools of
      > > reason and higher devachan intelligence. Our understanding of
      > > and the Fall of Germany is warped. We are required to pass exams
      > > pass through history and political science that has no
      > > root core. So Anthros must be the wedge that connects and draws
      > > to events and also must recognize when others stumble towards the
      > right
      > > strength of where true Michael forces align themselves with the
      > > soul. Do that in remembrance of him. Do this in expectation of
      > > Michael Strength and facing souls around us who are in the midst
      > the
      > > Stigmata and are strong students of Rudolf Steiner.
      > >
      > > What is interesting for us to consider in the Stigmata events
      > impacting
      > > Anthroposophy, is that these Stigmata events have broken forth
      > the
      > > new and potent insights from Spiritual Science itself, Spiritual
      > Science
      > > and the Christ Event itself. Which means that something of the
      > > underground church and the new cognition of the Christ has
      > and
      > > opened the potent forces through Anthroposophy herself. We might
      > > the issues of 33 years, 66 years and 99 years... three periods of
      > > thirty-three, but here rising up from within Anthroposphy herself
      > comes
      > > a powerful indicator of the penetration of an impulse that has
      > surfaced
      > > in a certain individual. Yet friends, Michael Intelligence is
      > > surfacing and has surfaced in thousands upon thousands of souls.
      > Judith
      > > is a strong indicator but everwhere where Michael students
      > > research and do productive growth, work and living devachan
      > maturation,
      > > reveals the wash and penetration of the heart forces WE WILL
      NEED, and
      > > the cognitive forces WE WILL NEED to face the immense
      > > Neocon/1998/Sorathian surge to plant the Ahrimanic in the
      freeest of
      > the
      > > laziest of the thinking countries with the most destructive
      > > and mindsets. America.
      > >
      > > Bradford brought previously;
      > >
      > > "If it hadn't happened so recently in history, the whole entire
      > massive
      > > amazing mess would simply be impossible to grasp. And what is
      > > interesting is that somehow Anthros don't understand how immense
      > > Orwellian/Ahrimanic and problematic all this is. In fact most
      > > would stand in your face and deny even that there is such a
      thing as
      > > Ahrimanic forces in the motives and instincts of human will. Why
      > > Anthros so spoiled, weak and limp when they have the intense
      > > and moral tools that Steiner asked us to use? Go figure! Do they
      > > that Anthroposophy is some little religious sect to hide in with
      > strange
      > > and quaint beliefs? Does the sweet and simple life of an Anthro
      > > safe and cotton ball bounded so that all we need to do is live
      off the
      > > memory of sweet Christ sayings that Steiner wrought with the
      depth of
      > > Michael Intelligence in a vital confronation with a storm front
      > > approaching Ahrimanic forces? Maybe we need to understand
      > > and Courage in a light that is not so safe and feeling immune
      from the
      > > jagged destruction that now represents the American Psyche."
      > >
      > > http://www.tannerlectures.utah.edu/lectures/Lepenies_01.pdf
      > > <http://www.tannerlectures.utah.edu/lectures/Lepenies_01.pdf>
      > >
      > > "It's time now to come back to the devil. In my Šrst lecture I
      > > mentioned the two Goethe polls that were conducted in Germany in
      > > and Šfty years later.5 One of the more interesting results of
      > these
      > > polls is the brilliant career that Mephisto has made for himself
      > the
      > > West.
      > >
      > > In 1949, when the Germans were asked which character in Goethe's
      > > drama Faust fascinated them most, 18% voted for Faust, 12% for
      > Gretchen,
      > > and only 7% for Mephisto. In 1999, however, the preferences have
      > turned
      > > around: in West Germany, 12% are now fascinated most by Mephisto
      and a
      > > mere 10% by Faust. In the East, not much has changed, at least
      not at
      > > Šrst glance: 24% vote for Faust, 18% for Mephisto. The
      > > between East and West become even greater when only those are
      > who
      > > have actually read Faust: now 34% in the West prefer Mephisto,
      > > Faust. In the East, the result is exactly the reverse: 33% vote
      > > Faust, 24% for Mephisto. These results have been interpreted as
      > > indicator of a deep change of value-orientation and mentality
      > observable
      > > in Germany over the past thirty years.
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > > "Be practical, my dear good sir!" Mephisto urges Faust. The
      > > Germans seem to have followed his advice—more so than Faust ever
      > > did. The times are over when John Dewey could call Germany a
      > > where even cavalry generals relied on philosophy to bring home
      > practical
      > > lessons. There are no cavalry generals anymore, and philosophy
      > come
      > > down from its high horse.
      > >
      > > For a long time, the majority of the German population could not
      > embrace
      > > the idea that enjoying one's life could be a legitimate way of
      > > giving meaning to it. When asked whether having fun could give
      > > to one's life, only 26% answered yes in 1974, but 56% did so
      > > twenty-Šve years later. Hedonism and the pleasure principle, as
      > > embodied by Mephisto, reign supreme. The East-West divide still
      > exists,
      > > but it points more to problems of the past then to troubles for
      > > future.
      > >
      > > The younger people are, the more they prefer Mephisto to Faust,
      in the
      > > West as well as in the East. There is no longer, as Faust
      > > "A curse upon vain property, / On wife and child and
      husbandry! / A
      > > curse on mammon, when his gold / Lures us to rash heroic
      deeds, / Or
      > > when his easeful arms enfold / Us softly, pampering all our
      > > Rather, Germans in East and West are eager to follow Mephisto's
      > > advice: "Strike out, be free, / And learn what the good life can
      > > be."6 Mephisto symbolizes a society for whose members private
      > > well-being counts, not public ideology.7
      > >
      > > In the German conception of democracy, social welfare plays a
      > > role. More than anywhere else in the West, the legitimacy of
      > > is inextricably bound to a good performance of the economy and
      > > functioning of an all-embracing system of social security. The
      > > abbreviation SWR, Ernst Fränkel once mockingly said, stands for
      > > German democracy, which must be deŠned as a Society without
      > >
      > > In 1930, when Thomas Mann tried to defend the declining Weimar
      > Republic,
      > > he was aware of the intricate linkage between the legitimacy of
      > > existing political system and the performance of the economy. His
      > > courageous public speech was called "Appeal to Reason." In the
      > > September elections, reason had been dealt a terrible blow: the
      > National
      > > Socialist Party had increased its share of the vote from 2.6% to
      > > thereby making it the second largest party after the Social
      > > Yet even on this occasion where he vigorously defended the
      > > Thomas Mann still doubted "whether the parliamentary system of
      > > western Europe, which Germany took over as being somehow
      available and
      > > convenient after the collapse of the feudal system, is really
      > > suited to her case; whether it does not in some sense and to some
      > extent
      > > warp and do violence to her political ethic."
      > >
      > > The lack of authenticity prevented the Weimar Republic from
      > > political legitimacy; the lack of economic security deprived it
      > > massive moral support. A combination of cultural and economic
      > > shortcomings doomed the Weimar Republic. It was too much, Mann
      > to
      > > demand sound political thought from an economically ailing
      > people—a
      > > very German sentence indeed.
      > >
      > > Having said this, Thomas Mann, a nonpolitical man no more but a
      > > committed Republican for quite some time, took refuge in "German
      > > Culture" again. When he afŠrmed that he did not want to become a
      > > praeceptor patriae, what he really wanted to say was almost the
      > > opposite: this was a time when—after politics had failed—the
      > > poet, the writer, the artist had to act. He proclaimed that form,
      > > "be it ever so playful, is akin to the spirit, to what leads one
      > > to social betterment; and art is the sphere in which the conšict
      > > between the social and the ideal is resolved."9 Culture had to
      > > to the rescue of the Republic. But it was helpless, as it turned
      > > before long. Four years after Mann had spoken of art as the
      sphere in
      > > which the great conšicts of the times could be solve, his books
      > were
      > > burnt in Berlin.
      > >
      > > [Lepenies] The End of "German Culture" 193
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > > [6Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Faust: Part One, trans. with an
      > > introduction by David
      > >
      > > [Luke (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1987), pp. 48, 49 (v.
      > > 1597–1603, 1542–43).
      > >
      > > [7During the Second World War, when Thomas Mann wrote a novel
      > > subject
      > >
      > > [might also be described as the legacy of "German Culture," he
      > > could not but name it Doctor
      > >
      > > [Faustus. When his son Klaus, in 1936, wrote a novel whose
      subject was
      > > the adaptability of
      > >
      > > [the German mind to any political circumstance, he called it
      > >
      > > [8 Cf. Ernst Fränkel, Deutschland und die westlichen Demokratien
      > > (Stuttgart: Kohlhammer,
      > >
      > > [1968). Fränkel spoke of the GojR, the "Gesellschaft ohne jedes
      > > Risiko."]
      > >
      > > Depiction of the Ahrimanic so called Satanic and the Legion of
      > so
      > > infected, that are have been streaming forward into the
      intellects of
      > > human beings on Earth.
      > >
      > > [Image:Satan, First Angel.jpg]
      > >
    • Stephen Hale
      ... China! Correction. Lucifer incarnated in the third millennium before Christ in China, and at the age of forty years was able, for the first time in human
      Message 47 of 47 , Oct 17, 2007
        --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "Stephen Hale"
        <sardisian01@...> wrote:
        > it is said that Lucifer's physical incarnation occurred in the 3rd
        > century before Christ. And this incarnation brought forth the
        > wisdom that allowed the pre-christian mysteries to be understood,
        > even by the power of the intellect. Without the incarnation of
        > Lucifer, even the Mystery of Golgotha would have remained
        > incomprehensible. And this incarnation of Lucifer occurred in

        Correction. Lucifer incarnated in the third millennium before
        Christ in China, and at the age of forty years was able, for the
        first time in human history, to transform the revelations contained
        in the ancient Mysteries; revelations that previously could only be
        experienced directly, into intelligent form. Thus, the wisdom of
        Lucifer began to flow down throughout the third Post-Atlantean
        cultural epoch, in a form guided by intellectual comprehension.

        It is important to understand that guiding the post-atlantean
        cultural epochs, as the underlying motivation, is the process of the
        devolution of the old moon clairvoyance, which had passed over to
        earth evolution with the mineral element. Thus, from the point of
        the last third of the Lemurian (Third) Epoch, all the way to the
        height of the Atlantean (Fourth) Epoch, which can be logically
        traced back to 11,547 BC, this form of direct-perceptive
        clairvoyance of the spiritual worlds was beheld by mankind as a
        continuous presence.

        But it all had to come to an end at some point in order that the
        consciousness befitting earth evolution itself (The Fourth Sphere),
        could commence. So, contained within the post-atlantean cultural
        epochs, beginning with the ancient Indian Epoch (7227 BC), we can
        trace the progressive demise of the Old Moon clairvoyance, which
        passes through the Ego first, then the Astral Body, and finally the
        Etheric Body in the Greek Age (fourth cultural epoch), toward the
        new faculty of thinking, which effectively replaces the old form of

        And that is why thinking has its seat in the etheric body, and its
        expression in the astral body, which is the proper configuration for
        seeing the outer world in projective images of three-dimensional
        objects. Yes, earth evolution involves the sinking of spirit into a
        form called matter, and for a time, the loss of direct spirit
        perception in favor of a materialistic perception, seemingly devoid
        of spirit, yet still existing across a thin veil; the veil of the
        etheric world itself.

        We communicate across this veil, proving that spiritual renewal is
        already working in this fifth cultural epoch.

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