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  • tmasthenes13
    ... wrote: Dottie, I must say that your writing has improved greatly. I ve been reading all you re written lately and you certainly show a new
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      I must say that your writing has improved greatly. I've been reading
      all you're written lately and you certainly show a new sense of
      equanimity, poise and perspective that was missing before. What's
      gotten into you, girl? You taking Sophia shots or something? Now I feel
      somewhat sheepish as I had mistakenly assumed I could trot out my usual
      baiting and trolling tricks to get you going, and instead, you are
      writing these measured posts that show sustained and consistent
      thinking, the likes of which would be the envy of Joel Wendt. I imagine
      Joel might even be proud of you although knowing him he'll probably
      take all the credit for your improvement since he expended so much
      effort over the years in patiently tutoring, warmly criticizing and
      angrily exhorting you to get your thinking act together. And now you

      I want to address the Catholic issue in a following post, but here I
      want to follow up on what you are writing about the way Ahriman uses
      Lucifer. The RS Archive finally has the lecture online that I want to
      quote and it should give you another perspective on the interplay of
      Lucifer and Ahriman.

      In this lecture, RS speaks about what happens when Ahriman and then
      Lucifer gets the upper hand in the astral, etheric and physical bodies.
      So there are 6 possibilities covered here.

      I am going to skip the physical body section and quote what happens in
      case Lucifer threatens to take over the etheric body, and then when
      Ahriman gets the upper hand in the ether body. And then both in the
      astral body. I put in all the emphases and underlining.


      Man's Life on Earth and in the Spiritual Worlds, London GA 218


      London, 16th November, 1922



      "And now, if you are able to look with real insight into man's
      etheric nature, — not merely into his physical, but into his etheric
      nature — you will find there too, occasion for disappointment to the
      Ahrimanic and Luciferic powers.

      For when the Luciferic powers are victorious over the Ahrimanic in the
      ether-body, then the person becomes a liar, he becomes an habitual liar
      [Pathological liar]

      In that case he is obviously not moral; and so he falls out of the world
      within which Lucifer would like to secure him. Instead of making him a
      moral automaton, Lucifer has turned him into a liar. And, strange as it
      may seem, the fact that the person becomes addicted to lying is a weapon
      in the hands of the good Powers, to aid them in rescuing him from
      Lucifer. For when someone turns liar, — well, that can be
      ameliorated in the further course of karma; whereas if Lucifer were
      really to gain the victory he seeks, the Earth would lose that human
      soul, it would soar right away above the Earth.


      If, on the other hand, Ahriman were to conquer, or come near to
      conquering, in the ether body,

      then the person would become possessed — possessed by his own
      cleverness. And since he is inwardly possessed by it, the cleverness
      must needs remain within him. It has hold of him; his ether-body is
      absolutely charged with it. And so there is no possibility for Ahriman
      to draw out the instincts and impulses; they are stuck fast in the
      ether-body, because the person is possessed by his cleverness. Here too,
      then, will be plenty of opportunity for Lucifer and Ahriman to
      experience bitter frustration and disappointment, when addiction to
      lying, or on the other hand, obsession follows as a consequence of their
      apparent victories.


      Let us now see what can happen with the astral body.

      Suppose the Ahrimanic powers come near to being victorious in the astral
      body. The person in question will in this case tend to become an
      out-and-out egoist. But that will mean that he, as an egoist, keeps fast
      hold of his instincts, and there will be no chance for Ahriman to snatch
      them away. So once more, Ahriman's prize escapes him.


      Suppose on the other hand. Lucifer nearly gains a victory [in the astral

      Then the person is liable to turn into a dreamer in the astral body, to
      become an ego-less dreamer, who is, as one says, "not in his right
      mind." Such things happen; it can well be that people succumb, if
      only for a time, to such a condition.

      The Luciferic and Ahrimanic powers are thus subject to disillusionment
      on earth in many directions."


      This interplay of L & A is very much like a thermostat regulating
      temperature in your house so you can achieve homeostasis. If it gets too
      hot, i.e. too Luciferic, the air conditioner kicks on and cool Ahrimanic
      air is pumped in. If it gets too cold, i.e. too Ahrimanic, then
      Lucifer's furnace kicks on to pump hot air into the room. The goal
      is to maintain the dynamic equilibrium of spiritual homeostatsis.

      Hope this will help, Dottie. You should read the entire lecture to set
      up the right context.


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