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  • holderlin66
    I brought this bare naked sentence; The fact that most of humanity are unconscious means that the path of unreason and instinct draws them towards certain
    Message 1 of 47 , Oct 3, 2007
      I brought this bare naked sentence;

      "The fact that most of humanity are unconscious means that the path of
      unreason and instinct draws them towards certain forces in themselves
      which they refuse to bring up to cognition."

      Now that is the disturbing part. The really, really disturbing part, is
      how many examples I could bring, even to say WMD, (weapons of mass
      destruction) vs OIL...suppose on any front from Ahriman/Mephisto to WMD,
      one could build the bridge to reason. We all try and say we also keep
      trying, but the disturbing part is the fog of reason, the reaction, the
      instinctive reaction against seeing, looking, following what their logic
      or illogic has wrought in the world and in themselves, suddenly flashes
      briefly in front of their souls gaze. We experience directly the terror
      of contradictions and the dynamic animal instinct of fight or flight
      survival instincts.

      Today, already, in a raw Orwellian sense, in a powerful whispered and
      felt sense, at any moment in any conversation we can feel in that moment
      an instinctive repulsion, as if the Being there under the skin, is so
      repelled by the possibility of discovery by the feeble i am, that it
      throws up Rush Limbaugh, Mother Night, Talk radio ultimate reinforced
      and potently enabled deceptions and most, most literally flee the
      argument and start scratching for labels like liberal or traitor or
      terrorist or betrayer of the troops or a whole host of labels where
      objective, cool and observational, self -observational thinking is
      hissingly rejected. Any self-observational arguments are rejected
      because the cloaked being inside the will, not only fears for it's own
      discovery and life... it puts up a fight for its spiritual life and
      triggers a set of instincts and responses that flee from healthy reason
      and the healthy harmony of the Soul.

      Of course dogmatic ideas and beliefs as are typical in the Nascar and
      GWB mind set which cannot entertain in the mind two contrary and
      contradictory ideas. This initial brush with potent abstract thinking
      has always been nerve wracking and disturbs the unsteady foundatons that
      the soul has so carefully built for itself. To entertain that the
      dogmatic systems are false and that healthy observation should lead one
      to a different relation to light and reason, so that it literally helps
      to illuminate within our reason... The first encounters with such a
      shift in philosophy can easily occur with rich wrestling for your life
      with the Philosophy of Freedom. That is what the Philosophy of Freedom
      was there for. To wrestle like your life depended on it and get past
      the uncomfortable and screaming contradictions until you can weigh up
      secure observations without freaking out.

      That is the price of admission into the Consciousness Soul.

      But the really scary problem with the Neocon and Nazi and the current
      shrunken political power locks that cannot entertain such political
      unsavory clarity, as Ron Paul currently presses on the media, which the
      media has fled, fled screaming from, hiding and jibbering in the
      corners, clinging on to such stale stuff as John McCain, what is scary
      is the instinctual potent roots of where lies are eye scratchingly and
      swift boatingly defended....because the icy sanctuary of Ahrimanic
      legions screech in the soul as their lives depend on us not seeing and
      denying so that logic is rejected for hyper-feeling and instinct driven
      by a force which people are afraid to face. These reactions prove beyond
      a shadow of a doubt the potent thrones of powers of Christic, Ahrimanic
      and Luciferic forces that plow the soul into catastrophic turmoil. The
      denial and the refusal of us to face in ourselves all the powers of
      heaven and all the powers of hell creates for the soul a sanctuary of
      mediocrity, of banality, irrational lies and utter internally betrayed
      humanism which becomes proudly and luciferically defended by the likes
      of Ann Coulter, a screaming piece of ice cold Ahrimanic/luciferic and
      even much more dreadful urges.

      If we intend to be Spiritual Science students who have a rich sense of
      humor and a sharp sense of self clarity we should be able to isolate raw
      Asuric and Sorathian forces in the fictional character Hannibal lecter
      or the fictional character of Campbell in "Mother Night". Now what I am
      driving at, is the instinctual shunning of the truth with such potent
      viciousness and animal force, as depicted in the cunning and brilliant
      mind of Hannibal Lecter or now "Dexter" which I find too, much too
      difficult to watch, as in SAW I, II, III - where the cunning predators
      are some of the more advanced profiles of a humanity sinking into the
      Sorathian world of Anti-Man. How intelligence and instinct become sheer
      weapons of absolute hissing, striking snakes, are all richly depicted in
      today's dips in the cultural pool.

      Of course we always have Harry Potter and the Devachan Schooling that
      doesn't exist with the consciousness of the magic of the human soul that
      is utterly denied by fundamentalism as Satanism.

      But it all starts with the dysfunctional denial and putrid defense
      against the lie. O.J. Simpson, dear murderous heavens... but worse
      walking malformities arose in Nazi Germany and are seething currently in
      the screaming cages of Neoconism. Where does Nominalism and the shadows
      that Thomas Aquinas fought off, fought off to keep out of the intellect
      from becoming Arabistic/nominalism lead? On one hand it leads to the
      return fight we are in, the fight of our lives as America has morphed
      into an even bigger danger to the world than Germany was. And the Good
      German and the Good American hide in the nest of sterile imbecility
      created by MSM. And the truly hardcore Ahrimanic souls, who nurse a real
      JONES, an addiction called a JOnes, in their soul for the instinctive
      refusal for any introspection - These develop and hone an instinct, and
      a smell, that Nietzsche also developed, an instinct and a smell when to
      reject a liberal or a whimp or curse the logic and replace it with WILL!
      A raw force of WILL of mind numbing will. Let us kill the philosophers
      first! Let us murder the teachers and educatiors first! Let us have
      strict fundamental and Orwellian instincts driven into the will so that
      the survival of certain beings lodged from the War in Heaven, in their
      haven in our intellects is preserved, defended and allowed to grow.

      Kids, dear friends, we get to witness all this again, just as Steiner
      and the early Anthros had to witness all this, eeeghad!

      And what is schooled and nests in this raw refusal of approaching the
      refreshed light and nurturing light of cognition and depth of truth,
      even spiritual experience even the fact of NDE and Astral experience and
      the STigmata and the Etheric Christ; the dulled, befogged mind and
      instinct spit like a snake, spit a poison that numbs and fogs the eyes
      and the soul, responding to what it thinks causes this hissing fight or
      flight instinct, rooted and twining into each a new and perfect Hannibal
      Lecter instinct; and the soul denies, rejects REASON. Rejects anything
      but harmless and superfical doses of renewed insanity that MSM gladly
      and willingly supplies.

      Now from this profile of sorts we should be able to see why Spiritual
      Science and The Philosophy of Freedom or thinking itself prepares each
      of us to face heaven or hell in ourselves at any given moment. But what
      we discover there, what we actually discover as Anthros divides Anthros
      themselves into those who really can't face the creepy contradictions
      and flee them or have penetrated where the horror grips, the Columbines
      and the Virgina Techs and the Nietzsche's and the Hannibal Lecters and
      realize that there are forces, there are real forces in the soul and in
      the universe and in order to combat them we have to find in ourselves
      the Michael Courage to confront ourselves and observe events without the
      squeamishness so apparent in so many so called Anthro students.
    • Stephen Hale
      ... China! Correction. Lucifer incarnated in the third millennium before Christ in China, and at the age of forty years was able, for the first time in human
      Message 47 of 47 , Oct 17, 2007
        --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "Stephen Hale"
        <sardisian01@...> wrote:
        > it is said that Lucifer's physical incarnation occurred in the 3rd
        > century before Christ. And this incarnation brought forth the
        > wisdom that allowed the pre-christian mysteries to be understood,
        > even by the power of the intellect. Without the incarnation of
        > Lucifer, even the Mystery of Golgotha would have remained
        > incomprehensible. And this incarnation of Lucifer occurred in

        Correction. Lucifer incarnated in the third millennium before
        Christ in China, and at the age of forty years was able, for the
        first time in human history, to transform the revelations contained
        in the ancient Mysteries; revelations that previously could only be
        experienced directly, into intelligent form. Thus, the wisdom of
        Lucifer began to flow down throughout the third Post-Atlantean
        cultural epoch, in a form guided by intellectual comprehension.

        It is important to understand that guiding the post-atlantean
        cultural epochs, as the underlying motivation, is the process of the
        devolution of the old moon clairvoyance, which had passed over to
        earth evolution with the mineral element. Thus, from the point of
        the last third of the Lemurian (Third) Epoch, all the way to the
        height of the Atlantean (Fourth) Epoch, which can be logically
        traced back to 11,547 BC, this form of direct-perceptive
        clairvoyance of the spiritual worlds was beheld by mankind as a
        continuous presence.

        But it all had to come to an end at some point in order that the
        consciousness befitting earth evolution itself (The Fourth Sphere),
        could commence. So, contained within the post-atlantean cultural
        epochs, beginning with the ancient Indian Epoch (7227 BC), we can
        trace the progressive demise of the Old Moon clairvoyance, which
        passes through the Ego first, then the Astral Body, and finally the
        Etheric Body in the Greek Age (fourth cultural epoch), toward the
        new faculty of thinking, which effectively replaces the old form of

        And that is why thinking has its seat in the etheric body, and its
        expression in the astral body, which is the proper configuration for
        seeing the outer world in projective images of three-dimensional
        objects. Yes, earth evolution involves the sinking of spirit into a
        form called matter, and for a time, the loss of direct spirit
        perception in favor of a materialistic perception, seemingly devoid
        of spirit, yet still existing across a thin veil; the veil of the
        etheric world itself.

        We communicate across this veil, proving that spiritual renewal is
        already working in this fifth cultural epoch.

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