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Re: Fwd: 6 Arkansas Nuns Excommunicated For Heresy

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  • carol
    For Tom and anyone else interested, I offer for you to read some posts which I placed throughout this summer and which have alot to do with what I have just
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 1, 2007

      For Tom and anyone else interested, I offer for you to read some posts which I placed throughout this summer and which have alot to do with what I have just presented in reference to 'a special nun' and her connection to the 11 of July date.

      (It just so happened that I was free today to do this)

      The content of these letters reflect what I was living 'in REAL TIME' as living experience,  certain qualities of substrata spiritual activity taking place within our common soul fabric.

      If you are interested in sifting through it, you may find material substanciating my most previous claims.


      "..I strongly suggest that we all start now, in establishing a real firm grip on the side of good (Michael, Anthroposophy) because as much as possible, it's best that a growing number face the 'battle against the dark spirits' on the level of the soul, and not allow their unconscious souls to passively go along with 'it' being projected onto our outward social/geographic sphere.

      But I also issue a warning of beware of thinking that this can be done by clutching onto fellow Anthros. The image of the drowning person submerging the rescuer comes to mind in this instance....


      A situation is unraveling itself (where) everyday people (refined Anthros for example) find themselves stumbling into the realms held by secret societies (because these ones impose their rule over them and the rest of the masses)- and are able to influence even their set course because Anthroposophic moral forces carry creative forces and the true spiritual stamp of the Times.

      I imagine that along side people like Alex Jones, Jeff Rense and the like, some so called active Anthros can find themselves on several 'priority' lists- but not exactly the ones that they would normally agree to be on if it were they (who) were deciding.



      (I recommend to read the full post)

      "...Quebec where there lives a common, rural type 'peuple' experience which can be shared by anyone who chooses to 'let down their guard' and be part of it, isolated elements of control programs instilled over the masses can be spotted with enough clarity by some, or felt by more. Suspicions can eventually be shared with others- in a solid enough manner as within for example the artist community which is quite established and respected...

      There is so much 'rumbling' happening below the level of consciousness, just as there are a multitude of conscious actions being creatively taken outwardly to obstruct the progress of control and destruction....

      Our human saga, our soul's one, continues- all in a new light."


      "Also, there exists the problem of superficialy interpreting Steiner's works, and many Anthros would also be guilty of this if not on some occasion, in spite of their whole hearted intentions not to. But this should not be considered Steiner's or Anthroposophy's problem. In my opinion, Steiner was in a certain sense compelled to verbalize a multitude of occult truths concerning humankind, the times we are living in etc, while on occasion dipping down quite deep when choosing his vantage points (aspects). He managed to hand them over to his fellow men before leaving and that's about all that counts.

      I feel that the material should be well guarded because it contains 'such elaborate keys' which many souls, here and awaiting to arrive, will need to fulfill their destiny's work.


      (In which I am relaying sensitive information...:)

      Our human condition contains a mighty catch 22 scenario.

      No matter how many souls slip to the side of materialsm, humankind will remain vulnerable to Spirit's incitement. And, one must not ignore that Anthroposophy is the name of the new empowered spiritual impulse which wishes to take hold of humankind.

      As long as a human individual can return his attention to himself through uttering 'my', 'I', he/she is subject to be awakened to this new Christic spiritual Will.

      Try if it wills, patriotism, scientific religious dogma and mischeif can never illiminate all traces of the human experience of 'I' or 'my'.

      Even if chosen groups of men are successfully swallowed in humanly contrived electromagnetic 'baths', those fewer individuals at the top, who know to keep themselves in safe places, will themselves be open to Spirit's Rule, for it is through the 'I' that it streams in.

      Thus, the catch 22.

      And, Michael continues to fight the dragon, all the way, down here.


      (In which I present another hint:)


      What's in the second place, Val?

      It's 'being' in the most modern conception of the word (philosophy). It's standing in the light of Spirit, in full conciousness. (And not the Ahrimanic sun as referred to so often by Bradford).

      It's living at the soul level, the experience which Steiner's sculpture of the Christ depicted- of being able to balance one's conscious soul between Lucifer's and Ahriman's 'magnetism'. (figuratively speaking) And directing one's will accordingly. (spiritual freedom)

      At this could be called the beginnings.


      Mon Aug 6, 2007

      Gee, there's been strange things happening out there in the world, though as of late, things have quieted down a little at least in my area. People have had a chance to experience the Christ in nature, they are content, fulfilled and more relaxed. Summer has furnished them with a few close to perfect weeks. They've had a chance to forget the constant subtle chaos and terror of the earlier weeks.Isn't it peculiar how the Christ Being LIVES within and as natural, organic, living harmony, and how Ahriman stirs terror and roars below the strata... And how everyone is furnished with relief and a realistic chance for bodily health when they can meet the Christ's untampered presence in the Etheric world. It's Love. And it doesn't matter which religious impulse or race they belong to.

      I guess the great and mighty Michael Spirit must have wipped up a his own magical storm of soul forces, of late.

      With alot of us on hand, jaw dropped, eyes glossy, awestruck with amazement....

      This is interesting. It's also interesting how Anthroposophy just works, along with everything and everyone else who are, creating.

      (letters directed to Robert Mason concerning female, maternal forces:)



      (Even Robert had difficulty grasping what I put forward: )



      Peculiarities, rather.




      "...By now, it should be no secret that I have a hard time refraining from keeping an eye on things happening 'within the shadows'. I don't really know why, these kind of things simply catch my eye something like when insects fly by. My eyes seem to like to rest on the subtle inspirations and expirations occuring in our human soul fabric alot more than on hard edged, in your face stuff like corporate logos glaring down on me from upon 'fear suggesting' architectural forms.

      So when Benjamin Fulford appeared on Jeff Rense's radio program back in mid July, ( http://www.rense.com/general77/fulf.htm) I was quite interested in what he had to convey. Personally, I don't think that 'Ben' really has what it takes to fully understand the complexities of the depiction that he himself places forward, though I feel that he has assumed what he has, because he has likely proven to his 'folks' that he has enough of what it takes, to take on the task of messenger. And in fact, it's a mighty big message this man has carried out into the world, and actually managed.

      Now, I'm not about to blabber out what intimate stuff I may know about the subtle levels pertaining to this story because, well, because I personaly don't feel like instigating confrontations. I'm a 'Grailer' that's about all I can say and I really just want to stick to my business- which is taking care of MY offering to the Etheric Christ. Obscure, you might think. This is all in the obscure.

      But I will confirm something that I've already mentioned on this list and it's that the full intensity of the playfullness connected to the weather systems in my general area of residence suddenly took a turn around starting the day of Rense's broadcast. Things have since not become 'natural' by any means, but relatively so.

      You could say, enough so that the Christ Being manages to skim through, while Ahriman remains garanteed of alot of attention.

      That's what I see was accomplished. It's pretty good in my opinion considering what was set to happen.

      Benjamin Fulford had now released another message in the form of communique. (sorry, no accent). Though some people remain sceptical, I guess it will be up to the small folks like me to keep an eye out for the revealing details that might confirm the content's validity, that's if they simply fly by...

      Secret government promises big changes.... "

      (I find this a little cute:)













      --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "carol" <organicethics@...> wrote:
      > "The diocese said the action was taken after the Congregation for the
      > Doctrine of the Faith issued a declaration dated July 11 that the Army
      > of Mary's teachings were heretical and automatically excommunicated any
      > who embraced the doctrine."
      > I really don't know where to begin with this.
      > This item is extremely significant and I'm going to have to take my time
      > with it. And, people are going to have to use their imagination.
      > This item just may be a missing link in a story. A missing nun link, and
      > from what I've so far found out about her, she's quite a determined
      > and clairvoyant one.
      > For newcomers who haven't heard the story I've recounted I'll review it
      > a bit. As a resident of Quebec, I was able to witness (in early
      > summer) both Ahrimanic technology being employed but exceptionaly and
      > extraordinarily coupled with the mystical magical powers of an
      > individual bearing the Black magic occult mask.
      > The addition of magic to the workings of the technology (grand scale
      > electromagnetic etc) allowed for an all emcompassing Ahrimanic logic to
      > spring forth to LIFE and this was so dangerous.
      > Also, people were at risk of never experiencing a reference to the
      > Etheric Christ outside of themselves, in the natural world. They were
      > about to become permanent Ahrimanic slaves. All aspects of the weather
      > would have been controled, and more. (Reading the complete post will
      > more illustrate this part to the story)
      > On the day I posted the item below, it seemed for a split second, the
      > veil had been drawn on the Etheric Christ- that it came so close, is
      > what I remember.
      > Concerning the following extract I wrote dated the 10th of July, I will
      > have to be quite honest about it by saying that my 'sensitive'
      > observation pertaining to nuns praying was possibly posponed by half a
      > day. I just checked and saw that it was written late morning (my time),
      > I may have observed certain specifics the night before.
      > At that time, if I decided to relay what I was observing within the soul
      > fabric, I did so after the fact. I superficially added the monks etc,
      > but I haddened observed them, I knew only of a nun.
      > The reality was, that I was aware that ONE local nun was instrumental,
      > on a hightened spiritual level, over and above my own conscious concern,
      > and that her spiritual force was converging with all others to oppose
      > Ahriman's occult direction, one which was painfully and easily
      > observable in our common place of residence.
      > At that time, I knew there were massive Michaelmic forces converging in
      > opposition to this Ahrimanic force, and I experienced some of them.
      > On the day that I cited the following observation, I knew a nun was
      > exercising great spiritual force- in the interest of the Etheric Christ
      > and that she consciously recognised the dangers at hand. It must also be
      > noted that for a short period prior to this, I was made to be familiar
      > with a local religious nun's concern, although I had no idea what would
      > become of it.
      > When I reread this last paragraph of my post, I can see that I was being
      > quite serious and pointed about what I was observing, and how I felt
      > about it. .
      > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/anthroposophy/message/13591
      > <http://groups.yahoo.com/group/anthroposophy/message/13591>
      > Tue Jul 10, 2007 3:24 pm
      > "In the end, I really don't think that it is the everyday restraint,
      > moral Quebecer who is walking on thin ice in this instance. While the
      > dwindled numbers of Quebec nuns, monks etc pray dearly for Christ's
      > favor and redemption, their counterparts, the Jesuits for their part,
      > press forward at defying His etheric presence by coupling up with the
      > Asureus/Ahrimanic corporates and Zionists...
      > One thing is for sure. The great Spritual Being Michael is watching and
      > not in the least pleased."
      > On the 11 of July, Jeff Rense ran an extraordinary interview with a
      > certain guest. This guest put out an ultimatum on behalf of a secret
      > society centered in Asia, and directed to the Western secret
      > brotherhood.
      > http://www.rense.com/general77/fulf.htm
      > <http://www.rense.com/general77/fulf.htm>
      > Benjamin Fulford On Jeff Rense: Hours 1, 2 & 3 Transcript 7-11-7
      > On the morning of July 11th, I was aware that the occult mask of the
      > magician was being removed through the assistance of certain
      > supersensible forces. It was not until evening that I came upon the
      > interview at Jeff Rense.com.
      > Concerning the nun in question, on the link furnished, she is called
      > Marie-Paule.I find it peculiar that she would be excommunicated on the
      > 11 of July. (I will have to come back to this)
      > As for the nature of her clairvoyance, I will have to take more time to
      > look into it, but one thing is for sure, this woman is no superficial
      > clairvoyant. She has sacrificed her ego consciousness to allow for
      > divine revelation and she was recognised by the former Pope John Paul
      > 2nd. (the one who was intimidated by an assassination attempt.)....
      > And the individual wearing the occult mask? A Priest.
      > C.
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      > wrote:
      > >
      > > --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "tmasthenes13"
      > > TomBuoyed@ wrote:
      > >
      > > Boy, these synchronistic Catholic convent news stories keeps on piling
      > > up. What's our karmicosmicomic lesson here, Frank, especially since
      > > this story even includes reincarnation?
      > >
      > > Might there be a Major Arcana card of the Tarot deck that would
      > > explain this?
      > >
      > > And for Dottie and Gaelman, which of the 3 Marys do you believe this
      > > founder of the convent is the reincarnation of?
      > >
      > > Tom
      > >
      > >
      > > http://www.tylerpaper.com/article/20070927/NEWS11/70927005
      > >
      > > -----------------------------------------
      > > 6 Arkansas Nuns Excommunicated For Heresy
      > > -----------------------------------------
      > >
      > > LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — Six Catholic nuns have been
      > excommunicated
      > > for heresy after refusing to give up membership in a Canadian sect
      > > whose founder claims to be possessed by the Virgin Mary, the Diocese
      > > of Little Rock announced Wednesday.
      > >
      > > The Rev. J. Gaston Hebert, the diocese administrator, said he notified
      > > the nuns of the decision Tuesday night after they refused to recant
      > > the teachings of the Community of the Lady of All Nations, also known
      > > as the Army of Mary.
      > >
      > > The Vatican has declared all members of the Army of Mary
      > > excommunicated. Hebert said the excommunication was the first in the
      > > diocese's 165-year history.
      > >
      > > "It is a painfully historic moment for this church," Hebert said.
      > >
      > > The six nuns are associated with the Good Shepherd Monastery of Our
      > > Lady of Charity and Refuge in Hot Springs. Sister Mary Theresa Dionne,
      > > one of the nuns excommunicated, said the nuns will still live at the
      > > convent property, which they own.
      > >
      > > "We are at peace and we know that for us we are doing the right
      > > thing," the 82-year-old nun said. "We pray that the church will open
      > > their eyes before it is too late. This is God's work through Mary, the
      > > blessed mother, and we're doing what we're asked to do."
      > >
      > > At a news conference, Hebert said the nuns "became entranced and
      > > deluded with a doctrine that is heretical." He said church officials
      > > removed the Eucharist — which Catholics revere as the body of
      > Christ —
      > > from the monastery on Tuesday night.
      > >
      > > Hebert said the sect's members believe that its 86-year-old founder,
      > > Marie Paule Giguere, is the reincarnation of the Virgin Mary and that
      > > God speaks directly through her.
      > >
      > > Excommunication bars the nuns from participating in the church liturgy
      > > and receiving communion or other sacraments.
      > >
      > > The diocese said the action was taken after the Congregation for the
      > > Doctrine of the Faith issued a declaration dated July 11 that the Army
      > > of Mary's teachings were heretical and automatically excommunicated
      > > any who embraced the doctrine.
      > >
      > > Hebert said the diocese had known for years that the nuns were
      > > following the sect and said church officials in the past had
      > > encouraged them to come back into the fold.
      > >
      > > According to the Catholic News Service, the Army of Mary was founded
      > > in Quebec in 1971 by Giguere, who said she was receiving visions from
      > God.
      > >
      > > Dionne said she does not know if Giguere is the reincarnation of the
      > > Virgin Mary, but said she believes God communicates through the sect's
      > > founder.
      > >
      > > "She is doing only what God and Mary tells her to do," Dionne said.
      > >
      > > A spokesman for the Army of Mary called the excommunication of the
      > > nuns and the other members of the sect an injustice. Father Eric Roy
      > > said Giguere has not claimed to be the reincarnation of the Virgin
      > > Mary, and said the 86-year-old Quebec woman "receives graces" from the
      > > Virgin Mary and God.
      > >
      > > "The Virgin Mary took possession of her soul. I would rather say it
      > > that way," said Roy, superior general of the Sons of Mary, an
      > > associated group.
      > >
      > > ———
      > >
      > > On the Net:
      > > Army of Mary: http://www.communaute-dame.qc.ca/
      > > Diocese of Little Rock: http://www.dolr.org/
      > >
      > > --- End forwarded message ---
      > >

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