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Re: Judith von Halle's Stigmata

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  • Stephen Hale
    ... life ... Querido ... image ... Day. ... I keep thinking about this. Rene Querido spoke frequently about Rudolf Steiner s poisoning at the CC of 1923? Is
    Message 1 of 14 , Sep 26, 2007
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      --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "tmasthenes13" <TomBuoyed@...>
      > Now in Steiner's actual life we have 1861-1925 (64 years)
      > 1925 + 64 = 1989
      > So we have the "mirror image" effects of Rudolf Steiner's actual
      > 1861-------------------] 1925 [--------------------------1989
      > Back in the early 80's at Rudolf Steiner College, I heard Rene
      > speak many times about Steiner's destiny, that he was "supposed to"
      > live to age 72, but was cut short 8 years by the poisoning at the
      > Christmas Conference. If he had lived to 72, then his "mirror
      > would have extended to 2005, as you speak of, Danny, as a Cosmic
      > 1861-------------------] 1933 [--------------------------2005
      I keep thinking about this. Rene Querido spoke frequently about
      Rudolf Steiner's poisoning at the CC of 1923? Is that a veritable
      admission that the GAS willingly sponsors as fact? Do you know what
      the GAS thought of this, coming from the head guy there at a college
      that they certainly were actively sponsoring the success of? Or was
      Querido a renegade who had a falling out with Dornach at some
      point? It takes courage to admit that this poisoning did occur; and
      on the very last day of the conference, the first day of 1924.
      > My own experience of 1989 was a sense that after this year, we
      > no longer "ride on Rudy's coat-tail" so to speak, that his forces
      > that 64 year long incarnation were no longer available to us in a
      > that we could passively "coast." From that time on, I felt the
      > "bottom" drop out of all Anthroposophical endeavors, structures,
      > aspirations, initiatives. It felt like a real and totalcollapse of
      > structure that used to be guiding us all.

      1989-------------------] 1998 [--------------------------2007

      Here's one to consider, Tom. Can you figure this out above. It has
      to do with you.

      And here's one that has to do with me.
      1861-------------------] 1925 [--------------------------1997

      1925 + 72 = 1997; Now it was in 1997 that Judith von Halle found her
      way to Anthroposophy, just another very interesting occurrence in
      that very fateful year of 1997. Many very important efforts
      occurred in that year, 72 years after Rudolf Steiner's death, that
      strike me as strong efforts to aright the boat and keep it afloat
      and sailing on true course before the end of the second millennium.
      Some of us can readily name at least one or two of these important
      efforts in the name of, and the passion of, Rudolf Steiner.

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