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Re: Mirror Neurons on Mars

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  • holderlin66
    Just to keep our balance and our understanding when we live with intuition, which is a much stronger experience than merely firing up mirrored events with
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      Just to keep our balance and our understanding when we live with intuition, which is a much stronger experience than merely firing up mirrored events with mirror neurons.  Through certain Grail events and even from the town of Colmar we can see precise connected events that tie history together for us all the way to the photo from mars of Earth as a familiar star in the sky, a light in the sky over the Mars night and our own reversed view of looking up at Mars in our own sky.  Oh but how intuition, history and America, including Nasa are woven into all this, is basically buried for the newbie and dumbed down and lost to the unconscious Anthro student who didn't have the opportunity to review the intimacy of mirrors and neurons, because they ain't electrical firing neurons at all.

      "Colmar, a pleasant town of 80,000 with quiet walkways and flowered canals, is far from the main tourist routes and sites of Europe. The town does boast the historic home of Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi, the sculptor of the Statue of Liberty..."

      12m copy of the statue of liberty. Placed in a roundabout in Colmar, the hometown of Bartholdi who created the original one.

      Image:Statue of liberty colmar.jpg

      "There at the dawn of the Consciousness Soul era, Grunewald was faced with a festering, awful and painful fire that created boils, puss and oozing slime of wretchedly decaying human flesh. Some called it St. Anthony's fire...but from it the suffering undergone as the human physical body was devoured by pain, suffering and Loves intense penetration down to the core of matter, was awakened and did awaken one of the most powerful Initiate paintings ever wrought on canvas.  Grunewald's Colmar paintings alleviated and connected to the stream of agony and the stream of compassion that came vibrantly out of the Christ Event.  Grunewald Tapped it and the stigmata souls feel and live it and Spiritual Science understands it.

      "Colmar, a pleasant town of 80,000 with quiet walkways and flowered canals, is far from the main tourist routes and sites of Europe. The town does boast the historic home of Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi, the sculptor of the Statue of Liberty..."

      "Grünewald painted the panels of the altarpiece from 1512 to 1516 in a chapel of a hospital and monastery run by Antonite monks in the town of Isenheim, about 15 miles south of Colmar. The monks took their name from Saint Anthony, whom they venerated as a healer and sufferer who pioneered the idea of monasticism in Christianity. The Antonite order operated the hospital in Isenheim largely for those afflicted by a disease known then as "Saint Anthony's fire."

      "That disease (now rare and called "ergotism") struck down many in periodic epidemics during the Middle Ages. Saint Anthony's fire set off painful skin eruptions that blackened and turned gangrenous, often requiring amputations. The eruptions were accompanied by nervous spasms and convulsions. Many victims died.

      "Saint Anthony's fire came from the poison of a fungus that clung to rye and was inadvertently pounded into the flour used to make rye bread. The cause, however, was not known in Grünewald's time. The monks treated the sick with a balm made from herbs and other plants and with prayers to Saint Anthony, who was believed to possess miraculous curing powers. The monks also tried to bolster the faith of the sick by reminding them that Christ - and Saint Anthony as well - had suffered even greater torments. Grünewald's altarpiece played an important mystical and psychological role in the Isenheim treatment program."

      Bradford concludes;

      After seeing the Isenheim Altar of Grunewald I walked a little through Colmar and there my eyes beheld the statue of liberty. I thought very strongly that anyone who grew up in this Grail immersed community and had in their backyard and daily life the Grunewald Altar piece and then brought out the Statue of Liberty, which as I passed through the little Colmar streets, there it was, the Statue of Liberty sitting in a peaceful park in Colmar must have something to say to America. Only somehow we cow headed Americans hadn't seen the intimacy of the the connections and the intimacy of experience which inspired the Stature of Liberty. 

      The Statue of Liberty and the Colmar experience became wedded in my heart to Parsifal and aspects of Anthrosophia and the Etheric Elohim illuminated Risen Christ of Grunewald. Certainly the artist Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi was not only impressed with legends of Prometheus bringing freedom and lighting in the darkness of the mind but imagine a Spirit Torch where the inner light of thinking was lit and could easily reprsent Anthroposophia Herself. Colmar is riddled with Anthro activity and is buried in Grail History even to Herzeleide, mother of Parsifal, and - and when we connect the dots, it connects to how a Mars Rover can look at Earth and take a picture of Earth from Mars and how we can neither see with our telescopes nor grasp with our outer eyes Buddha and St. Francis on Mars nor Christ on Earth. But of course we have to learn what to look for when intuition comes a knocking.

      America's statue of liberty is the suffering Mother to a nation of buffoon clamoring Parsifals.  All of these Parsifals fall under the heading of the film FOREST GUMP.  Nobody will tell the newbie or Anthro that the American Parsifal is apparently reduced down to FOREST GUMP or cognitively more like the Nathan Jesus than the Solomon Jesus. We should know this in America, what a laugh, we should know this in America, as if America could make any kind of intelligent connections in their thinking.  We should be able to understand Parsifal from many different aspects and many different points of view. 

      I have written extensively on the relation of Cindy Sheehan and how Herzeleide experienced a portion of her Etheric body, given to here child, severed when Parsifal followed what he thought were Angels - Knights of Arthurs on horseback. This portion of Parsifal's mother's etheric body, went away as the sun-imbued portion into the further life and destiny of Parsifal.  Cindy Sheehan, by etheric relation of her son who was killed in the Iraq war during Easter, had that lost son's potent force returned to her illuminated by the son's experience over the threshold and the renewal of the life and awakening to life of the very potent Sun forces of Michael, in the Cindy Sheehan experience. 

      Anthros, unobjective and stubborm clods, wouldn't understand the force of renewed sun that flowed into Cindy Sheehan, instead certain Anthros either despised Sheehan or accused her of not suffering enough.  Herzeleide and the restored virginity of Mary all have to do with how we can look at the etheric life body springing back to the mother ---  But heaven forbid that any Anthros bring any cognition to the table. They remain mumbling political emotional retards and mostly unable to bring Spiritual Science cognition to what made Cindy Sheehan rise and glow for a period like the Sun and offered her new life, new conscience and a whole new standpoint on Liberty and Freedom.  This brings us back to the inner etheric qualities of the Female Statue of Liberty and again the restoration of Virginity and finding the integrated nature of Anthrosophia in every human being.  Knowing how to look at events..

      "The Parsifal myth is about the mother complex. Parsifal is the hero of the story. After his father gets killed, the mother makes him a one-piece homespun garment. The homespun garment represents the mother complex in its symbolic form. Every young man wears his mother complex, yet it will defeat him if he wears it as his relationship to the world.

      Parsifal had gone into the Grail Caste in his teens. He did not know the question that would have given him entrance to the castle any time he wanted. Twenty years later, after many life experiences, he gets another chance. The myth is about Parsifal turning his mother complex into the mother archetype. "

      "...the mother makes him a one-piece homespun garment. The homespun garment represents the mother complex...."  Ya know, if truth fell on any of us we wouldn't grasp it if it bit us. Suppose we take the above Jungian statement about Parsifal and apply it to understanding the etheric nature of depression that overtook Herzeleide and the type of etheric borrowing that Christ/Jesus had to have and needed with his own mother to start the miracles working and the type of miracle that brings Virginity springing back as an etheric surge to Mary. We might be able to follow these events if we learned to see them investigate them and know what we are looking at when we see them.  Oh yes, Anthros are seeing them now, after they crossed the threshold and also suffered tragedy and loss of children.  But because this particular Anthro was a mother as well as an Anthro she stubbornly refused to and etherically wounded was prevented from experiencing the Cindy Sheehan problem in connection with how the etheric body and loss of a son operates. 

      "Parsifal's mother, Herzeleide was a "queen of two kingdoms," supposedly North and South Wales, which may have meant of spiritual and material realms. Wales had retained integrity and honour long before the English Knights emerged with their codes of chivalry. Herzeleide was just widowed when she gave birth to her son Parsifal. Herzeleide, meaning "heart's sorrow" left her noble home to live in a forester's cottage far away. She feared that a fate, which killed her husband, would overtake her son, so she raised him to know nothing of knighthood and to be ignorant of his name and heritage. How many mothers try to instil in their son's, integrity, to guard them from the foolhardiness of their fathers? She specifically instructed him to be courteous to all women and not to ask too many questions!"

      Julian the Apostate- Herzeloyde-Tycho de Brahe are a series of incarnations that show something stunning in relation to what Parisfual borrowed of the etheric body of his mother and forces of rulership that had been those of Julian the Apostate uniter of Pagan and Cosmic Christianity.  But it also draws us out to the rover as it takes a photo from Mars of the sweet star Earth. Mirror, mirror from microcosm to macrocosm, mirror mirror of the soul of man and the starry worlds, mirror mirror of the Colmar and the Nathan Jesus suffering Stigmata.

      Emperor Julian (361-363). 

      About 50 years later, Emperor Flavius Claudius Julianus, called by his friends the Philosopher and by the Christians the Apostate, attempted to restore the classic Roman heritage. Emperor Julian is the protagonist of Gore Vidal's Julian (1964) describing his life and times. Julian shared with Celsus the major objections of the Romans against Christians of which the central was that by transferring their primary allegiance from the ancestors to the God

      Christians are weakening the most sacred of all social bonds,
      the bond between parents and their children.

      Emperor Julian's books, beautifully written, include the Hymn to the King Helios, Letter to a Priest where Julian outlines a strategy for restoration of classic Roman religion, and Against the Galileans, describing many of the appalling aspects of Christianity, as true in his times as in today's world, dominated by the Judeo-Christians. Emperor Julianus was assassinated during a battle by a fanatic Christian who was one of his own soldiers.

      "The rise of Christianity was inversely proportional to the demise of the ancient mysteries. The Emperor Julian the Apostate was initiated into the Mithraic Mysteries and after his death, there was no longer any trace of the ancient mysteries in either the Roman Rulers nor Christian clergy."

      Johannes Kepler (1571-1630)

      Among the significant writings of this era are Johannes Kepler's Mysterium Cosmographicum (1596), Astronomia Nova (1609) and Harmonices Mundi (1619) Keplers had to move from city to a city, as his mother was accused of witchcraft and in continuous danger of being apprehended and burned at the stake. Kepler was excluded from the Lutheran church and did not convert to Catholicism either. He lost his teaching post at Graz due to his lack of religious beliefs and moved to Prague to work with the Danish astronomer, Tycho de Brahe at the court of the Emperor Rudolf II. After Tycho died in 1601, Kepler inherited his post as Imperial Mathematician. Using the data that Tycho de Brahe had collected, Kepler discovered that the orbit of the planet Mars was not a circle, but an ellipse, with one focus located at the center of the Sun. Johannes Kepler also discovered the basic principles of integral calculus, used logarithms in his calculations before Napier, explained that tides are caused by the Moon, discovered that Sun rotates about its axis, explained the role of both eyes in depth perception, investigated the formation of pictures with a pin hole camera, designed eyeglasses for near- and far-sightedness, coined the word satellite.

      Tycho Brahe (December 14, 1546 ­ October 24, 1601), was a Danish (Scanian) nobleman astronomer as well as an astrologer and alchemist. He was granted an estate on the island of Hven and the funding to build the Uraniborg, an early research institute, where he built large astronomical instruments and took many careful measurements.

      As an astronomer, Tycho worked to combine what he saw as the geometrical benefits of the Copernican system with the philosophical benefits of the Ptolemaic system into his own model of the universe, the Tychonic system. From 1600 until his death in 1601, he was assisted by Johannes Kepler, who would later use Tycho's astronomical information to develop his own theories of astronomy. He is universally referred to as "Tycho" rather than by his surname "Brahe", as was common in Scandinavia.

      "On the one side there was the impulse of exoteric Christianity which Steiner says came from the time spirit or Archai of the Greek nation. This Archai could have ascended to the rank of Spirit of Form or Power, but instead, he sacrificed himself and became the missionary, the inspirer of out- spreading exoteric Christianity. Through his efforts the religion of Christianity spread throughout Europe and He became the inspirer for the Gothic Cathedrals, Byzantine and Romanesque art. In addition, the several folk-spirits of Europe became the servants of this Christ Spirit and because of this, they worked in various ways in the many different cultures instead of in a unified way in one particular culture.

      This exoteric spirit of Christianity worked behind the scenes and with Him, it may be said, so did the bodies of the Christ. This remarkable fact was explained by Steiner in The Principle of Spiritual Economy (1909). "When Christ left the material world, innumerable copies of His etheric and astral bodies were preserved and came into being. These were destined to be woven into the bodies of human beings suited to disseminate Christianity." Over the course of time, certain persons, regardless of nationality, who were mature and suitable enough, had these copies of the etheric and astral bodies engrafted into their souls.

      This process has a correspondence to distinct periods in the development of Christianity. For example, the etheric body being the bearer of memory, effected the early church fathers such as St. Irenaeus, Papias and St. Augustine with emphasis on memory of and a direct physical teaching of the Christ event. Missionaries who also received a copy of the etheric body of Christ, such as Columban, Gallus and St. Patrick, taught memory of the physical event and the rules and covenants of the new Christian order. This period of the spread of the etheric body of Christ ended about the 9th Century with John Scotus Erigena.

      Beginning the 10th Century, the copies of the astral body of Christ began to circulate in the leading Christian personalities of Europe. Being the seat of the emotions, these copies of the astral body caused great emotional sentiments, fervor and zeal, and a direct feeling of the Christ. This exalted devotion was evident in such persons as St. Francis of Assisi and Elisabeth of Thuringen and also in the German mystics, Meister Eckhart and Johannes Tauler. The thinking function of the astral body of Christ produced the great teachers of scholasticism, Albert the Great,St. Thomas Aquinas and Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa. They implanted into traditional Christian dogma, the capacity to think with analytical penetrating logic derived from Aristotle."


      7th June 1885 Paris

      The latest spectacle in Paris is Frederic Auguste Bartholdi's Statue of Liberty. When complete this is to be shipped to New York and erected in the middle of the harbour. This is an absolute nonsense.  A 151ft stern faced lady holding a lamp and a book is ludicrous enough, but then to erect it in the middle of a busy harbour where it will be a danger to shipping is the very height of folly.


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