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Fwd: Re: Rudolf Steiner: Roman Catholic from the Neck Up

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  • Stephen Hale
    ... then ... of ... personalities ... is ... course ... reincarnation ... Consider that Aristotle and Aquinas both didn t believe in reincarnation. Aquinas
    Message 1 of 6 , Sep 20, 2007
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      > wrote:
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      > > Well, if Steiner was the reincarnation of Thomas Aquinas and
      > > Jacque de Molay, then he would also have to be the reincarnation
      > > Aristotle and Joan of Arc. It only follows.
      > >
      > ======================================================
      > Stephen,
      > I believe you may have fused together the two "eminent"
      > who are referred to in this Scene 7 of the 2nd Mystery play.
      > The Grand Master of the Templar brotherhood does refer to their
      > founder who was Jacques de Molay. But the Monk in the scene has a
      > spiritual vision of the great luminary of his religious order who
      > clearly Thomas Aquinas as the Spirit of Benedictus, who is of
      > the Rudolf Steiner character in the play.
      > In no way shape or form does Steiner even touch upon the
      > of Jacques de Molay. It's only Rudy as Tommy Aquino.
      > Tom

      Consider that Aristotle and Aquinas both didn't believe in
      reincarnation. Aquinas only reedemed Aristotle for the church,
      which loves the belief in one life only. Then comes de Molay and
      the Maid of Orleans, both ignited for Christ. And out of it comes
      the passion of Rudolf Steiner.

      Tell that to Gaelman..

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