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the form of the circle

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  • Sarah Cherry
    [I recorded this story last May. It s a true story about a high school friend of mine. On the Day of the Dead I thought I should share the story with you.
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2000
      [I recorded this story last May. It's a true story about a high
      school friend of mine. On the Day of the Dead I thought I should
      share the story with you. While it is the story of one individual
      incarnation, it's a beautiful testament to weaving of destiny and,
      yes, somehow the form of the circle.]


      This last week, a high school friend of mine crossed the threshold.
      She was 48 years old and had suffered greatly from MS for many years.
      She died, however, in a one-car accident, probably blacked out while
      driving. This is the story of her last day on earth.

      There is lovely park in Nashville called Radnor Lake --it's a small
      lake with a 3 mile walking trail around it. Grace spent her last
      afternoon at this lake giving comfort and solace to a new friend, one
      whose life she would change forever. Grace loved to go to this park.
      Due to her MS, most times she would have to walk with a cane, but in
      the last few weeks had been strong enough to walk without a cane, and
      on this afternoon, felt so strong she rented a canoe and was paddling
      around the lake. She saw a woman standing on the shore, their eyes
      met, and Grace paddled over to the shore. With an unexplained sort
      of knowing the woman said, "you've been sent to me, haven't you?"
      Grace acknowledged that she had, and the woman climbed in the canoe.
      They spent the afternoon paddling around the lake, enjoying the
      sunset (which Grace pointed out as simply being a part of heaven).
      They talked about their lives, Grace talked about her spirituality
      and how it had upheld her in times when her disease was at its worst.
      The woman listened and was comforted. She was going through a bad
      time herself, was very despondent. Grace was an inspiration to her.
      Grace told her "You know, I have been through some really rough
      times, but things are better now. I feel like something really
      wonderful is about to happen to me." Only a few hours later, Grace
      crossed the threshold.

      The story could have ended here. The circle might have been
      incomplete. However...

      One can well imagine how comforting this story might be to the
      grieving family--to know that their daughter and sister was not only
      happy and healthy on the afternoon before her death, but ministering
      to a fellow human being in a most profound way. The family might
      never have known this story and been wondering, speculating, what
      Grace was doing til 9 P. M. that night when her habit (since she
      contracted MS) was to be home before dark. An amazing story closes
      the circle:

      Two days later, as one of Grace's friends named Lela was in her
      florists shop arranging flowers for the funeral, a friend stopped
      by. Noticing Lela was distracted, the friend inquired as to what was
      wrong. Lela told her that someone who meant a lot to her had died.
      "Who was it?" the friend asked. "Oh," said Lela, "you probably don't
      know her, but her name was Grace Xxxx." Stunned at hearing the name
      Grace Xxxx, the friend said, "Sit down. You have to hear this!
      Tuesday night I got a call from a friend who has been very
      depressed. I've been worried about her. She's had a rough year.
      Tuesday she went to Radnor Lake and met someone who changed her
      life." The woman proceeded to tell Lela the entire story of the
      afternoon spent with Grace. She concluded with "My friend called me
      about 9 o'clock to say: 'I think I met an angel today. Her name is

      Around 9 o'clock that evening, Grace had joined those angels in the
      spiritual worlds.
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