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Re: [anthroposophy] Steiner on aging,death and dying

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      << This is very helpful. I will print out the loving verses, and eventually
      obtain the book, i trust.
      Not only did my partner's father die, but also I am feeling a calling to do
      work with the aging and dying, and so STAYING CONNECTED is likely to be
      very important to me and my work. >>

      Since it's so appropriate for this season, I'll menton what Steiner advised
      for helping those who have passed over: reading to the dead. If you take a
      book that in your judgement has spiritual content, and take a few moments to
      feel your still-living feelings for the deceased, which form a
      heart-connection, and then read the book aloud, THINKING ABOUT EVERY WORD as
      you do, this is of great help to those in Kama Loca. We've been doing it here
      for 15 years and it really does lead to a non-trance communication with the
      dead. They are able to help us on this side in return.

      Dr. Starman
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