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  • carol
    Care if I translate essentials of the cited essay using Anthroposophic jargon? The moron obeys the underlying dictum which Ahriman inspired education
    Message 1 of 120 , Sep 8, 2007

      Care if I translate essentials of the cited essay using Anthroposophic jargon?

      The moron obeys the underlying dictum which Ahriman inspired 'education' properly conveys.

      The bobblehead listens to and blindly follows the ones exercising the strongest Will forces.

      (re: fantoms of the Old Testament)

      "Against this stand the lovers of Freedom. They go by many different names, and wear many different hats, yet they simply want to be left alone to produce goods desired by their neighbors, whether across the street and across the ocean. Their light-in-the-darkness is Ron Paul."

      These are living souls who, during their discarnate periods, where attentive to Michealmic instruction. They cannot, for the life of them, properly follow any dictum originating from the Earth's sublime astral region. The 'window' to the heavens remains open to them, inspiring them towards evolutive spiritual freedom for themselves and their brethern, the world over.



      --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "holderlin66" <holderlin66@...> wrote:
      > Since we had been examining the Pauli effect, which is very different
      > than Mor Abundus Paulus, in many instances within even the Anthro School
      > as with Harry Potter, there are different developmentperspectives. But
      > if the Anthro student cannot understand and see the charade and
      > deception before their eyes they probably can't see the Vril behind the
      > Harry Potter Series and they probably cannot understand the potential of
      > Science and humanity that was sacrificed at Munich for Munich becoming
      > SS Nazi Germany central.
      > But here we are in Amerika, 2007 about to launch an attack on Iran. A
      > phony bin Laden video tape, just like hypnotic clockwork comes out of
      > the woodwork and like Germany, America snores as Ahriman rapes the whore
      > over and over with the gang called the Main Stream Media. And Anthros
      > are in this pool as well. They certainly never packed their bags and
      > headed for Hogwarts....Anthros very faintly, or hardly at all understand
      > or cope with all the twisted wreckage of a falsified culture.... luckily
      > some few rant and rant badly.
      > It is clearly, if we had attentiveness, Hogwarts and Harry Potter is
      > exactly the under the surface Christic Sciences that all of the youth of
      > the world felt even before they incarnated, and can't find anywhere,
      > anywhere on Earth...can't make links to Vril or the fumbling morons in
      > physics like little Wolfgang Pauli or some American named Keely....
      > Hogwarts is not on the grid and the dead and the past and the future and
      > karmic events stream through the school. Does it change the world? Did
      > Hogwarts penetrate millions of children? We might better ask, do Anthro
      > present a thought life that lifts the world content? Try to ask that
      > question and see where it gets us.
      > Trolling for Morons, and the Bobbleheads Are Biting
      > http://www.lewrockwell.com/orig7/fedako3.html
      > <http://www.lewrockwell.com/orig7/fedako3.html>
      > "And, like a town meeting that goes on too long, the questions become
      > more personal, and more demanding of government as the evening
      > progresses. It's as if Tocqueville's image of America was a dream, and a
      > utopian dream at that. If you want a raise, Obama will guarantee you
      > one. If you want to sue someone, for anything, Edwards is ready for you.
      > If you want to fight foreign wars and extend the empire, Giuliani and
      > Romney will strike up the band and grab the largest flag to be found;
      > let the marching begin.
      > It gets even better than that. The candidates are ready to take up the
      > Wilsonian vision of America the Great. Because, in candidate-speak, "The
      > world wants the US to lead the charge to end wars, epidemics, and the
      > common cold."
      > Forgotten is any mention of economics – the scarcity of means
      > relative to ends. Human wants always overshoot resources. That's the
      > human condition. Yet, Hillary, Barak, Rudy, Mitt, and company, will
      > throw reality aside and provide a solution. These folks are so prepared
      > – so ready to lead – that they can propose new solution off the
      > cuff. They are leaders who do not need talking points. They simply take
      > a moment, and the new program is proposed. No, it's promised,
      > guaranteed.
      > Watching the audience react leads me to divide the typical voter into
      > one of two classes: the moron, and the bobblehead.
      > The moron is the one who thinks life is a kindergarten class in any
      > public school. He truly believes that life has not changed since he
      > turned five. Problems such as Billy chewing gum and not having enough
      > for everyone are solved by confiscation and greater poverty. The teacher
      > forces Billy to spit his gum into the wastebasket as the rest of the
      > class nods in approval. How dare someone have more than the rest?
      > Starving but equal is the motto of the day.
      > And, there is more. The kindergarten class recycles unwanted stuff –
      > paper, plastic, etc. – at a loss to the taxpayer. But that's OK
      > since the affective emotions for the environment, etc., are encouraged
      > and soon trump any alternate activities for resources wasted in the
      > recycling process. The affective emotions trump common sense. Starving,
      > but at least you feel good.
      > What about the bobblehead? They sit in awe of both the candidate and
      > peer pressure. It's always easier to hug the tree than to chop it down.
      > You can forget the real needs waiting for factors of production to be
      > released to the economy by the ax; what is unseen is of little value. To
      > be caught chopping when the PC winds say preserve is a certain way to be
      > lopped from the in-crowd. And, the bobblehead cannot have that.
      > As the moron jumps onboard the candidate's latest problem and
      > solution, the bobblehead nods in approval. The bobblehead has rational
      > beliefs, but the mob is forming, and things are getting ugly. Once
      > again, better to join than to make a stand.
      > Therefore, when Clinton says taxes might have to go up to heal the
      > nation, improve its infrastructure, and provide healthcare to rational
      > citizens who chose not to purchase it, the bobbleheads don't even feign
      > disapproval. They sit as the Soviet apparatchik before Stalin; never
      > once giving any sign that the speaker is muddling through nonsense. No,
      > they stay silent, and even cheer when appropriate.
      > See, the bobblehead knows the role of the citizen in the collective.
      > Remember the kindergarten class, the bobblehead acquiesced to the
      > collective good; a goal of any government-run education system. Standing
      > outside the group is a sign of a troubled youth, and
      > Nurse-Ratched-as-teacher is ready to break the spirit of any individual
      > who does not conform to the mission of the state; lobotomized into the
      > bobble doll that always nods – from only the slightest nudge –
      > in approval of the state and its agents.
      > Against this stand the lovers of Freedom. They go by many different
      > names, and wear many different hats, yet they simply want to be left
      > alone to produce goods desired by their neighbors, whether across the
      > street and across the ocean. Their light-in-the-darkness is Ron Paul.
      > Paul does not look for the morons in the crowd when proposing solutions,
      > waiting for the bobbles to bobble. No, he attacks the problems at their
      > source: government. That means he is challenging everything drummed into
      > our heads while we sat, barely awake, through 12 years of government
      > indoctrination.
      > That many have not yet come around to his candidacy is understandable.
      > It took me almost 40 years to shed public school's false teachings
      > and golden calves.
      > Let's continue to rally behind Paul so that our children, and their
      > children, will live in the land of the free and brave, not the land of
      > the moron and bobblehead.

    • holderlin66
      Guardians of the Grail [Knight
      Message 120 of 120 , Oct 7, 2007

        Guardians of the Grail

        Knight Templar
        Knights Templar are rumoured to guard the Holy Grail

        A new book, Processus contra Templarios, will be published by the Vatican's Secret Archive on Oct 25, and promises to restore the reputation of the Templars, whose leaders were burned as heretics when the order was dissolved in 1314.

        The Knights Templar were a powerful and secretive group of warrior monks during the Middle Ages. Their secrecy has given birth to endless legends, including one that they guard the Holy Grail.

        Recently, they have been featured in films including The Da Vinci Code and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

        The Order was founded by Hugues de Payns, a French knight, after the First Crusade of 1099 to protect pilgrims on the road to Jerusalem. Its headquarters was the captured Al-Aqsa mosque on the Temple Mount, which lent the Templars their name.

        But when Jerusalem fell to Muslim rule in 1244, rumours surfaced that the knights were heretics who worshipped idols in a secret initiation ceremony.

        In 1307, King Philip IV "the Fair" of France, in desperate need of funds, ordered the arrest and torture of all Templars. After confessing various sins their leader, Jacques de Molay, was burnt at the stake.

        Pope Clement V then dissolved the order and issued arrest warrants for all remaining members. Ever since, the Templars have been thought of as heretics.

        The new book is based on a scrap of parchment discovered in the Vatican's secret archives in 2001 by Professor Barbara Frale. The long-lost document is a record of the trial of the Templars before Pope Clement, and ends with a papal absolution from all heresies.

        Prof Frale said: "I could not believe it when I found it. The paper was put in the wrong archive in the 17th century."

        The document, known as the Chinon parchment, reveals that the Templars had an initiation ceremony which involved "spitting on the cross", "denying Jesus" and kissing the lower back, navel and mouth of the man proposing them.

        The Templars explained to Pope Clement that the initiation mimicked the humiliation that knights could suffer if they fell into the hands of the Saracens, while the kissing ceremony was a sign of their total obedience.

        The Pope concluded that the entrance ritual was not truly blasphemous, as alleged by King Philip when he had the knights arrested. However, he was forced to dissolve the Order to keep peace with France and prevent a schism in the church.

        "This is proof that the Templars were not heretics," said Prof Frale. "The Pope was obliged to ask pardon from the knights.

        "For 700 years we have believed that the Templars died as cursed men, and this absolves them."

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