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Announcement: SteinerStudy Group Forming

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  • Jo Ann Schwartz
    Detroit/Tuebingen Michaelmas 2000 After some discussions at various places on the Steiner Internet we are happy to announce a new forum on
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 6, 2000
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      Detroit/Tuebingen Michaelmas 2000

      After some discussions at various places on the Steiner Internet we are
      happy to announce a new forum on e-groups: SteinerStudy.

      SteinerStudy is intended to be an online study group focused on the study
      of anthroposophy and the work of Rudolf Steiner. Our intention is to have
      an open group, with no 'litmus test' for membership other than interest in
      the work being studied and a willingness to contribute to the discussion.
      We encourage participation from both the curious newcomer and the highly
      developed saint .... and from everyone in-between.

      And although the group discussion will take place in English, we welcome
      and encourage the participation of non-native speakers of English.

      We've decided to start with Steiner's work, Die Philosophie der Freiheit,
      or The Philosophy of Freedom (PoF). We do not require that any particular
      translation be used, but do note that the book is available, in both
      German and English, at the eLib website:


      The translation provided online is that of Michael Wilson (1964).

      Tom Mellett's succinct summation of the entire work may be found at:


      As for the work itself, we want to start with -- and resort as necessary
      to -- intellectual exercise whilst moving as far -- and as fast -- as
      possible toward living thinking. To that end, we propose that, in parallel
      with our study of PoF, members of the group should commit to undertaking a
      common meditation and sharing our experiences with that. In this way, we
      hope to nurture inner perceptiveness and move continuously in the
      direction of living thinking. For example, we could begin with a
      concentration exercise such as those found in Steiner or Kuehlewind or
      Joergen Smit.

      Because it is our expectation that everyone on the list will participate
      in the discussion, we are asking new subscribers to send an introductory
      post giving their reasons for participating and their hopes and
      expectations for the group. In this way, all the members of the group
      will begin to be known to the other members.

      One final expectation: This group should be focused on study of the text
      and the sharing of our associated exercises. While it is only natural
      that occasionally the desire to stray from these twin focal points
      should arise, off-topic discussions should be diverted to one of the
      many anthroposophy lists available on the wider Steiner Internet.

      If you would like to subscribe to SteinerStudy, please send a message to:


      With warm regards,
      Michael Sieber and JoAnn Schwartz
      Co-moderators of SteinerStudy

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