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Re: Eighth Sphere

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  • Stephen Hale
    ... in ... intuition ... I have found out, over a long period of time, that when the facts contained in the content of spiritual science are taken up by the
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 26, 2007
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      <nadmateescu@...> wrote:
      > Dear Steve,
      > The subject that you allready shaped (the eighth sphere) is
      > interesting for me, in the light that you share your own research
      > this matter.
      > But, as Mr. Mason did, a question arise about the form of your
      > investigations in this subject, and it may be helpfull to be more
      > specific.
      > I noticed the long period of time that you have been into this
      > subject, but for me the main question is also to clarify for myself
      > the understanding processes of imagination, inspiration and
      > as tools of spiritual research.
      > Thanks, Dan

      I have found out, over a long period of time, that when the facts
      contained in the content of spiritual science are taken up by the
      faculty of thinking, that a transformation ensues immediately just
      by taking the concepts into the head. And this has proven to be the
      corroboration of the first chapter of Occult Science, wherein these
      concepts serve to transform 'mere thoughts' to a higher character.
      My resolve to study spiritual science is entirely based on the
      conviction this chapter affords.

      Thus, I have followed the path that says that knowledge should be
      taken in conceptually first, and maybe for an entire lifetime,
      before the exercises are begun for knowing higher worlds with

      And I have found something most interesting in this effort; the
      effort of intensified thinking about the matters of the spiritual
      worlds. Here it is: When spiritual concepts that come from a
      higher faculty of perception are taken into the thinking, and housed
      therein with the mere thoughts associated with an outer external
      world, a metamorphosis truly does commence. Since these are the
      thoughts shaped by one who is directly experiencing spiritual
      truths, the effect within the domain of thinking is quite
      extraordinary, even from the outset of the effort and discipline to
      conduct this type of training. Thus, spiritual science has to be
      consumed at the level of thinking first in order to establish the
      solid ground for the perceptual knowing that gradually takes form as

      So for me, in my experience following this path outlined in Occult
      Science, I have found that the order gets reversed; Intuition comes
      first, then Inspiration, and finally the sufficient Imagination to
      write the words that attempt to convey truths that arise out of the
      thinking mind. And there is a very distinct discipline to this
      process, which I believe that most people overlook due to the lack
      of recognition of intuitive flashes of insight. This is the key; to
      recognize the welling-up of a spiritual truth in a moment's notice,
      and then cling to it rather than dispense with it as a silly
      notion. This is what most people do nowadays. They shrug off these
      flashes of insight, and then they are wasted; maybe for a lifetime.

      I have learned to be watchful for them, and try to hold them in
      attention for as long as possible, which is usually fleeting. But
      the trace that remains I cling to tenaciously, and over time I have
      found that it spreads out in a growing field of inspiration where I
      become the gardener cultivating this field. The patient gardener is
      what I've learned about this process. In time, it leads to entry
      into the imaginative process, which allows me to write about these
      things, such as the Eighth Sphere.

      Most importantly I believe, is that when the anthroposophy of Rudolf
      Steiner, an initiate clairvoyant, is introduced into the faculty of
      thinking possessed by the normal human being, that a new form of
      spiritual science begins to unfold. And this is called:
      Psychosophy, and involves the raising up of the unspeakable thoughts
      that generally reside in our subconsciou minds until they can be
      fructified by such a miracle as what RS brought via Michael at the
      turn of the 20th century.

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