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Re: Michael attitudes

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  • carol
    Bradford wrote: Steiner brought, not only images of Stained Glass and Michael facing the far west in the great western window of the Goetheanum... Do Steiner
    Message 1 of 34 , Jul 6, 2007
      Bradford wrote: "Steiner brought, not only images of Stained Glass and
      Michael facing the far west in the great western window of the

      Do Steiner actually visually depict Michael and if so, would you know
      what this image looked like?

      As for the image of the tatoo, I still think that they are, in their
      more recent usage of them, imprints of Sorathian/Ahriman presence. But
      that doesn't negate the fact that the individuals in question who adorn
      their bodies with them, may or may not be capable super imposing a
      'christinizing' symbol over the sublime profane force in question which
      they, more likely than not, don't have the means within themselves to
      behold in complete consciousness..

      From: "It is the 4th of July. Celebrate Independence Day by repeating
      the words of George Bush when he addressed the UN Assembly on September
      21, 2004. "The desire for freedom resides in every human heart. And that
      desire cannot be contained forever by prison walls or martial laws, or
      secret police. Over time, and across the Earth, freedom will find a

      I find this quote so bizarre. I just can't grasp that this man could
      come anywhere close to actually knowing the full extent which those
      words imply.

      Its so bizarre that someone of his gang wrote them for him and that he
      used them.

      Perhaps this is where we see proof of the secret cabal's dipping into
      occultism. (Not that they actually would ever be willing to hand over
      freedom to the 'average' peoples of the world)

      But regardless if Bush and co were consciously manipulating the subtle
      collective psyche with those words, this example could also be seen as
      an illustration of the twists within complex workings of the law of


      --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "holderlin66" <holderlin66@...>
      > Bradford comments; It ain't tattoos nor did heroic Michael images halt
      > the carnage of the past, it is an inner attititude towards insights
      > stimulate the inner nesting i am and stirs it with vital clarity and
      > courage.
      > http://www.truthout.org/docs_2006/070407Y.shtml
      > <http://www.truthout.org/docs_2006/070407Y.shtml>
      > Keith Olbermann is currently our own Edward R. Murrow. In the above
      > link to the commentary by Keith Olbermann we have Michael attitude.
      > to have Michael attitude is why Steiner overcame merely the
      > reprsentations of wonderful statues of Michael or Vodin-Odin as
      > brought on this list, replications, paintings and all sorts of
      > all over Europe had plenty of Michael imagery. Today tattoos of
      > are in vogue on peoples physical bodies. Their bodies represent the
      > cathedrals and churches and young people decorate their physical
      > with the current little 'youth cult' idea of meaningless, thoughtless,
      > semi-zero meaning. Semi-zero meaning because the idea that our human
      > bodies are the cathedrals where in higher beings and vast elemental
      > helpers participate in supporting this sagging hunk of divine
      > imagination and weave through it, unseen by the Asses brain that we
      > so proud of, remains superficial, frivolous and unrooted to the
      > cognitive intuition of solid and wonderful attitude. Michael Attitude.
      > Steiner brought, not only images of Stained Glass and Michael facing
      > far west in the great western window of the Goetheanum, but Steiner
      > brought the actual cognitive tools and intuitive strengths of Michael
      > into practical, intense, cognitive application.
      > What a sorry, sorry lot of people we are when we cannot detect Michael
      > attitude or feel Michael in our in our thinking and courage. How sorry
      > and inane we are that the current battle of vast feeding frenzy of
      > devachan forces of decayed light through magnetism, electricity and
      > sub-atomics produces 1 in ten million that can carry Michale attitude.
      > To address the battle of Michael vs Ahriman we would have needed and
      > still need to approach the forces of the Christ Event in balance of
      > deeply we sink into fallen devachan light. In balance to surrounding
      > gleefully with decayed light, we could mine in ourselves the fresh
      > uplifting light of actual Michael thoughts and Michael thinking and
      > Michael attitude. Because Steiner had Michael attitude in spades.
      > Could we but identify Michael attitude in others and feel thrilled by
      > it, support it and feel our courage stirred by it.... but aside from
      > Spiritual Science students and some film makers in the world, some
      > writers, big concept ideas.... we will always remain haunted by the
      > depth of the Christ Event and Initiation science and we had better
      > this with us as we plunge into the depths of fallen devachan light,
      > lemmings.
      > Once Upon America
      > By John Cory
      > t r u t h o u t | Guest Contributor
      > Wednesday 04 July 2007
      > "No one man can terrorize a whole nation unless we are all his
      > accomplices."
      > - Edward R. Murrow
      > And so it goes. The 4th of July is here with its parades and "what
      > America means to me" essays, and picnics and fireworks, and all those
      > pretty speeches about freedom and democracy and the true meaning of
      > Independence Day. But it is all a facade. A lie.
      > Modern America now spies on its citizens, conducts warrantless
      > wiretaps, suspends habeas corpus, creates "free speech zones" to
      > protestors out of sight of sensitive royal eyes, and politicizes the
      > very justice system meant to protect people's rights by turning it
      > a fraternity of God-fearing Republican conservatism. Neocon America
      > rewards hate speech with celebrity, reviles the very immigration that
      > built this country, and sells out to the highest lobbyist while
      > poisoning its people. Preemptive war trumps truth, and death is
      > glorified by those who never have to sacrifice an ounce of flesh.
      > America has become the personal ATM machine of Bush and the GOP while
      > their corporate cronies line their pockets with the lives of our loved
      > ones.
      > Washington is no longer that "shining city on the hill," but rather
      > a dismal swamp cloud of shadows that slink about in swirls of
      > The people's house is a piceous cavern of razor black secrets that
      > the Constitution with every breath. And those charged with defending
      > Constitution - defending the Bill of Rights - scurry around in frantic
      > search for the cheese of compromise and campaign contributions.
      > Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, "Our lives begin to end the
      > day we become silent about things that matter."
      > Americans have become orphans of the great silence.
      > Democrat and Republican alike have forsaken representation of the
      > people and the people's will. The latest polls show that 77 percent of
      > Americans want the troops home from Iraq. And still the politicians
      > argue for more time, maybe more money, maybe there is a way to support
      > the troops without confronting the GOP machine. Congressional approval
      > is at the same depressing nadir as that of George Bush. The people
      > for change and got nothing but wimpy words and bluster and more
      > political petulance - and more death and destruction.
      > America needs leadership, not Congressional co-conspirators or
      > senatorial somnambulists. We need inspiration, not desperation. Edward
      > R. Murrow said: "We hardly need to be reminded that we are living in
      > age of confusion - a lot of us have traded in our beliefs for
      > and cynicism or for a heavy package of despair, or even a quivering
      > portion of hysteria. Opinions can be picked up cheap in the market
      > while such commodities as courage and fortitude and faith are in
      > alarmingly short supply."
      > I'm not a smart guy, nor educated in the fine political arts, but
      > here's the deal: it's time to wake up and step up, dear Democrats.
      > all you want to take Congressional seats in the '08 elections - but be
      > prepared to pay the price for inaction today. Nothing is off the
      > Nothing. Ever.
      > Push the subpoenas to this White House. Don't fold. Don't whine.
      > Don't run. And while you push the subpoenas to find the truth, fashion
      > your spending bill that America supports, the one with the timetable
      > bringing our loved ones home. And then push that the day after you
      > the subpoenas. And when Bush vetoes the spending bill, shout it from
      > nearest blog and rooftop, that George Bush just vetoed America. Vetoed
      > the will of the American people. And push for another vote.
      > And then generate the bill to bring back the Draft. That's right,
      > the Draft. If Bush's war is so damned patriotic that he keeps
      > the troops over and over - then it is the patriotic duty of every
      > American son and daughter to be drafted and serve. And when Bush
      > that, remind America that the war is not all that patriotic, and
      > certainly not for everyone - just those that Bush picks to die in the
      > sandbox of incompetence and violence that is Iraq.
      > And then you start impeachment procedures against Bush and Cheney
      > and Rove. You push the hearings that must be shown to all the American
      > people - the voters - the ones who live and die at the hands of these
      > ruthless, greedy thugs and power-hungry politicians.
      > And when you are called un-American and unpatriotic, point your
      > finger at Bush and Cheney and remind everyone of Ronald Reagan, who
      > said: "Concentrated power has always been the enemy of liberty." And
      > that, my Democratic friends, is all the bipartisanship this country
      > needs. The words of Dr. King should be your comfort. "When you are
      > you cannot be too radical; when you are wrong, you cannot be too
      > conservative."
      > It is the 4th of July. Celebrate Independence Day by repeating the
      > words of George Bush when he addressed the UN Assembly on September
      > 2004. "The desire for freedom resides in every human heart. And that
      > desire cannot be contained forever by prison walls or martial laws, or
      > secret police. Over time, and across the Earth, freedom will find a
      > way."
      > Any other choice and we become a story that begins, "Once upon
      > America there used to be democracy and freedom."
    • carol
      Bradford, your piece speaks the following to me: First- through Ahriman s double, we will find our way. Luckily, that s not the plan laid out for all of us.
      Message 34 of 34 , Jul 19, 2007
        Bradford, your piece speaks the following to me:

        "First- through Ahriman's double, we will find our way."

        Luckily, that's not the plan laid out for all of us. Some of us are
        placed on paths in which we avoid this rush to conquer; paths whereby
        our souls are clothed in refined, protective, religious sheaths
        through conditions set by our destinies, some of us are placed on
        metamorphosized paths, some of us on paths in which certain handicaps
        allow us to bipass some Ahrimanic influences (just think of the blind)

        You seem to hold alot of hope for the collectivity of individuals dumbed
        down by meat, wine and television in whom are born children who they
        raise under these conditions. You can go in and get them, while digging
        up the signatures of Micheal amongst the dragons from within their
        clouded, racing minds and memories of 'so called real life' television
        viewing. You can do so all you like, but I bet ya you'll get pretty
        tired out and drained eventually.

        Please don't go blaming Anthros for having stepped out from the rush of
        unconscious forces which press up against the butts of the great
        American Ahrimanized masses.

        By way of forces outside of our mortal reach, many anthros are given a
        grace to stand on the outside of the rush in order to tend to more
        delicate, creative 'spiritual' work- perhaps not directly tending to the
        movement to raise, awaken consciousness and Christianize the masses
        through confrontation, but their quieter work still needs to be done
        out there, I mean, in there.

        And if Anthros and newbies need some time to study, so be it. There is
        something very special to be said about 'stillness of soul'.


        --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "holderlin66" <holderlin66@...>
        > In the film Ghost Rider, we are dealing with a fully loaded
        > Mephisto/Faustian contract and a transference from Easy Rider to a
        > designated bounty hunter and collection agent who is shrouded in
        > Church and Michael imagery. In other words, although this Ghost Rider
        > film comes from Marvel Comics, the haunted imagery of the Michael
        > has been forged into the script. There it is again, the haunting of
        > impressions that we are culturally in a Michael mode....but Oh so
        > and special effects and tied to a very simple thrill seeking
        > who either loves NASCAR or loves Hot Biker dare devil stunt men.
        > Go figure. in the film Constantine we have a Threshold crossing, water
        > baptism, sort of John the Baptist style initiate in Keanu Reeves and
        > Ghost Rider we have a Faustian/Fire Spirit, elemental fire spirits,
        > tossed into the blood of Johnny Blaze or Nicolas Cage. In Ghost Rider
        > we encounter vicious elemental beings and hosts who are subsets and
        > invaders into the territory of Ahriman/Mephisto, sub-sensible and
        > threaten Ahriman's intentions, that is if Ahriman was worried about
        > political moves of Sorath and Asuras.
        > Ahriman/Mephisto and Cage reveals that Mephisto may purchase the soul
        > but Cage holds his own Spirit as a Cognitive tool and weapon against
        > Mephisto/Ahriman. There is a demon air spirit and a demon water spirit
        > and a force that suck out the etheric life of human beings in an
        > instant. Fire-Air-Water-Earth and all the solid insights that defy
        > Myers-Briggs CIA dumbed down detour around the elemental forces that
        > in us and through us as human beings.
        > Now of course you can rightly say to any serious Anthro student that
        > such trends mean nothing. Such trends mean everything. It means that
        > while Anthros snore the rest of the visible world and young people
        > to these little occult mini-thrillers and by association in their
        > unconscious natures get a contact high off of what Michael students
        > should be able to translate out of the cultural medium. Yes.... the
        > above Statues of Michael in Munich at the St. Michael Church and in
        > Nicolas Cage's bedroom, a stained glass Michael window shows that the
        > contract between Mephisto and any said human is a threshold Michael
        > mystery. We have this entire Michael Window that faces the West at the
        > Goetheanum today. But what is the matter with the Michael School
        > But there we are in so called Marvel Comic land. Marvel Comics that
        > have set trends of thinking along the most striking lines. Does that
        > make Spiritual Science trendy? Well you see nothing, not one jot, not
        > one sentence, not one idea that Anthros swirl around in, ever, hardly
        > ever makes Spiritual Science trendy - Even though under the surface of
        > things, Marvel Comics and mainstream movie stars make all of Spiritual
        > Science trendy, but is missed and avoided by Anthros because they
        > cannot make the connections of their Faust and their Dr. Steiner to
        > surge of unconscious forces that will continue to haunt humanity, by
        > building IMAGES in the unconscious Astral body of Man - Because
        > cannot build or run along side and keep humanity alert and awake.
        > Most Anthros and myself included, put the cognitive newbie and seeker
        > sleep. We don't get into the mix and translate the vision of culture
        > and what people are absorbing as unconscious efforts in themselves of
        > Angels Work in the Astral body of Man, and then come back and applaud
        > Spiritual Science Schooling that takes the higher Devachan and Lower
        > Devachan mysteries and brings them into vivid, if not cartoonish
        > replications of actual cultural experience. The dilemma for Anthros is
        > that they are stale, aloof and afraid to get their hands or closed
        > around the bridge points....and keep comment, insight and humor richly
        > alive so that people know where these Michael Inspirations took off
        > actual Ascension Mysteries of the higher Devachan Sciences.
        > We could add to our understanding of fire spirits, water spirits,
        > spirits and air spirits by alluding to the temperaments. Bradford on
        > this list has gone over in some detail what is difficult for even
        > trained Waldorf teachers to grasp. We have taken the host of elemental
        > hosts that each child brings with them, and our bodies become clothed
        > lymphatic movements, chemical infusions from pituitary and pineal,
        > system mineral forces, nervous system, astral forces and blood system
        > fire forces.... and a child brings with him into his incarnation his
        > most favorite and needed elemental companions and those boon become
        > of the personality clothing that makes for a Sanguine air Sylph style
        > behavior in the tall, long limbed and blonde or the Choleric compact
        > headed fiery soul or the thin, hooded and melancholic earth gnome or
        > plump and lavished in bodily juices phlegmatic..... these elemental
        > forces weave and shape themselves into the personality fabric of the
        > incoming child.... He brings a host of these elemental spirits with
        > and as we have touched upon on this list and others, Buddha is no
        > incarnate because he freed up those water, earth, air and fire
        > spirits who served him through his incarnations and even our friend,
        > Francis, LEFT THE BUILDING, along with Buddha after an intense
        > initiation process.
        > But the Christ, as we have recently studied here on this list, worked
        > solely with the physical body and raised those elementals to
        > via their mighty work as nature and human forces baptized the first
        > system of beings into their new Jupiterian potential. Think of it,
        > is think of it if you are a schooled Anthro and not a newbie, think
        > the very physical ASS we have discussed so vividly through summer was
        > freed, just as Buddha no longer incarnates or wears an earthly
        > form, but the Christ and Elohim Logos Being so FIRED up and powered up
        > every cell and atom, that the very elemental beings who hung with
        > were advanced to Spirit Man and Jupiter wisdom of that which follows
        > Earth evolution. If you have a problem with that, do your homework in
        > the Michael School and figure it out for yourselves or add something
        > the process of Spiritual Science.
        > Yes commentary on how the Angels are planting into the stream of
        > IMAGES like Ghost Rider and Constantine and so many others reveals and
        > will always reveal a verification of factors that ushered in Spiritual
        > Science under the Michael impulse. And that Steiner's factual based
        > Michael impulse is working even when Anthros remain sound asleep,
        > cowardly, and rigid in their limitations of just what they wish to
        > understand as Ahriman in America, Faust and the unfailing reality of
        > Ahrimanic Double in the human being that Goethe grasped as the problem
        > of the Fifth Epoch.
        > Nor is it understood that from this Ahrimanic double who co-habits
        > us, America has slipped to the dark side where the actual Sorathian
        > rhythms given from the Michael School has drawn a clear cut map to
        > and the Dawn of THE PROJECT FOR A NEW AHRIMANIC CENTURY. It has
        > screamed itself in front of our noses as part of the mighty gong of
        > cosmic pendulum swinging in 666 year time field swings. Time field
        > swings? Time field patterns? Let's face Anthros hibernate better than
        > bears in winter. All that was said to the priests by Steiner and all
        > that is now running as hot impulses under the technology of fallen
        > devachan forces out of America was also clearly grasped that America
        > would be the nesting ground for Ahrimanic psychology and Ahrimanic
        > doubles. Steiner's Geographic Medicine, lecture to priests, you name
        > it... it comes in solid and loud and clear, except to most Anthros.
        > Anthros could tell this tale and give clear if not humorous
        > or insight written in an interesting manner and it could keep real
        > bridges to Michael alive. But timid Anthros who cannot unlock the flow
        > of Anthro Intelligence and cannot see it operative in culture are flat
        > liners and non-Ascension stubborn lumps. It is wonderful to cling to
        > Anthroposophy but it would be more interesting to have souls who are
        > alive and can antidote not just merely the cartoonish Images being
        > planted in the unconscious astral bodies..... Because, because dear
        > Anthro as we let the unconscious images be planted without antidoting
        > them, culture is pressing to have the Angels Fall into the Etheric
        > bodies, another issue we covered on this list, (if angels fall)
        > humanity did not raise themselves up to conscious cognitive higher
        > devachan reasoning as is suggested in Anthro schooling.
        > That is why on this list we showed how Harry Potter stories and films
        > show a non computer generated schooling, but rather a cognitive and
        > soul/spiritual higher devachan schooling that one solo writer and
        > mother was able to produce that shattered the barriers and dropped a
        > seed of Consciousness Soul hope in the dead brained educational
        > that are running the world. Waldorf Teachers grasp most of this and
        > balance a line so that our high school seniors can see the Faust
        > connections all the way through culture. But what we don't keep in
        > front of our eyes are the non-technology dependant, non computer,
        > non-i-pod schooling that is undergone by Harry Potter against the
        > education of our current world. Harry Potter at least laid emphasis on
        > higher devachan capacities within each child and young adult learning
        > new schooling of higher devachan science. But where are the Anthros to
        > back all this up? They happily snore or have tea somewhere and form
        > resistive opinions on Harry Potter's influence in culture. If they had
        > any sense they would try to make the bridges because there are so many
        > bridges to be made and so many interesting ways to view the flow of
        > Intelligence that Steiner tagged long before it engulfed us in
        > Cartoonishness.
        > I give those Faust courses to high school seniors. At Waldorf
        > we we connect direct through from Goethe to Ghost Rider and keep the
        > moral eye on even the relation of Ahriman and America's own
        > and Einstein and Steiner bridge. The tales that have used the Faust
        > model are in the hundreds, meaning hundreds of tales that attempt to
        > bind the soul to Ahrimanic doubles in themselves. That is something to
        > consider isn't it? The binding contract of unconscious thinking that
        > binds one to ones own Ahrimanic double, but as Nicolas Cage brings to
        > the screen, Ahriman does not control our spirits our cognitive i am.
        > Yet all of us in the west must battle with our unconscious contract
        > Ahrimanic/Mephisto rife forces.
        > Ya see all these commentaries and intense subject matter that
        > proves Rudolf Steiner correct.... just stares back at timid and
        > Anthros and the least and last to connect the dots of their own
        > culture, now feeling the pinch of Sorathian intentions, deep, deep
        > under the rug....are the feeble Steinerites. They seem to refuse to
        > help, back away from clarification, humor or just serious insights and
        > comparitive studies with humor and intelligent initiation science.
        > Humor...and concept films and ideas are swirling everywhere and each
        > everyone of them connect richly to the deepest treasures of Spiritual
        > Science schooling and we have proved this time and time again on this
        > list.
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