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Re: A matter of discretion

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  • holderlin66
    from an ancient post; Steiner is hated because he takes the arbitrary fun out of walking blindly and bouncing off the walls of creation, oblivious of Beings
    Message 1 of 6 , Jun 24, 2007

      from an ancient post;

      "Steiner is hated because he takes the arbitrary fun out of walking
      blindly and bouncing off the walls of creation, oblivious of Beings
      who would shatter him, and ending up in the Matrix wastebasket of
      failed human missions. In other words a lot of Beings want humanity
      to get through this trial so that the ghosts in the machine don't eat
      us. So people hate Steiner because he set down some basic ground
      rules and really reviewed the play manuals of science.

      "When Christ Sweated Blood and the Transfiguration overshadowed the
      disciples, Christ was directly under the fission factor of containing
      within His Jesus designed and Zarathustrian and Buddha maintained
      higher bodies, an infusion of Love Bestowed, discretionary Light
      transforming and re-making of = Listen to This = Remaking of the
      conditions of Saturn - Sun - Moon and Earth evolution.

      "The result of this evolution was Humanity and Death. All well and
      good. But in the future humanity would be able to grasp, and now we
      return to all the details of Science - that the higher being of Man
      will be able to develop and contain the riddle of the atomic table.
      In other words Christ was the Pivotal point where Matter was ground
      down to the basement of the bones, and humanity given the upward
      potential to master matter and the atomic table through the
      development of their higher faculties."

      Bradford draws an aim on the burden of the physical form - The cosmic Ass;

      Our feelings can become winged, and others experience over great distances thoughts about us. And there is a sylph and light, Ariel speed system that is sent out where ever in the wide world we wing our thoughts.  Sometimes people experience something like this, " I just thought about you and I thought I'd phone".... But whether Christ was exhausted, or completing the self death, the complete death of self!!!!!

      Ah, you see, it is one thing to look clearly at the aspect of Olive Groves, but now we are looking freshly and clearly at one of the most astonishing penetrations of the spirit, down to the core of the bones of a human being, that calls forth the utter collapse, the self-death, designed to lodge down to the core of where the human being and his blood swirls in the core of his marrow.  You need to re-look at everything you were taught.  When we look at the collapsed Christ, and also in an instant the Transfiguration where the Etheric forces resurrect from the physical model as a victor, a preliminary victor over death, we see Christ kneeling, suffering and in exhaustion unto death.  Immense, reflective.... and different in a way, knowing that we are looking at the difference between torture, murder, and the spirit so deeply penetrating the remaining physical forces, that it just now is managing to walk or be dragged towards Pilate.... but the new sun force is already deeply billowing in the very bones of the exhausted wreck that the Sun Being has fully used to impress His sun energies into the failing, faultering and dying physical form, The suffering and braying, poor refusal of the down trodden donkey, the beast of burden... What does Mick Jagger say,

      I'll never be your beast of burden
      My back is broad but it's a hurting
      All I want is for you to make love to me
      I'll never be your beast of burden
      I've walked for miles my feet are hurting
      All I want is for you to make love to me

      But returning to the point of feelings flying out and finding their sensitive and receptive marks via light messengers, prayer sylphs or thought trackers, like Shakespeare's Ariel.... Now I wouldn't want to guess the company of mighty beings that hovered around the olive groves of  Gethsemane, but what every being hovered around the poor staggering beast of burden of our used physical forms, we recognize, here, no whizzing, mercurial elemental being, but like one that would be in the tomb, sitting on the stone where the cloths were, the entire phantom human body form would be absorbed and digested and it's great service to Christ taken with utter compassion and sympathy.

      What exactly might an feeling look like, aside from the entire reverse spectator drama of vast beings, every human angel of every human being, hovering over the vast drama unfolding on Earth, here is the reverse of the stadium and spectators and reveals the true company of the mansions of heaven watching the very heart wrenching, massive Earth changing events, and the nearly exhausted physical body, that had nobly carried the burden of the Sun Drenched King, nearly cannot take another step.  Oh great physical body, how well and nobly have thee served the mighty King.  For who could forget the Angel Gabriel who announced the little cuddling forming of the physical frame that would carry the burden of the incarnation of the initiate Zarathustra.... and and the end of the long burden of being offered to the super forces of the Sun Drenched King... the winged guardians comfort.... Comfort the burdened, depleted and exhausted human form, that must still experience the final acts of full self destruction in order to win the final victory over all lower devachan death forces.  Heart wrenching when we all begin to rethink what we though we already understood.

      Christ at Gethsemane
      Carl Heinrich Bloch (1834-1890)

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