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Re: Sidereal & Tropical Zodiacs

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  • Wayne Fischer
    Hello, In Steiner s lectures called Human and Cosmic Thought (To me, one of his most important set of lectures) he discusses the meaning of the zodical signs
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 8, 2000

      In Steiner's lectures called Human and Cosmic Thought (To me, one of
      his most important set of lectures) he discusses the meaning of the
      zodical signs in terms of world views(each sign represents a dominant
      mode of thought and ultimately these thoughts are cosmic thoughts of
      spiritual beings but we don't learn this tell later), and the seven
      planets represent spiritual levels of each of these world views. I
      have a fuller discussion of all of this in my thesis work, so I guess
      this might be material to post.

      The main point Steiner has about the zodiacal signs is that the
      traditional images of the past where useful for a certain time
      but since the world consciousness has evolved those trad. signs do
      speak to us like they used to, and now today we need a new set of
      signs that represent the spiritual reality that surronds us during
      this present epoch.

      thanks. Wayne Fischer

      --- In anthroposophy@egroups.com, JLA <pacbay@... wrote:
      > In the Right and Wrong Use of Esoteric Knowledge RS makes
      to certain
      > forces and Beings associated with Virgo, Scorpio etc. I do not know
      this is
      > tropical or sidereal reference. I have also seen in other lectures
      references to
      > Zodiacal areas but again is one or the other. No response is
      > Jeff
      > Starmann77@a... wrote:
      > > From: Starmann77@a...
      > >
      > > In a message dated 12/12/99 5:04:30 AM, you wrote:
      > > <Durwood,
      > >
      > > I seemed to be confused about something. You mentioned the other
      day that RS
      > >
      > > referred to sideral relationships of the planets and stars while
      > > and
      > >
      > > most astrologers uses tropical. Why two systems for referencing
      > >
      > > jeff>>
      > >
      > > *******I really haven't studied much of what passes for
      "astrosophy": found
      > > it too head-oriented to be useful for helping understand any
      horoscope. But
      > > somewhere when it began with Willy Sucher, he surely must have
      noticed that
      > > Steiner always used the stars only. As you can easily see, every
      > > farmer does this, and the nights in the Soul-Calendar were marked
      > > star-positions, not the so-called "tropical" signs. The tropical
      12 zones or
      > > steps of the Sun have to do not directly with the stars, but with
      > > elements in the course of the year, and are something separate
      from the
      > > stars. I don't know why there is this confusion of the two
      > > those working with anthroposophy and astrology : perhaps someone
      working with
      > > the so-called "astrosophy" could explain. I've never found any
      reference by
      > > the Doctor to the 12 tropical signs.
      > >
      > > Dr. Starman
      > >
      > >
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