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  • holderlin66
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4DEzvTVa3d8&eurl = Did you allow yourself to FEEL what he is saying as he is
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      Did you allow yourself to FEEL what he is saying as he is explained himself?

      Does he not succeed in showing in those few minutes that inner terror and vulnerability are not absolutes and that human integrity is still permitted to form the base of our individual endeavors at knowing the world?   Does this man not put himself on display as a living proof,  that regardless of  complexity of the chaos and doubt that weave in and around us in this world, that  we ARE all still entitled to exist through apprehending pure and simple forms with our spirits, like those found outside ourselves in natureĀ…

      Does this man not manage to show that he knows of Michael?

      Bradford comments;

      Yes to Michael, and Yes to all that represents Michaelic thinking in water flow forms. As for stirring in biodynamic preparations and soil, we see sensitive chaos,  and how Steiner bio preparations were stirred and stirred again to impress spiritual forms into the sensitive water forces and serve the elemental kingdoms by releasing such refreshed and powerfully spiritualized forms into sprays for sylphs and light bearing and formative ethers that surround the plants.  In the correct Michael paradigm we live in a universe ofintelligent design.  And that is our problem.

      We understand Intelligent Design and Michael students understand intelligent design, but we stand up against a wall of Ahrimanic university and cultural deceptions which literally pollute intelligence with deception when Intelligence is all around us.  Our children aren't fed the real intelligent design that underlies the material world.  They are fed what U parents feed them which is shredding their cosmic intelligence, shredding their earthly intelligence so that they are forced to come through universities and result in distracted, superficial and frivolous dumbness, stupid, big bang, silliness coated in materialistic self-satisfaction. 

       Michael Sciences of course are there for those who stand on Michael Sciences and they are there for all humanity to think through and think with.  But to get the Anthro to live into Michael Sciences and to have little clusters of souls to defend Michael Intelligence and Michael sciences against the lazy and deceptive onslaught of the murk of Ahrimanic thought forms requires constant corrective thinking.... We try it here all the time, we reverse the Ahrimanic thought form and upend it, and we have Michael Intelligent Design instead of the downward tending Devachan deceptions that certainly lead us away from our association with the Etheric Christ and the etheric sciences.  We already see that Intelligent Design has been hijacked from the hands that should hold them, because Michael students remain asleep or just don't make the cognitive effort to refuse such nonsense and refuse to be shredded or have intelligence shredded for the sake of living in a Mall infested, comfort zone of materialism.

      Soul-Spirit-Matter, biology and biography and such intense science systems were to be brought via Munich, Steiner had already modelled the Munich Johannes Bau to fend off the full thrust of the Ahrimanic onslaught which we are swimming in today.  What would Steiner have taught at the Science levels of physics and biology, would have stunned the world.  We pick up the fragments and recently, I compared the density of bending space and time that Einstein was fumbling with, in order put Einstein in his place, he doesn't deserve to be on any pedestal, unless we upend Einstein and look directly into the Super Elohim Sun Being extract that walked on Earth and with a mighty field of Sun Forces proved what Steiner put forth so powerfully.  That a Sun being walked in Time and Space as an uplifting, conscious higher Devachan world being for three years and turned cause and effect, karma and human dynamics into the most powerful force of cognition ever manifested on the Earth.  And He walked through Olive Groves and we find the nerves having the consistency of olive oil and the choice of this area and St. Paul's illumination and how the middle ages tried to show HIGH POINTS, of raised etheric vistas, astral vistas, where human cognition raised the periscope of intelligence into the swirling seas of time... St. John and we can easily see the type of physics that would have made Einstein look as he is, childish.... and of course we would not be worshipping an Ahrimanic Sun but rather respectfully and nobly researching the dawn of the Etheric Sciences.

      Humanity and the Michael School still dithers and dawdles and plays dead like dogs in the middle of grasping, just what type of schooling and Munich Sciences would have arisen, instead of merely the Heisenberg Uncertainly principle and exactly what Steiner indicated, that Science is delving down into the streams of will and matter, all the fallen Devachans of magnetism, electricity and sub-atomics, but in this obvious reverse process, which we ourselves can reverse, the cream of cosmic intelligence and a human form that has components of the most advanced Trans-Temporal, Trans-Spatial, Trans-Einstonian capacities appeared in St. John and appeared in St. Paul and fully manifested as the mighty extract of the Sun, which we measure as density, but when we enter the core of I AM studies, we see that this weightless, colorless, ordorless I AM and pineal thought discernment and detection field is an anti-density core as our own I AM... and the Elohim Christ, when we measure the events and Miracles as I recently did, we see that Christ stood in a crowd and people touched his garments and forces of karmic resolution passed through HIM and solved an internal riddle between Jarious daughter and a woman who constantly bled.... Her bleeding stopped and Christ paused because he felt pass through His Being the Sun forces that were surrounding the stirring World Karmic Matrix and the Twelvefoldness that He literally brought down to Earth into a specific location.  There Higher Devachan worlds intersected with Earthly events.... all this is oppositet to the subsenible, down periscoped thinking of the delusionists who eliminate the human being as a mighty physics field of operative higher forces, St. John, and instead cling to Einstein.

      Why are all the Michael students so densely dumb.  Fight the fight and stand your damned ground.  Instead of this nonsense:

      "....the speed of light is not well-defined at the small
      scale of quantum mechanics. Heisenberg's uncertainty princple indeed says
      that you cannot know a photon's position and momentum at absolute precision
      at the same time. But even if you don't know these, why does it mean that
      you can't know its *speed*? Mind you, that unlike matter particles, a photon's
      momentum is a function of its wavelength, not its speed.

      "In any case, there are many problems reconciling Quantum Mechanics, Special
      Relativity and General Relativity, at many levels. Steven Hawking is famous
      for proving that a black hole - an object so massive that something would
      need to travel faster than light to escape from - actually has stuff coming
      out of it. The reason is quantum mechanics. But none of these "problems" in
      reconciling the theories is an experiment that someone forgot to try, as you

      "By the way, many recent theories suggest the possibility of Tachyons,
      particles traveling above the speed of light. However, these Tachyons are
      "stuck", as you will, travelling above the speed of light, just as ordinary
      matter is stuck below this limit. I'm not aware of any current credible
      theory that suggests that particles traveling below the speed of light can
      be sped up to travel above the speed of light.

      "We're trying to express everything according to our deterministic
      logic, but deterministic logic turns out to be inconsistent in theory
      and life.  Do particles such as tachyons, photons, electrons and
      protons never interact with each other?  Maybe they are the same thing
      from different perspectives?  Do we know there are no unknown
      unknowns?  Does General Relativity really prove, in a deterministic
      sense, that no particle can cross the speed of light?  And no tachyon
      can go below it?  I think space and times are illusions, or
      assumptions, which represent our concept of what entropy is.  But
      entropy is not something deterministic.  I think the speed of light
      represents the border between what we know and what we don't know, the
      past and the future, increasing entropy and decreasing entropy, going
      forward and going backward in time.  If light comes out of black
      holes, then how black they are?  I wrote a short article about black
      holes, I assumed inside black holes time is reversed and entropy
      decreases in time.  It's consistent with what Hawking wrote about
      information lost inside black holes - whatever comes out of black
      holes does not contain any memory or information about what went


      Strange things happen when you rapidly rotate the bottom plate of a cylindrical container filled with water. Physicists in Denmark conducted this experiment as part of their lab study of tornadoes.

      But what they found was totally unexpected: polygons with up to six corners forming in the middle of the rotating water.

      When water is rotated, it moves toward the wall due to the centrifugal force. When the speed is high enough vortexes and other instabilities appear. The present experiment, performed by Tomas Bohr and colleagues at the Technical University of Denmark in Kongens Lyngby and the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen, is different from all previous experiments because the sides of the container have been kept still while only the bottom rotates.

      The bucket is made of Plexiglas, is about 20 cm across and contains a rotating plate underneath. Bohr and co-workers filled the container with water and set the plate rotating. When the rotation rate became sufficiently large, deformations in the form of polygons with up to six corners had appeared on the surface of the fluid.

      Researchers then used ethylene glycol, which is about 15 times more viscous than water. They observed three-cornered polygons and in some cases vortices formed near the polygons' corners.

      Scientists don't yet understand why the polygons form but they plan to repeat the experiment with containers of different diameters and with fluids that are more viscous. "The variation with these parameters should give us significant information about the origin of the structures," said Bohr.

      A video and more pictures can be seen here.

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