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Re: Worldwide Sequential Spray June 22-24

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  • holderlin66
    Catching and propagating biodynamic and elemental wave patterns, to ripple in a sequential global massage, to make the earth shimmer as midsummer and midwinter
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 16, 2007
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      Catching and propagating biodynamic and elemental wave patterns, to ripple in a sequential global massage, to make the earth shimmer as midsummer and midwinter points converge and ripple over the lands, is an interesting communion of localized etheric elemental forces.  When the elementals hear it and experience it, and swaths of rippling forces, come to coasts, where human hands cease and wave formations and light and elemental sea wilds front and confront humanized spiritual magic in the procedures and  preparations of bio-dynamic and etheric forces, air and light and the wafting currents, undines, sylphs, and fiery desert salamandars and the deep rooted ancient gnome community....could, hope and would love to hear it from North-South-East and West, a human wave of outpouring.  

      Poor techno isolated human consciousness that has retreated into air conditioned island office cubicles, each with their unique, emancipated, isolated and thermostat controlled weather patterns, have also made for our selfish needs a constant climate comfort zone emancipated from soil, outer weather conditions, even though winter and summer wave and weave in and around the slumbering human. Each car is a controlled space, and somewhere in the unstirred consciousness, the human being might still feel the elemental voice of grace. Might still recognize the signs and feel how plants rejoice or understand the sorrow of colony collapse and disappearing bees.  To slumbering humans it speaks of some strange language of nature, to be feared and shunned in the safety of western supermarkets, malls and gated communities with their lawn grass and terror of the wild weeds that have all the elemental beings and the virtues of the stars, stirring in them, all the insects humming towards them, but are feared and shunned by the conformity of human pleasure and taste, fear of the life that surrounds us... while pretty, pesticide green grasses deliver their tumors to house pets and sicken the rivers and streams, we send the ripple of our sounding call to all the elemental kingdoms, that some of us, vitally hear. 

      "There are two imaginations.

      The first is that, if this begins in New Zealand and Australia and India
      and moves over the earth, as if one is moving an imaginary longitudinal
      line westward, to the Middle East, Africa, Russia, eastern Europe, Europe,
      Scandinavia, the British Isles, Ireland, Iceland, Canadian Maritimes,
      North America, Central America and South America, Hawaii and Asia, three
      waves would move rhythmically over the face of the earth, anointing all
      the ethers.

      Imagine each place, where this sequence is being done, resonating with
      every other place, creating a vast network of etheric force to help heal
      the planet.

      The Elemental Beings hear it,

      In East, West, North and South,

      May human beings hear it!

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