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the middle way

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  • Joel A. Wendt
    Dear Friends, Recent themes on the Ark, and elsewhere, raised within me certain questions. Our normal thinking (as well as the thinking of the vast
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 3, 2000
      Dear Friends,

      Recent themes on the Ark, and elsewhere, raised
      within me certain questions.

      Our normal "thinking" (as well as the "thinking" of
      the vast majority of our contemporaries) is not the
      anthroposophical ideal: "living thinking". It also
      seems clear that very few individuals have succeeded in
      achieving this ideal, and further, that many people who
      are aware of it (the ideal) may consider it to be an
      impossible goal for them as individuals. Even so, I
      find it difficult to consider this less than ideal
      "thinking" as lacking something.

      Somehow to do so is a "this glass is half empty"
      attitude - one which fails to really appreciate what is
      actually present within us, as well as our companions
      who travel with us on this seemingly fated cruise.

      Also, within anthroposophical circles are
      additional terms, namely "luciferic" and "ahrimanic" -
      words used to once more denote a somehow less than
      perfect soul gesture. Again, the glass is half empty.

      In addition we have the questionable dualism -
      initiate and non-initiate. I suggest it is
      questionable because it immediately divides the human
      community into individuals of higher or lower spiritual

      If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him - this
      is part of the wisdom of the East. In our terms it
      would read - if you find within you the impulse to
      become spiritually
      higher or better than your companions, kill it.

      When the mind searches within itself for a Steiner
      quote to meet a question that has been asked, such a
      mind is seeing itself as a glass half empty.

      Yet, is the attitude- the glass is half full - any

      Bruno has given us two very important clues.
      First, he points to a certain kind of discipline, which
      is to recognize when one does not know, and cannot know
      (the percept - the experience - is yet beyond us). In
      such a case one must understand not to pretend to
      answer the question at all (certainly seek it, but know
      when you don't yet have it). Second, he suggests that
      in concentration and meditation "practice" the focus
      needs to be quite narrow - that is to build up the
      "force" aspect of the ego to be able to stay only on
      the theme and not to wander toward extraneous matters
      or expectations of the reward of spiritual experience.
      The "I" is to stand on its own when it enters the
      spiritual world..

      Even so, both these disciplines can be matters of
      the immediate moment in the day as well. We don't just
      discipline the mind during "practice", do we?

      All of this, however, can miss what is to me the
      essential point. Let me wander off to the side for a
      moment, to give some context.

      In this age of the so-called Consciousness Soul, we
      are accompanied by a certain bright spirit, who it is
      claimed will achieve something remarable - the flesh
      become Word. I do not write of this to raise the
      question of who the Maitreya Buddha might be in her or
      his current bodhisattva incarnation (if this is
      unfamiliar to you, don't worry, the point is otherwise
      than these details). This individuality is on a Path
      which involves raising up the "human" within. It is
      not the divine without which is so crucial, but the
      "human" within.

      It is this gesture, to me, which is the central
      element of the anthroposophical path. On this path I
      do not become something other than I am. Rather, I
      become more of what I already am. I grow and
      metamorphose, but I don't change into something else.
      The catapillar was always the butterfly - past is

      In truth, "I" am neither luciferic or ahrimanic,
      initiate or non-initiate, perfect or not perfect,
      possessed of living thinking or not possessed of living
      thinking, glass half empty or half full. Rather "I"
      am. Christ - the middle way. As are we all.

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